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Algeria286896 1964Birmingham5 centimesG?1
Algeria505297 1964Birmingham10 centimesF?1
Algeria286998 1964Birmingham20 centimesF?2
Algeria2864103 1972Kremnica20 céntimos (FAO-Revolución agrícola)VG?1
Angola134573 1952Lisboa10 escudosVF?1
Angola134276 1965Lisboa1 escudoVF?1
Angola134377 1956Lisboa2 1/2 escudosVF?2
Argentina158732 1893Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?1
Argentina150133 1884Buenos Aires2 centavosVF?1
Argentina150133 1891Buenos Aires2 centavosG?1
Argentina150133 1891Buenos Aires2 centavosVG?1
Argentina150133 1892Buenos Aires2 centavosF?1
Argentina150133 1892Buenos Aires2 centavosG?2
Argentina150133 1893Buenos Aires2 centavosG?1
Argentina153034 1913Buenos Aires5 centavosG?4
Argentina153034 1918Buenos Aires5 centavosG?2
Argentina153034 1919Buenos Aires5 centavosF?2
Argentina153034 1919Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?1
Argentina153034 1925Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?3
Argentina153034 1934Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?2
Argentina153034 1940Buenos Aires5 centavosF?1
Argentina153034 1941Buenos Aires5 centavosF?2
Argentina152835 1941Buenos Aires10 centavosF?2
Argentina152336 1923Buenos Aires20 centavosF?1
Argentina152336 1926Buenos Aires20 centavosG?1
Argentina152336 1937Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?1
Argentina152336 1941Buenos Aires20 centavosF?1
Argentina88437 1939Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?1
Argentina88437 1940Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?1
Argentina88437 1942Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?1
Argentina88437 1943Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?1
Argentina88437 1944Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?1
Argentina153737 a1946Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?1
Argentina153737 a1947Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?3
Argentina153737 a1948Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?3
Argentina153838 1939Buenos Aires2 centavosVG?1
Argentina153838 1940Buenos Aires2 centavosVG?3
Argentina153838 1941Buenos Aires2 centavosVG?3
Argentina153838 1942Buenos Aires2 centavosVG?3
Argentina153838 1944Buenos Aires2 centavosVG?1
Argentina153838 1945Buenos Aires2 centavosVG?3
Argentina153838 1946Buenos Aires2 centavosVG?2
Argentina153838 1947Buenos Aires2 centavosVG?4
Argentina153938 a1948Buenos Aires2 centavosF?1
Argentina153140 1942Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?1
Argentina153140 1943Buenos Aires5 centavosVF?9
Argentina153140 1943Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?8
Argentina153140 1944Buenos Aires5 centavosF?10
Argentina153140 1945Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?9
Argentina153140 1946Buenos Aires5 centavosF?6
Argentina153140 1947Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?14
Argentina153140 1948Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?20
Argentina153140 1949Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?19
Argentina153140 1950Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?1
Argentina152741 1942Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?1
Argentina152741 1943Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?1
Argentina152741 1944Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?3
Argentina152741 1945Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?1
Argentina152741 1946Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?2
Argentina152741 1947Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?7
Argentina152741 1948Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?10
Argentina152741 1949Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?10
Argentina152741 1950Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?3
Argentina152242 1942Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?2
Argentina152242 1943Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?3
Argentina152242 1944Buenos Aires20 centavosF?3
Argentina152242 1945Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?1
Argentina152242 1946Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?2
Argentina152242 1947Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?6
Argentina152242 1948Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?6
Argentina152242 1949Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?8
Argentina152242 1950Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?1
Argentina153343 19505 centavos (Año del Libertador General San Martín)VG?8
Argentina3644 195010 centavosF?2
Argentina3644 195010 centavosVG?4
Argentina152145 195020 centavosF?6
Argentina153446 1952Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?15
Argentina153446 1953Buenos Aires5 centavosVF?14
Argentina153546 a1953Buenos Aires5 centavosVF?30
Argentina152647 1951Buenos Aires10 centavosF?12
Argentina152647 1951Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?13
Argentina152647 1952Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?4
Argentina152547 a1952Buenos Aires10 centavosF?7
Argentina152547 a1952Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?4
Argentina152547 a1953Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?22
Argentina151948 1951Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?7
Argentina151948 1952Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?2
Argentina152048 a1953Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?6
Argentina151549 1952Buenos Aires50 centavosF?1
Argentina151549 1953Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?1
Argentina151549 1954Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?5
Argentina151549 1955Buenos Aires50 centavosF?1
Argentina151549 1956Buenos Aires50 centavosF?1
Argentina153650 1954Buenos Aires5 centavosVF?1
Argentina153650 1954Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?7
Argentina153650 1955Buenos Aires5 centavosF?48
Argentina153650 1956Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?42
Argentina152451 1954Buenos Aires10 centavosVF?2
Argentina152451 1954Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?15
Argentina152451 1955Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?28
Argentina152451 1956Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?26
Argentina151852 1954Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?10
Argentina151852 1955Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?5
Argentina151852 1956Buenos Aires20 centavosF?2
Argentina153253 1957Buenos Aires5 centavosVF?1
Argentina153253 1957Buenos Aires5 centavosF?22
Argentina153253 1957Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?3
Argentina153253 1958Buenos Aires5 centavosVF?1
Argentina153253 1958Buenos Aires5 centavosF?6
Argentina153253 1959Buenos Aires5 centavosXF?7
Argentina152954 1957Buenos Aires10 centavosF?6
Argentina152954 1958Buenos Aires10 centavosF?6
Argentina152954 1958Buenos Aires10 centavosF?1
Argentina152954 1959Buenos Aires10 centavosVF?6
Argentina151755 1957Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?2
Argentina151755 1957Buenos Aires20 centavosF?8
Argentina151755 1957Buenos Aires20 centavosVF?1
Argentina151755 1958Buenos Aires20 centavosVF?3
Argentina151755 1958Buenos Aires20 centavosF?3
Argentina151755 1959Buenos Aires20 centavosF?1
Argentina151755 1959Buenos Aires20 centavosVF?4
Argentina151755 1959Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?2
Argentina151755 1960Buenos Aires20 centavosVF?2
Argentina151755 1961Buenos Aires20 centavosF?1
Argentina151755 1961Buenos Aires20 centavosVF?1
Argentina151456 1957Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?1
Argentina151456 1958Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?1
Argentina151456 1959Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?1
Argentina151456 1960Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?1
Argentina151456 1961Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?1
Argentina150757 1957Buenos Aires1 pesoVF?4
Argentina150757 1958Buenos Aires1 pesoVF?5
Argentina150757 1959Buenos Aires1 pesoF?1
Argentina150757 1959Buenos Aires1 pesoVF?6
Argentina150757 1960Buenos Aires1 pesoVF?2
Argentina150757 1961Buenos Aires1 pesoVF?1
Argentina150757 1962Buenos Aires1 pesoF?1
Argentina150757 1962Buenos Aires1 pesoVF?1
Argentina150858 1960Buenos Aires1 peso (150 Aniversario de la Revolución de Mayo de 1810)VF?8
Argentina150959 1961Buenos Aires5 pesosVF?1
Argentina150959 1962Buenos Aires5 pesosVF?1
Argentina150959 1963Buenos Aires5 pesosVF?1
Argentina150959 1964Buenos Aires5 pesosVF?1
Argentina150959 1965Buenos Aires5 pesosVF?1
Argentina150959 1966Buenos Aires5 pesosVF?1
Argentina150959 1967Buenos Aires5 pesosVF?1
Argentina150959 1968Buenos Aires5 pesosVF?1
Argentina151060 1962Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?1
Argentina151060 1963Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?1
Argentina151060 1964Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?2
Argentina151060 1965Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?1
Argentina151060 1966Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?1
Argentina151060 1967Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?1
Argentina151060 1968Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?1
Argentina151261 1964Buenos Aires25 pesos (Conmemorativa de la Primera Moneda Patria)VF?3
Argentina151261 1965Buenos Aires25 pesos (Conmemorativa de la Primera Moneda Patria)VF?2
Argentina151261 1966Buenos Aires25 pesos (Conmemorativa de la Primera Moneda Patria)VF?2
Argentina151261 1967Buenos Aires25 pesos (Conmemorativa de la Primera Moneda Patria)VF?3
Argentina151261 1968Buenos Aires25 pesos (Conmemorativa de la Primera Moneda Patria)VF?1
Argentina151162 1966Buenos Aires10 pesos (150 Aniversario de la Declaración de la Independencia)VF?3
Argentina151363 1968Buenos Aires.25 pesos (80 Aniversario de la Muerte de Domingo Faustino Sarmiento)VF?3
Argentina154264 1970Buenos Aires1 centavoF?1
Argentina154264 1970Buenos Aires1 centavoVF?1
Argentina154264 1971Buenos Aires1 centavoVF?1
Argentina154264 1971Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?1
Argentina154264 1972Buenos Aires1 centavoVF?1
Argentina154365 1970Buenos Aires5 centavosF?1
Argentina154365 1971Buenos Aires5 centavosF?1
Argentina154365 1973Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?1
Argentina31266 1970Buenos Aires10 centavosVF?1
Argentina31266 1971Buenos Aires10 centavosVF?1
Argentina31266 1974Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?1
Argentina3767 1970Buenos Aires20 centavosVF?1
Argentina3767 1971Buenos Aires20 centavosVF?1
Argentina3767 1973Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?1
Argentina154468 1970Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?1
Argentina154468 1971Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?2
Argentina154671 1976Buenos Aires5 pesosVF?6
Argentina154872 1976Buenos Aires10 pesosF?2
Argentina154872 1977Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?2
Argentina154872 1978Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?4
Argentina154872 1978Buenos Aires10 pesosVG?6
Argentina154773 1977Buenos Aires5 pesos (200 Aniversario del Nacimiento de Guillermo Brown)F?1
Argentina154773 1977Buenos Aires5 pesos (200 Aniversario del Nacimiento de Guillermo Brown)VF?1
Argentina154974 1977Buenos Aires10 pesos (200 Aniversario del Nacimiento de Guillermo Brown)VF?24
Argentina154974 1977Buenos Aires10 pesos (200 Aniversario del Nacimiento de Guillermo Brown)VG?21
Argentina155181 1978Buenos Aires50 pesos (200 Aniversario del Nacimiento de José de San Martin)VF?3
Argentina155682 1978Buenos Aires100 pesos (200 Aniversario del Nacimiento de José de San Martin)VF?3
Argentina155283 1979Buenos Aires50 pesos (General José de San Martin)VF?3
Argentina155383 a1980Buenos Aires50 pesos (General José de San Martin)XF?1
Argentina155484 1979Buenos Aires50 pesos (Centenario de la Conquista del Desierto)VF?3
Argentina155785 1978Buenos Aires100 pesos (General José de San Martin)F?1
Argentina155785 1979Buenos Aires100 pesos (General José de San Martin)F?3
Argentina155885 a1980Buenos Aires100 pesos (General José de San Martin)F?1
Argentina155986 1979Buenos Aires100 pesos (Centenario de la Conquista del Desierto)VF?3
Argentina101888 1983Buenos Aires5 centavosF?23
Argentina101989 1983Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?27
Argentina102090 1983Buenos Aires50 centavosF?8
Argentina102191 1984Buenos Aires1 pesoVF?8
Argentina102292 1985Buenos Aires5 pesosVG?7
Argentina102393 1985Buenos Aires10 pesosVG?6
Argentina102494 1985Buenos Aires50 pesos (50 Aniversario del Banco Central)F?3
Argentina100495 1985Buenos Aires1/2 centavoVF?3
Argentina100696.2 1986Buenos Aires1 centavoVG?2
Argentina100696.2 1987Buenos Aires1 centavoF?1
Argentina100797.1 1985Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?4
Argentina100897.2 1987Buenos Aires5 centavosVF?6
Argentina100998 1985Buenos Aires10 centavosVF?2
Argentina100998 1986Buenos Aires10 centavosF?1
Argentina100998 1987Buenos Aires10 centavosF?32
Argentina101099 1985Buenos Aires50 centavosF?3
Argentina101099 1986Buenos Aires50 centavosVG?1
Argentina101099 1987Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?7
Argentina1014103 1990Buenos Aires100 australesG?1
Argentina1014103 1990Buenos Aires100 australesF?1
Argentina1015104 1990Buenos Aires500 australesVF?1
Argentina1015104 1990Buenos Aires500 australesF?1
Argentina1015104 1991Buenos Aires500 australesVF?1
Argentina1016105 1991Buenos Aires1.000 australesF?1
Argentina41107 1992Santiago de Chile10 centavosVG?1
Argentina988108 1992Santiago de Chile1 centavoVF?13
Argentina1564112.1 1994A-Daejeon1 pesoVG?1
Argentina1564112.1 2007Buenos Aires1 pesoVG?1
Argentina1564112.1 2009Buenos Aires1 pesoVG?1
Argentina1564112.1 2010E-Roma1 pesoVG?3
Argentina1564112.1 2016D-Ciudad de México1 pesoVG?1
Argentina1565112.2 1995C-París1 pesoVG?2
Argentina1566112.3 1995B-Llantrisant1 pesoVG?3
Argentina13651112.4 2013Buenos Aires1 peso (Bicentenario de la Primera Moneda Patria)F?4
Argentina13651112.4 2013Buenos Aires1 peso (Bicentenario de la Primera Moneda Patria)VF?1
Argentina989113 1992Ottawa1 centavoVF?7
Argentina989113 1993Sudáfrica1 centavoVF?1
Argentina1571113 a1993Río de Janeiro1 centavoVF?4
Argentina1603135.1 2002Buenos Aires2 pesos (50 Aniversario de la Muerte de Eva Perón)VG?1
Argentina5594156 2010Buenos Aires1 peso (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo-El Palmar)VF?1
Argentina5595157 2010Buenos Aires1 peso (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo-Aconcagua)VF?1
Argentina4539158 2010Buenos Aires1 peso (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo-Mar del Plata)VF?1
Argentina5596159 2010Buenos Aires1 peso (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo-Pucará de Tilcara)VF?1
Argentina2940160 2010Buenos Aires1 peso (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo-Glaciar Perito Moreno)VF?1
Argentina7172165 2010Buenos Aires2 pesos (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo)VF?2
Argentina7172165 2011Buenos Aires2 pesos (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo)VF?1
Argentina7172165 2014Buenos Aires2 pesos (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo)F?1
Argentina7172165 2015Buenos Aires2 pesos (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo)VF?1
Argentina7172165 2016Buenos Aires2 pesos (Bicentenario de la Revolución de Mayo)VF?1
Argentina14045176 2012Buenos Aires2 pesos (30 Aniversario de la Recuperación de las Malvinas)VF?2
Argentina15914184 2016Buenos Aires2 pesos (Bicentenario de la Independencia)VF?5
Argentina15781186 2017Buenos Aires1 peso (Jacarandá)VF?1
Argentina15781186 2019Buenos Aires1 peso (Jacarandá)VG?2
Argentina15781186 2020Buenos Aires1 peso (Jacarandá)VF?2
Argentina16351189 2018Buenos Aires10 pesos (Caldén)UNC?1
Argentina16351189 2019Buenos Aires10 pesos (Caldén)XF?1
Australia537342 19511/2 penny (George VI)VG?1
Australia852558 1955Melbourne6 pence (Elizabeth II)G?1
Australia63662 1966Melbourne1 cent (Elizabeth II)VG?5
Australia63662 1969Melbourne1 cent (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Australia31663 1966Canberra2 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?4
Australia31663 19692 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Australia31663 1970Canberra2 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Australia298764 19675 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Australia298764 19685 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?2
Australia290465 196610 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Austria29152878 196710 groschenG?1
Austria89562882 1959Viena10 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1961Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1974Viena1 schillingF?1
Belgium65852 1906Bruselas10 centimes (Leopoldo II - Belgique)G?1
Belgium656134.1 1949Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VG?1
Belgium656134.1 1949Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)G?1
Belgium656134.1 1972Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VG?1
Belgium656134.1 1973Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)G?1
Belgium588135.1 1949Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium588135.1 1970Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)G?1
Belgium655142.1 1950Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?3
Belgium655142.1 1951Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium655142.1 1952Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?2
Belgium655142.1 1966Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium655142.1 1967Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium1575143.1 1951Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?2
Belgium1575143.1 1965Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1575143.1 1967Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1575143.1 1968Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1773146 1958Bruselas20 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium1776148.1 1958Bruselas50 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium1776148.1 1969Bruselas50 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium1776148.1 1970Bruselas50 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium3424149.1 195750 centimes (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1770153.1 1968Bruselas25 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Brazil9846555.2 a194410 centavos (Getulio Vargas)VG?1
Brazil9847556 194220 centavos (Getulio Vargas)VG?1
Brazil5983556 a194720 centavos (Getulio Vargas)VG?1
Brazil5984557 a194550 centavos (Getulio Vargas)VG?1
Brazil5984557 a194650 centavos (Getulio Vargas)VG?1
Brazil5808558 1947Rio de Janeiro1 cruzeiroVG?1
Brazil5931562 1953Rio de Janeiro20 centavos (Ruy Barbosa)VG?1
Brazil5931562 1953Rio de Janeiro20 centavos (Ruy Barbosa)VG?2
Brazil5931562 1953Rio de Janeiro20 centavos (Ruy Barbosa)VG?1
Brazil6000571 1961Rio de Janeiro2 cruzeirosG?1
Brazil6002575.1 1967Rio de Janeiro1 centavoVF?5
Brazil6003575.2 1969Rio de Janeiro1 centavoVF?2
Brazil6004576.1 1967Rio de Janeiro2 centavosVF?10
Brazil5933576.2 1969Rio de Janeiro2 centavosVF?1
Brazil3111577.1 1967Rio de Janeiro5 centavosVF?4
Brazil3141577.2 1969Rio de Janeiro5 centavosVF?3
Brazil6006578.1 1967Rio de Janeiro10 centavosF?7
Brazil6007579.1 1967Rio de Janeiro20 centavosVF?6
Brazil3108631 1994Río de Janeiro1 centavoVF?1
Brazil325635 1994Río de Janeiro50 centavosVF?1
British East Africa820725.1 1939H-Birmingham5 centsVF?1
Bulgaria9259 1962Sofía1 stotinkaVG?1
Bulgaria323060 1962Sofía2 stotinkiVG?6
Bulgaria322361 1962Sofía5 stotinkiVG?8
Bulgaria322462 1962Sofía10 stotinkiVG?3
Bulgaria322563 1962Sofía20 stotinkiVG?1
Bulgaria322563 1962Sofía20 stotinkiG?1
Bulgaria323164 1962Sofía50 stotinkiVG?1
Bulgaria323164 1962Sofía50 stotinkiG?1
Bulgaria323284 1974Sofía1 stotinkaVG?1
Bulgaria9385 1974Sofía2 stotinkiF?1
Canada607032 1937Ottawa1 cent (George VI)F?1
Canada695633 1937Ottawa5 cents (George VI)VG?1
Canada960835 1947Ottawa25 cents (George VI)VG?1
Canada695441 1951Ottawa1 cent (George VI)VG?2
Canada1016343 1951Ottawa10 cents (George VI)VG?1
Canada33649 1961Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada1130550 1953Ottawa5 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada713451 1953Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada713451 1964Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada312352 1962Ottawa25 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada665757 1963Ottawa5 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada665757 1964Ottawa5 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?2
Canada33759.1 1965Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada33759.1 1968Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada33759.1 1969Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada33759.1 1970Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada33759.1 1971Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VG?2
Canada33759.1 1972Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VG?6
Canada33759.1 1973Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada312260.1 1968Ottawa5 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada394377.1 1969Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Cape Verde26601 19305 centavosVG?1
Cape Verde26634 193050 centavosVG?1
Cape Verde26679 19532,5 escudosVF?1
Cape Verde940210 1953Portugal10 escudosVF?1
Cape Verde266811 196850 centavosF?1
Ceylan12437113.2 1945Londres5 centsVF?1
Ceylan6068118 1944Londres10 centsVG?1
Ceylan11511121 1951Londres10 centsVG?3
Ceylan11281122 1951Londres25 centsVG?1
Ceylan11090128 1965Londres2 centsG?1
Ceylan8656130 1963Londres10 centsVF?1
Ceylan6069131 1963Londres25 centsVF?1
Chile9853142.1 1874Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile6844167.1 1924Santiago20 centavosVG?1
Chile3094177 1943Santiago20 centavosVG?1
Chile347179 1942Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile347179 1944Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile347179 1949Santiago1 pesoVG?2
Chile347179 1951Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile347179 1953Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile3127179 a1956Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile1663181 1956Santiago10 pesos/1 condorVG?1
Chile3098190 1964Santiago5 centésimosVG?1
Chile3098190 1969Santiago5 centésimosVG?1
Chile3097191 1962Santiago10 centésimosVG?1
Chile3097191 1964Santiago10 centésimosVG?4
Chile3097191 1965Santiago10 centésimosVG?4
Chile3097191 1966Santiago10 centésimosVG?2
Chile3097191 1967Santiago10 centésimosVG?2
Chile3097191 1970Santiago10 centésimosVG?1
Chile3096193 1968Santiago2 centesimosVG?1
Chile352197 1971Santiago1 escudoVG?1
Chile3078208 a1979Santiago1 pesoF?1
Chile3126218.1 1981Santiago10 pesosF?1
China-Peoples Republic32091 1955Beijing1 fenG?2
China-Peoples Republic32083 1955Beijing5 fenVG?1
China-Peoples Republic32083 1957Beijing5 fenVF?1
Colombia3969206 a1969Bogotá5 centavosF?1
Colombia1740215.2 1964Bogotá20 centavosVF?1
Cuba73829.2 1946Cuba1 centavoVF?1
Cuba301611.3 1946Filadelfia5 centavosF?1
Cuba183534 1963Kremnica5 centavosVG?1
Cyprus1038123 1938Londres1 piastre (George VI)PR?1
Cyprus612734 1956Londres5 mils (Elizabeth II)G?1
Cyprus372136 1955Londres50 mils (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Cyprus472039 1963Londres5 milsVG?1
Cyprus472039 1971Londres5 milsVG?1
Cyprus472140 1963Londres25 milsVG?2
Cyprus472241 1963Londres50 milsVG?1
Cyprus472241 1972Londres50 milsVG?1
Cyprus1152142 1963Londres100 milsF?2
Danzing7638143 1923Berlín10 pfennigVF?1
Denmark7254822.2 1947♥-Amager10 oreXF?1
Denmark13044822.2 a1945♥-Amager10 oreXF?1
Denmark11834823.2 a1942♥-Amager25 oreVG?1
Denmark8967824.1 1926♥-Amager1 kroneVF?1
Denmark8835827.2 1937♥-Amager2 oreXF?1
Denmark13043828.2 1928♥-Amager5 oreVG?1
Denmark8960834 a1943♥-Amager5 oreF?1
Denmark8686835 1946♥-Amager1 kroneVF?1
Denmark3987840.2 1970♥-Amager2 oreVF?1
Denmark698841.1 1955♥-Amager10 oreF?1
Denmark3988841.2 1958♥-Amager10 oreVF?1
Denmark4728842.1 1950♥-Amager25 oreVF?2
Denmark4728842.1 1951♥-Amager25 oreVF?1
Denmark4728842.1 1953♥-Amager25 oreVF?2
Denmark4728842.1 1954♥-Amager25 oreVF?1
Denmark4729843.1 1950♥-Amager5 oreF?1
Denmark4729843.1 1952♥-Amager5 oreF?1
Denmark4729843.1 1953♥-Amager5 oreF?3
Denmark4729843.1 1954♥-Amager5 oreF?2
Denmark376848.1 1969♥-Amager5 oreF?1
Denmark380849.1 1968♥-Amager10 oreVF?1
Denmark380849.1 1969♥-Amager10 oreVF?1
Denmark380849.1 1970♥-Amager10 oreVF?1
Denmark4731851.1 1961♥-Amager1 kroneVF?1
Denmark4731851.1 1962♥-Amager1 kroneF?1
Denmark4731851.1 1969♥-Amager1 kroneVG?1
Denmark385855.1 1967♥-Amager25 oreVF?5
Denmark385855.1 1968♥-Amager25 oreVF?1
Denmark385855.1 1969♥-Amager25 oreVF?1
Denmark385855.1 1970♥-Amager25 oreVF?1
Eastern Caribbean States52336 1955Londres25 centsVG?1
Ecuador113477.1 b1946Filadelfia20 centavosVG?1
Egypt2271364 1941Londres10 milliemesF?1
Egypt2260379 1957El Cairo5 milliemesVG?2
Egypt2258381 1958El Cairo10 milliemesVF?1
Egypt2249394 1960El Cairo5 milliemesVF?2
Egypt1478395 1958El Cairo10 milliemesVF?2
Egypt2248396 1958El Cairo10 milliemesVG?1
Egypt2244403 1962El Cairo2 milliemesVF?1
Egypt16841410.2 1967El Cairo5 milliemesVG?1
Egypt1479411 1967El Cairo10 milliemesVG?1
Egypt2238412 1967El Cairo5 piastresVG?1
France414885 1933París1 francVG?1
France3069885 a11941Sin ceca1 francG?1
France3069885 a11944Sin ceca1 francG?1
France3069885 a11947Sin ceca1 francG?1
France3069885 a11950Sin ceca1 francG?1
France6493886 a11945Sin ceca2 francsG?1
France6493886 a11947Sin ceca2 francsG?1
France6493886 a11949Sin ceca2 francsG?2
France3638888 b11947Sin ceca5 francsF?1
France3638888 b11950Sin ceca5 francsF?1
France413902.1 1943Sin ceca1 francG?1
France413902.1 1944Sin ceca1 francG?1
France3070904.1 1943Sin ceca2 francsG?3
France4541915.1 1951París10 francsVF?1
France4541915.1 1952París10 francsVF?2
France8567915.2 1951B-Beaumont10 francsVF?4
France8567915.2 1953B-Beaumont10 francsVF?1
France5316917.1 1950Sin ceca20 francsF?1
France5316917.1 1951Sin ceca20 francsF?1
France5317919.1 1954Sin ceca100 francsF?1
France416925.1 1960París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1964París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1966París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1969París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1974París1 francF?1
France10412926 1960París5 francsVF?1
France3637926 a.11971París5 francsF?1
France408929 1963París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1965París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1969París10 centimesF?2
France408929 1971París10 centimesF?1
France410930 1963Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1964Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1965Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1966Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1967Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1968Paris20 centimesF?1
France411931.1 1965París1/2 francVF?1
France411931.1 1966París1/2 francVF?1
France411931.1 1974París1/2 francVF?1
France407933 1966París5 centimesVF?2
France407933 1971París5 centimesVF?1
France407933 1976París5 centimesVF?1
France422940 1975París10 francsVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.578102 1949JJ-Hamburgo5 pfennigVG?2
Germany-Federal Rep.580103 1949DD-Munich10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.580103 1949J1J-Hamburgo10 pfennigF?4
Germany-Federal Rep.3621104 1949F-Stuttgart50 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.3621104 1949J-Hamburgo50 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1950DD-Munich1 pfennigG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1966JJ-Hamburgo1 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1966JJ-Hamburgo1 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1969JJ-Hamburgo1 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.576106 1961JJ-Hamburgo2 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.4557106 a1971J-Hamburgo2 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1950F-Stuttgart5 pfennigVG?4
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1950D-Munich5 pfennigVG?2
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1950J-Hamburgo5 pfennigVG?3
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1950DD-Munich10 pfennigF?5
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1950FF-Stuttgart10 pfennigF?3
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1950JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigF?7
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1966FF-Stuttgart10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1966JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigF?2
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1967JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigF?2
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1968JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1969JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1970DD-Munich10 pfennigF?2
Germany-Federal Rep.582109.1 1950DD-Munich50 pfennigVG?4
Germany-Federal Rep.582109.1 1950FF-Stuttgart50 pfennigVG?3
Germany-Federal Rep.582109.1 1950JJ-Hamburgo50 pfennigF?5
Germany-Federal Rep.582109.1 1950JJ-Hamburgo50 pfennigG?2
Germany-Federal Rep.582109.1 1966FF-Stuttgart50 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.582109.1 1966JJ-Hamburgo50 pfennigG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.584110 1950FF-Stuttgart1 markVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.6838112.1 1966DD-Munich5 markVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.3623116 1966DD-Munich2 mark (Max Planck)VF?1
Germany-Rep. Weimar817536 1923A-Berlín500 markVG?1
Ghana649513 19671 pesewaVG?1
Ghana767714 19672 1/2 pesewasF?1
Ghana659816 196710 pesewasF?1
Ghana494517 196720 pesewasVF?1
Greece326078 1954Berna10 leptaVG?1
Greece326078 1959París10 leptaVG?1
Greece326078 1966Kremnica10 leptaVF?2
Greece516779 1959París20 leptaVF?2
Greece326180 1957París50 leptaF?1
Greece326180 1962París50 leptaF?1
Greece326381 1962París1 drachmaG?2
Greece550483 1954París5 drachmaiF?1
Greece550584 1959París10 drachmaiG?1
Greece831385 1960Londres20 drachmaiVG?1
Greece976186 1963París30 drachmai (100 Aniversario de la Dinastía Real)F?1
Greece326489 1970Bombay1 drachmaVG?1
Greece160890 1967Kremnica2 drachmaiF?1
Hong Kong468025 1950Londres10 centsF?1
Hong Kong500026 1950Londres5 centsF?1
Hong Kong468128.1 1961Londres10 centsF?1
Hong Kong468128.1 1964Londres10 centsF?1
Hong Kong468128.1 1965Londres10 centsVF?1
Hong Kong673429.1 1965Londres5 centsF?2
Hong Kong673429.1 1967Londres5 centsF?1
Hong Kong1562031.1 1960Heaton1 dollarVF?1
Hong Kong320337 1975Llantrisant2 dollarsVF?1
Hong Kong705739 1976Llantrisant5 dollarsVF?1
India77705.2 1954Calcuta1/4 rupeeVF?1
India99666.1 1951♦ Bombay1/2 rupeeF?1
India351310.1 1965♦ Bombay1 paisaF?1
India351310.1 1966♦ Bombay1 paisaVG?4
India351310.1 1967♦ Bombay1 paisaVG?2
India351310.1 1968☆ Hyderabad1 paisaVG?2
India351310.1 1971☆ Hyderabad1 paisaVG?1
India775211 1961Calcuta2 naye paiseVG?1
India775211 1962♦ Bombay2 naye paiseF?1
India1006013.1 1965Calcuta2 paiseG?1
India1006013.1 1966♦ Bombay2 paiseG?2
India1006013.1 1967♦ Bombay2 paiseG?2
India1762513.4 1968Calcuta2 paiseG?3
India1006313.6 1972Calcuta2 paiseF?1
India995714.1 1964♦ Bombay3 paiseG?2
India995714.1 1965♦ Bombay3 paiseVG?1
India995714.1 1966Calcuta3 paiseVG?1
India995714.1 1967♦ Bombay3 paiseG?1
India351414.2 1968♦ Bombay3 paiseF?1
India1006416 1957Calcuta5 naye paiseG?1
India1006416 1959Calcuta5 naye paiseF?1
India1006416 1963Calcuta5 naye paiseF?1
India1253817 1965♦ Bombay5 paiseF?1
India352218.2 1967♦ Bombay5 paiseF?1
India352218.2 1968Calcuta5 paiseG?2
India352218.2 1971☆ Hyderabad5 paiseXF?1
India1078718.3 1970Calcuta5 paiseXF?1
India1078818.4 1972☆ Hyderabad5 paiseF?1
India629324.1 1957Calcuta10 naye paiseVF?1
India710524.2 1963Calcuta10 naye paiseVF?2
India1216425 1964♦ Bombay10 paiseG?1
India1216425 1965♦ Bombay10 paiseF?1
India1216425 1966 Calcuta10 paiseF?1
India1254026.3 1970Calcuta10 paiseVF?1
India796627.1 1971♦ Bombay10 paiseG?1
India796627.1 1972♦ Bombay10 paiseXF?3
India796627.1 1972♦ Bombay10 paiseVF?1
India796627.1 1972Calcuta10 paiseG?4
India882541 1970Calcuta20 paiseVF?1
India851542.1 1969♦ Bombay20 paise (Mahatma Gandhi)F?1
India1443647.1 1957Calcuta25 naye paiseVF?1
India1079047.2 1961Calcuta25 naye paiseVF?2
India721848.1 1964Calcuta25 paiseVF?1
India1291748.2 1965♦ Bombay25 paiseVF?1
India1291748.2 1967♦ Bombay25 paiseVF?1
India1079157 1964Calcuta50 paise (Jawaharlal Nehru)F?2
India1554358.1 1967♦ Bombay50 paiseF?1
Iran51131171 a19611 rialVF?1
Iran51121173 19672 rials (Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi)VF?1
Iran85311178 197010 rialsVF?1
Iraq3837121 195910 filsF?1
Iraq9411126 196710 filsF?1
Ireland126823 1935Londres1 pennyG?1
Ireland126823 1937Londres1 pennyG?1
Ireland297220 1971Dublín1 pennyVF?2
Ireland304621 1971Dublín2 penceVF?1
Italy166811.2 1866Paris10 centesimi (Vittorio Emanuele II)VG?2
Italy167260 1921Roma10 centesimi (Vittorio Emanuele III)F?1
Italy167863 1924Roma2 lire (Vittorio Emanuele III)VG?1
Italy49092 1951Roma5 lireVF?1
Italy49092 1952Roma5 lireVF?1
Italy49092 1953Roma5 lireVF?6
Italy49092 1954Roma5 lireVF?7
Italy49092 1955Roma5 lireVF?3
Italy49092 1956Roma5 lireVG?1
Italy49193 1951Roma10 lireVG?1
Italy49193 1952Roma10 lireVG?1
Italy49193 1953Roma10 lireVG?1
Italy49193 1954Roma10 lireVG?1
Italy49193 1955Roma10 lireVG?4
Italy49193 1956Roma10 lireVG?3
Italy307395.1 1955Roma50 lireVG?1
Italy307395.1 1956Roma50 lireVF?2
Italy307395.1 1962Roma50 lireVF?1
Italy307395.1 1963Roma50 lireVF?1
Italy307395.1 1964Roma50 lireVF?1
Italy307395.1 1970Roma50 lireVF?1
Italy307596.1 1956Roma100 lireVF?2
Italy307596.1 1957Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy307596.1 1964Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy307596.1 1966Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy307596.1 1967Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy307596.1 1970Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy599297.1 1958Roma20 lireF?1
Japan270572 a1962Osaka5 yenes (Hirohito-Showa)F?1
Japan270572 a1970Osaka5 yenes (Hirohito-Showa)F?1
Japan270572 a1972Osaka5 yenes (Hirohito-Showa)F?1
Japan275073 1951Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275073 1953Osaka10 yenesF?2
Japan275173 a1962Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275173 a1963Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275173 a1966Osaka10 yenesF?2
Japan275173 a1967Osaka10 yenesF?2
Japan275173 a1968Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275173 a1969Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275173 a1975Osaka10 yenesF?3
Japan275274 1963Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1964Osaka1 yenVG?1
Japan275274 1964Osaka1 yenG?1
Japan275274 1966Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1969Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275678 1960Osaka100 yenes (Showa)F?1
Japan275882 1967Osaka100 yenes (Showa)VF?1
Japan275882 1968Osaka100 yenes (Showa)VF?1
Japan275882 1971Osaka100 yenes (Showa)VF?1
Japan1282283 1970Osaka100 yenes (Expo 70-Osaka)VF?1
Kenya60932 1968Londres10 centsF?3
Kenya54165 1966Londres1 shillingF?4
Kuwait183894 1961Londres10 filsF?1
Kuwait127195 1961Londres20 filsVF?2
Kuwait127206 1961Londres50 filsF?1
Kuwait385010 19615 filsF?1
Kuwait385010 19625 filsF?1
Kuwait385010 19675 filsF?1
Kuwait385010 19765 filsF?1
Kuwait385010 19805 filsF?1
Kuwait385111 196210 filsF?1
Kuwait385111 196710 filsF?1
Kuwait385111 196810 filsF?1
Kuwait385212 196820 filsVF?1
Kuwait385212 196920 filsVF?1
Kuwait385313 196250 filsF?1
Kuwait385313 196750 filsF?1
Kuwait385313 196950 filsVF?1
Lebanon642321 1961París5 piastresVG?1
Lebanon511524 196110 piastresVG?1
Libya1088311 1965100 milliemesVF?1
Malaya & British Borneo79922 1961H10 centsF?1
Malaya & British Borneo79943 1961Londres20 centsF?1
Malaya & British Borneo100286 1962Londres1 centF?1
Malaysia71321 1967Llantrisant1 senF?1
Malaysia40592 1967Shah Alam5 senF?1
Malaysia34063 1968Shah Alam10 senF?1
Malaysia40604 1967Shah Alam20 senF?1
Malaysia40604 1968Shah Alam20 senF?2
Malaysia40604 1969Shah Alam20 senF?1
Malaysia127855.1 1967Shah Alam50 senF?2
Malaysia71869.1 1971Shah Alam1 ringgitVF?1
Mauritius1634027 1951Londres1/4 rupeeF?1
Mauritius1279134 1965Llantrisant5 centsF?1
Mauritius1279134 1971Llantrisant5 centsF?1
Mexico1412440 1955Mº-ciudad de México20 centavosVG?1
Monaco13366142 1962París10 centimesVG?1
Morocco505148 1951París5 francsPR?1
Morocco1503649 1952París10 francsVG?1
Morocco1495550 1952París20 francsVF?1
Morocco1503751 1952París50 francsG?1
Morocco181556 1968París1 dirhamVF?1
Morocco181556 1969París1 dirhamVF?1
Morocco5761 1974París20 santimatVF?1
Mozambique677178 1954Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Mozambique677178 1965Lisboa2,50 escudosF?2
Mozambique677279 1952Lisboa10 escudosF?1
Mozambique677279 1954Lisboa10 escudosF?1
Mozambique658682 1957Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Mozambique658884 1960Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Myanmar1315732 19551 pyaVF?1
Netherlands 6126107.1 1878Utrecht1 centPR?1
Netherlands 463175 1948Utrecht1 céntimo (Guillermina)F?1
Netherlands 4850177 194810 céntimos (Guillermina)F?3
Netherlands 3167178 194825 céntimos (Guillermina)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1957Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1965Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?3
Netherlands 464180 1966Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1967Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1969GUtrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1950Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VF?3
Netherlands 465181 1955Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?2
Netherlands 465181 1956Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1960Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VG?1
Netherlands 465181 1961Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VG?1
Netherlands 465181 1962Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VG?2
Netherlands 465181 1965Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VG?1
Netherlands 465181 1967Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VG?2
Netherlands 465181 1969GUtrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VG?1
Netherlands 465181 1970Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VG?1
Netherlands 3168182 1950Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?2
Netherlands 3168182 1951Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?2
Netherlands 3168182 1955Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1956Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1958Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1960Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1961Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?3
Netherlands 3168182 1962Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1963Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1965Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?5
Netherlands 3168182 1966Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?4
Netherlands 3168182 1967Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?2
Netherlands 3168182 1968Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1973Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 467183 1950Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1951Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1961Utrecht25 centsF?2
Netherlands 467183 1963Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1965Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1968Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1969GUtrecht25 centsVF?3
Netherlands 467183 1971Utrecht25 centsVF?1
Netherlands 3169184 1956Utrecht1 florinF?2
Netherlands 1816184 a1967Utrecht1 guldenVF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1968Utrecht1 guldenVF?3
Netherlands 1816184 a1969GUtrecht1 guldenVF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1971Utrecht1 guldenVF?1
Netherlands 10985185 1961Utrecht2½ florinesVF?1
Netherlands 10985185 1962Utrecht2½ florinesVF?1
Netherlands 10985185 1966Utrecht2½ florinesVF?1
Netherlands Antilles78154 1963Utrecht1/4 guldenVG?1
Netherlands East Indies15400314.2 1945P-Filadelfia1/2 centG?1
Nigeria83004 19596 penceF?1
Nigeria65835 1959Londres1 shillingF?1
Norway8399367 1950Kongsberg1 oreVG?1
Norway7100383 1939Kongsberg10 oreVG?1
Norway7100383 1941Kongsberg10 oreVG?1
Norway7100383 1949Kongsberg10 oreVG?1
Norway6114385 1951Kongsberg1 kroneVG?1
Norway7088386 1927Kongsberg50 oreVG?1
Norway7088386 1945Kongsberg50 oreVG?1
Norway7088386 1948Kongsberg50 oreVG?2
Norway16790394 1945Kongsberg2 oreVG?1
Norway8776396 1952Kongsberg10 oreVG?2
Norway8776396 1953Kongsberg10 oreVG?1
Norway8776396 1955Kongsberg10 oreVG?1
Norway6115397.1 1951Kongsberg1 kroneVG?1
Norway6913397.2 1953Kongsberg1 kroneVG?1
Norway6913397.2 1956Kongsberg1 kroneVG?1
Norway6913397.2 1957Kongsberg1 kroneVG?1
Norway8504400 1952Kongsberg5 oreVG?1
Norway8504400 1953Kongsberg5 oreVG?2
Norway8227401 1952Kongsberg25 oreVG?1
Norway8308402 1953Kongsberg50 oreVG?1
Norway7421405 1959Kongsberg5 oreVG?1
Norway7421405 1961Kongsberg5 oreVG?2
Norway7421405 1962Kongsberg5 oreVG?1
Norway7421405 1966Kongsberg5 oreVG?1
Norway7421405 1968Kongsberg5 oreVG?1
Norway7421405 1969Kongsberg5 oreVG?1
Norway7101407 1960Kongsberg25 oreVG?1
Norway7101407 1966Kongsberg25 oreVG?1
Norway6111408 1961Kongsberg50 oreVG?1
Norway6111408 1962Kongsberg50 oreG?1
Norway6111408 1966Kongsberg50 oreVG?1
Norway6111408 1967Kongsberg50 oreVG?1
Norway1833409 1966Kongsberg1 kroneVG?1
Norway1833409 1967Kongsberg1 kroneVG?1
Norway6108411 196310 oreVG?2
Norway6108411 196410 oreVG?1
Norway6108411 196510 oreVG?1
Norway6108411 196610 oreVG?2
Norway6108411 1967Kongsberg10 oreVG?2
Pakistan1368923 1965Lahore50 paisaXF?1
Pakistan965726 1969Lahore5 paiseVF?1
Pakistan1449927 196410 paiseF?1
Pakistan878031 196910 paisaVF?1
Panama355710 1968Ottawa1/10 de balboaF?1
Panama490422 19671 centésimoVG?1
Panama490523.2 19665 centésimosVG?2
Panama490523.2 19685 centésimosVG?1
Peru6992220.5 1959Lima1/2 solVG?1
Peru4543222 1960Lima1 solVG?1
Peru4543222 1962Lima1 solF?1
Peru8225224.2 1952Lima10 centavosVG?1
Peru9942245.2 1973Lima10 centavosVG?1
Peru5031247 1972Lima1/2 solVG?1
Philippines5851187 1960Manila5 centavosF?1
Philippines5851187 1962Manila5 centavosF?1
Philippines5851187 1966Manila5 centavosF?1
Philippines5852188 1966Manila10 centavosVG?1
Philippines5869189.1 1962Manila25 centavosG?1
Philippines17030189.2 1966Manila25 centavosVG?1
Philippines5871197 1968Manila5 sentimosF?2
Philippines4643198 1968Manila10 sentimosF?1
Philippines4644199 1971Manila25 sentimosVG?1
Poland1013144 a1949Varsovia50 groszyPR?1
Poland1013345 a1949Varsovia1 zlotyVG?1
Poland777946 1959Kremnica2 zloteVG?1
Poland777946 1960Kremnica2 zloteF?1
Poland1047847 1958Kremnica5 zlotychG?1
Poland652349.1 1974Varsovia1 zlotyVG?1
Portugal526577 1955Lisboa50 centavosVG?1
Portugal526577 1956Lisboa50 centavosVG?1
Portugal526577 1957Lisboa50 centavosVG?1
Portugal4220578 1928Lisboa1 escudoVG?1
Portugal4220578 1930Lisboa1 escudoVG?1
Portugal4221580 1944Lisboa2,50 escudosVG?1
Portugal4221580 1945Lisboa2,50 escudosVG?1
Portugal4199584 1945Lisboa20 centavosVG?1
Portugal4199584 1951Lisboa20 centavosVG?1
Portugal4199584 1953Lisboa20 centavosVG?3
Portugal519590 1963Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1964Lisboa2,50 escudosVF?2
Portugal519590 1965Lisboa2,50 escudosVG?1
Portugal519590 1968Lisboa2,50 escudosVF?1
Portugal519590 1972Lisboa2,50 escudosVF?1
Portugal527596 1970Lisboa50 centavosVG?1
Reunion65829 1955París5 francsF?1
Reunion1065111 1964París20 francsF?1
Reunion1065312 1962París50 francsVF?1
Romania1234585.3 1955Bucarest25 baniVG?1
Romania883387 1960Bucarest15 baniG?1
Romania909188 1960Bucarest25 baniVG?1
Romania846989 1963Bucarest5 baniF?1
Romania330690 1963Bucarest1 leuVG?1
Romania909291 1963Bucarest3 leiG?1
Romania330493 1966Bucarest15 baniVG?1
Romania62995 1966Bucarest1 leuVG?1
Saudi Arabia391346 197210 halalas (Fáisal bin Abdulaziz)VF?1
Serbia690619 188310 para (Milan I)VF?1
Singapore50732 1967Singapur5 centsVG?1
Singapore50743 1967Singapur10 centsVG?3
Singapore50743 1968Singapur10 centsVG?4
Singapore50743 1969Singapur10 centsVG?1
Singapore50743 1971Singapur10 centsVF?1
Singapore50754 1967Singapur20 centsF?2
South Africa1017217.2 19301 shilling (George V)G?1
South Africa969465.2 1966Centurion1 cent (SUID-AFRIKA)F?3
South Africa969465.2 1967Centurion1 cent (SUID-AFRIKA)F?2
South Africa969566.1 1965Centurion2 cents (SOUTH AFRICA)F?1
South Africa718468.2 1965Centurion10 cents (SUID-AFRIKA)XF?5
South Africa718468.2 1966Centurion10 cents (SUID-AFRIKA)XF?1
South Africa843469.2 1965Centurion20 cents (SUID-AFRIKA)XF?7
South Africa866370.1 1966Centurion50 cents (SOUTH AFRICA)VG?2
South Africa1209275.1 1968Centurion2 cents (Charles R. Swart - SOUTH AFRICA)F?1
South Africa1158176.1 1968Centurion5 cents (Charles R. Swart - SOUTH AFRICA)XF?2
South Africa969979.2 1968Centurion50 cents (Charles R. Swart - SUID-AFRIKA)VF?1
South Africa359582 1971Centurion1 cent (SUID-AFRIKA - SOUTH AFRICA)F?1
South Africa697783 1970Centurion2 cents (SOUTH AFRICA - SUID-AFRIKA)F?1
South Africa709784 1971Centurion5 cents (SUID-AFRIKA - SOUTH AFRICA)XF?1
South Africa887885 1974Centurion10 cents (SOUTH AFRICA - SUID-AFRIKA)VF?1
South Arabia109933 1964Londres25 filsVF?1
South Arabia107364 1964Londres50 filsVF?1
South Korea28956 1968Daejeon10 wonF?1
South Korea56676 a1971Daejeon10 wonG?2
Spain926663 1870Barcelona10 céntimos (Gobierno Provisional)PR?1
Spain1034675 1878Barcelona10 céntimos (Alfonso XII)PR?2
Spain4765 1941Madrid5 céntimosG?1
Spain4765 1945Madrid5 céntimosG?1
Spain5766 1941Madrid10 céntimosG?1
Spain5766 1945Madrid10 céntimosG?1
Spain5766 1953Madrid10 céntimosG?1
Spain1826767 1944Madrid1 pesetaVG?1
Spain1843775 1947*48Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)F?1
Spain1843775 1953*54Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)F?3
Spain1843775 1963*63Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)F?8
Spain984777 1949*51Madrid50 céntimos (Francisco Franco)F?2
Spain1838786 1957*58Madrid5 pesetasF?7
Spain1838786 1957*58Madrid5 pesetasVG?2
Spain1839787 1957*58Madrid25 pesetasF?1
Spain1840788 1957*58Madrid50 pesetasVG?1
Spain6790 1959Madrid10 céntimosG?5
Spain985795 1966*67Madrid50 céntimosVG?2
Spain1844796 1966*67Madrid1 pesetaF?5
Spain1841797 1966*66Madrid100 pesetasXF?1
Spain1841797 1966*66Madrid100 pesetasVG?1
Spain1221044 2005Madrid20 euro centVF?1
Sweden6821778 1933Estocolmo2 öre (Gustaf V)F?1
Sweden8394779.2 1950Suecia5 öre (Gustaf V)VF?1
Sweden9022788 1911Suecia50 öre (Gustaf V)G?1
Sweden594812 1945Estocolmo5 öre (Gustaf V)G?1
Sweden594812 1950Estocolmo5 öre (Gustaf V)G?1
Sweden6088813 1950Suecia10 öre (Gustaf V)VF?1
Sweden6090814 1948Suecia1 krona (Gustaf V)VG?1
Sweden602816 1944Suecia25 öre (Gustaf V)VF?1
Sweden602816 1945Suecia25 öre (Gustaf V)VF?1
Sweden593820 1955Estocolmo1 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden595822 1960TS-Estocolmo5 öre (Gustaf VI)VG?1
Sweden595822 1965U-Estocolmo5 öre (Gustaf VI)VG?1
Sweden595822 1969U-Estocolmo5 öre (Gustaf VI)VG?1
Sweden603824 1956TS-Estocolmo25 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden6089825 1952TS-Estocolmo50 öre (Gustaf VI)VG?1
Sweden6091826 1961Suecia1 krona (Gustaf VI)VG?1
Sweden6091826 1963Suecia1 krona (Gustaf VI)G?1
Sweden604836 1970U-Estocolmo25 öre (Gustaf VI)VF?1
Sweden3176837 1965Eskilstuna50 öre (Gustaf VI)VF?1
Sweden605851 1979U25 öre (Carl XVI Gustaf)VF?1
Switzerland70026 1969Berna5 rappenVG?1
Switzerland317827 1955Berna10 rappenG?1
Switzerland317827 1962Berna10 rappenVG?1
Switzerland317827 1964Berna10 rappenVG?1
Switzerland317827 1967Berna10 rappenVG?1
Switzerland317746 1973Berna1 rappenVG?1
Syria1102082 19565 piastresF?1
Syria16410104 19732 1/2 piastresF?1
Syria16408106 197410 piastresF?1
Tanzania65361 1966Llantrisant5 sentiF?1
Thailand65084 1962Pathum Thani1 bahtG?10
Trinidad and Tobago49092 1966Llantrisant5 centsVG?1
Trinidad and Tobago85144 1966Llantrisant25 centsVG?1
Turkey5791887 19565 kuruşVF?1
Turkey5786892.3 1970Estambul25 kuruşXF?1
United Arab Emirates 50683.1 1973Llantrisant10 filsVF?1
United Kingdom6491810 1914Londres1 penny (George V)VG?1
United Kingdom6491810 1918Londres1 penny (George V)PR?1
United Kingdom6491810 1919Londres1 penny (George V)VG?1
United Kingdom6491810 1919Londres1 penny (George V)PR?2
United Kingdom6491810 1920Londres1 penny (George V)G?2
United Kingdom6491810 1920Londres1 penny (George V)PR?1
United Kingdom11123824 1925Londres1/2 penny (George V)VG?1
United Kingdom8085832 1929Londres6 pence (George V)F?1
United Kingdom6362838 1930Londres1 penny (George V)VG?2
United Kingdom6362838 1936Londres1 penny (George V)VG?1
United Kingdom6361845 1938Londres1 penny (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom6361845 1944Londres1 penny (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom6361845 1945Londres1 penny (George VI)VG?2
United Kingdom1811849 1942Londres3 pence (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom1811849 1943Londres3 pence (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom1811849 1944Londres3 pence (George VI)G?1
United Kingdom8610853 1946Londres1 shilling (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom5442864 1947Londres1 shilling (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom8742873 1952Londres3 pence (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom8395876 1951Londres1 shilling (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom5823877 1951Londres1 shilling (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom3452878 1949Londres2 shillings (George VI)VG?1
United Kingdom5351896 1955Londres1/2 penny (Elizabeth II)G?1
United Kingdom5351896 1965Londres1/2 penny (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom5351896 1967Londres1/2 penny (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom1810897 1962Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom1810897 1962Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)G?1
United Kingdom1810897 1964Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)VG?2
United Kingdom1810897 1965Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)G?1
United Kingdom1810897 1965Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom1810897 1967Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)VG?2
United Kingdom1810897 1967Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)G?2
United Kingdom5352900 1954Londres3 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom5352900 1955Londres3 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom5352900 1956Londres3 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom5352900 1960Londres3 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom5352900 1966Londres3 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?2
United Kingdom437903 1954Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?2
United Kingdom437903 1957Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom437903 1959Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom437903 1966Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom437903 1967Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom5368904 1957Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom5368904 1964Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom3450905 1957Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom3450905 1960Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom3450905 1963Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom3453906 1965Londres2 shillings (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom3453906 1967Londres2 shillings (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom434911 1970Llantrisant5 new pence (Elizabeth II)VG?2
United Kingdom438912 1968Llantrisant10 new pence (Elizabeth II)VG?2
United Kingdom438912 1969Llantrisant10 new pence (Elizabeth II)VG?2
United Kingdom424914 1971Llantrisant1/2 new penny (Elizabeth II)VG?4
United Kingdom425915 1971Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)VG?3
United Kingdom430916 1971Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)VG?6
United States1292110 1879Sin ceca1 dollar (Morgan Dollar)XF?1
United States403132 1916Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln)F?1
United States403132 1936Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln)F?1
United States403132 1940Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln)F?1
United States5946132 A1944Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)F?1
United States5946132 A1945Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)VG?1
United States5946132 A1946Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)VG?2
United States5946132 A1947Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)VG?2
United States5946132 A1950SS-San Francisco1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)VF?1
United States5946132 A1951Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)VG?1
United States5946132 A1955DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)VG?1
United States5946132 A1956DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)VG?1
United States5946132 A1957DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)VG?1
United States1259140 1917Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Mercury Head)F?1
United States1259140 1923Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Mercury Head)F?1
United States4409164 a1965Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)VF?3
United States4409164 a1967Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)VF?3
United States4409164 a1969Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)VF?1
United States8026192 A1947Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1948Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1953Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?2
United States8026192 A1961Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?2
United States8026192 A1962Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1964Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?12
United States8026192 A1965Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1967Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?2
United States8026192 A1968DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?3
United States8026192 A1970DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1970SS-San Francisco5 cents (Jefferson)VF?1
United States606195 1951Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Silver Dime)F?1
United States606195 1964Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Silver Dime)VF?1
United States1732195 a1966Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?3
United States1732195 a1967Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?4
United States1732195 a1968SS-San Francisco1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?1
United States1732195 a1971DD-Denver1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?1
United States399201 1959Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1959DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1960Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1960DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1961DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?2
United States399201 1962DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1963DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?2
United States399201 1964Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?3
United States399201 1964DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?3
United States399201 1965Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?2
United States399201 1966Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?2
United States399201 1967Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?6
United States399201 1968Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?4
United States399201 1968DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?8
United States399201 1969Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?2
United States399201 1969DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?9
United States399201 1970Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1970DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?8
United States399201 1971Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?6
United States399201 1973DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?3
URSS1228193 19293 kopeksPR?1
URSS7197126 a19651 kopekG?1
URSS7197126 a19671 kopekVG?1
URSS7197126 a19681 kopekVG?1
URSS7197126 a19691 kopekVG?2
URSS7197126 a19701 kopekVG?1
URSS7197126 a19731 kopekVG?1
URSS7199127 a19612 kopeksVG?1
URSS7199127 a19622 kopeksVG?1
URSS7199127 a19652 kopeksVG?1
URSS7199127 a19672 kopeksVG?1
URSS7199127 a19682 kopeksG?2
URSS7199127 a19692 kopeksG?1
URSS7201128 a19613 kopeksVG?4
URSS7201128 a19683 kopeksVG?3
URSS7201128 a19693 kopeksVG?1
URSS7201128 a19703 kopeksVG?1
URSS7202129 a19615 kopeksVG?2
URSS7204130 1961CПMД-San Petersburgo10 kopeksF?3
URSS7204130 1961CПMД-San Petersburgo10 kopeksG?1
URSS7204130 1962CПMД-San Petersburgo10 kopeksF?1
URSS7205131 1961CПMД-San Petersburgo15 kopeksF?6
URSS7206132 1961CПMД-San Petersburgo20 kopeksF?5
URSS7227135.1 1965CПMД-San Petersburgo1 rubloF?1
URSS13255136 196710 kopeks (50 Aniversario de la Revolución)VG?1
URSS7235138 196720 kopeks (50 Aniversario de la Revolución)VG?1
URSS7228140.1 1967CПMД-San Petersburgo1 rublo (50 Aniversario de la Revolución)VF?1
URSS7226141 1970CПMД-San Petersburgo1 rublo (Centenario del Nacimiento de Lenin)VG?1
Uruguay575920 1924Poissy2 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay1006921 1924Poissy5 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay856125 1930París10 centésimos (Centenario de la Constitución)VF?1
Uruguay502529 1942Santiago20 centésimosVF?2
Uruguay703131 1943Santiago50 centésimosVF?1
Uruguay36334 1953Londres5 céntesimosVG?1
Uruguay162535 1953Londres10 centésimosVF?1
Uruguay164238 1960Londres5 centésimosVG?15
Uruguay164339 1960Londres10 centésimosVG?4
Uruguay164440 1960Londres25 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay164541 1960Londres50 centésimosF?4
Uruguay164642 1960Londres1 pesoF?1
Uruguay165146 1965Santiago1 pesoVF?4
Uruguay163250 1968Santiago5 pesosVG?1
Uruguay164751 1968Santiago10 pesosF?10
Uruguay162952 1969Santiago1 pesoVF?1
Uruguay164854 1969Santiago10 pesosF?1
Uruguay36756 1970Santiago20 pesosF?2
Venezuela120140 y1965Londres25 céntimosF?1
Venezuela53842 y1967Londres1 bolívarVF?1
Venezuela54143 y1967Londres2 bolívaresVF?1
Yugoslavia55533 1955Belgrado10 dinaraF?1
Yugoslavia55734 1955Belgrado20 dinaraVG?1
Yugoslavia303135 1955Belgrado50 dinaraF?2
Yugoslavia303239 1963Belgrado10 dinaraF?1
Yugoslavia725340 1963Belgrado20 dinaraVG?1
Yugoslavia56444 1965Belgrado10 paraG?1
Yugoslavia56345 1965Belgrado20 paraVG?2
Yugoslavia56146.1 1965Belgrado50 paraVG?1
Yugoslavia52947 1965Belgrado1 dinarVF?4
Remember: The price shown is the one considered by the collector. The color shown for the collector's valuation of the coins is only indicative, they are shown in red when the value exceeds the value of our database, and in green if it is below. If it has no color we have no data to contrast it. Remember that the value of Foronum is not binding and is generated by an algorithm based on user collections.