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Argentina154468 1971Buenos Aires50 centavosVF?1
Argentina154872 1977Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?2
Argentina41107 1992Brasilia10 centavosVF?3
Argentina8250110.1 1992Santiago de Chile25 centavosXF?2
Argentina995111.1 1994Santiago de Chile50 centavosVF?1
Argentina1564112.1 1994A-Daejeon1 pesoF?1
Argentina1565112.2 1995C-París1 pesoVF?1
Armenia260552 1994Varsovia20 lumaUNC?1
Armenia2616112 2004Varsovia10 dramVF?1
Australia31663 19802 cents (Elizabeth II)XF?2
Australia290465 198310 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Australia537481 1993Canberra10 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Australia3598401 1999Canberra5 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Australia5377403 200820 cents (Elizabeth II)UNC?1
Austria29152878 195210 groschenVF?1
Austria29152878 198010 groschenVF?1
Austria29152878 198810 groschenVF?1
Austria29152878 198910 groschenVF?1
Austria29152878 199110 groschenVF?1
Austria29152878 199210 groschenVF?1
Austria29152878 199310 groschenVF?1
Austria29152878 199410 groschenXF?1
Austria29152878 199610 groschenVF?1
Austria3202886 1960Viena1 schillingVF?1
Austria36572889 a1974Viena5 schillingVF?1
Austria36582918 1974Viena10 schillingVF?2
Belgium588135.1 1949Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium655142.1 1950Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium1575143.1 1951Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium592154.1 1964Bruselas25 centimes (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium313159 1980Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium657160 1980Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I -België)VF?1
Belgium589163 1986Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium590164 1988Bruselas5 francs ( (Balduino I - België)VF?2
Belgium8817168 1992Bruselas50 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium314170 1990Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium587171 1989Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1768187 1994Bruselas1 franc (Alberto II - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium1762188 1994Bruselas1 franc (Alberto II - België)VF?1
Brazil3146618.1 1990Río de Janeiro5 cruzeirosVF?2
Brazil3147618.2 1991Río de Janeiro5 cruzeirosVF?2
Brazil24632 1994Rio de Janeiro5 centavosVF?1
Brazil321633 1995Río de Janeiro10 centavosVF?2
Brazil325635 1994Río de Janeiro50 centavosVF?1
Brazil6095649.3 2006Rio de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)VF?1
Brazil6095649.3 2013Rio de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)VF?1
Brazil12149650.1 2003Rio de Janeiro25 centavos (Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca)VF?1
Brazil12150651.1 a2015Rio de Janeiro50 centavos (Jose Maria da Silva Paranhos)VF?1
Bulgaria3241240 1999Sofía10 stotinkiVF?1
Bulgaria4719242 1999Sofía50 stotinkiVF?1
Bulgaria3216254 2002Sofía1 lev (San Iván de Rila)VF?3
Canada33759.1 1965Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada312260.1 1976Ottawa5 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada524060.2 1981Ottawa5 cents (Elizabeth II)XF?1
Canada321960.2 a1989Ottawa5 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada394462 b1974Ottawa25 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada312474 1985Ottawa25 cents (Elizabeth II)XF?1
Canada394377.1 1973Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada33377.2 1980Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada2976132 1982Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada3121289 1998Ottawa1 centVF?1
Canada5242491 2018l-Ottawa5 centsVF?1
Chile354195 1971Santiago20 centésimosVF?1
Chile343219.2 1999Santiago50 pesosVF?1
Chile4540226.1 1984Santiago100 pesosVF?1
Chile344228.2 2013Santiago10 pesosVF?2
Chile349231 1992Santiago1 pesoVF?1
Chile345232 2012Madrid5 pesosVF?1
Chile342236 2012Santiago100 pesosVF?1
China-Peoples Republic32091 1983Beijing1 fenVF?1
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2013Beijing1 jiaoVF?1
China-Peoples Republic32061212 2008Beijing1 yuanVF?1
Colombia3186285.1 1993Ibagué100 pesosVF?2
Colombia3117286 2008Ibagué500 pesosVF?1
Colombia3188287 1994Ibagué200 pesosVF?2
Costa Rica11433230.1 a1999Bogotá100 colonesVF?1
Costa Rica5672240 a2007100 colonesVF?3
Croatia30049.1 2013Zagreb1 kunaVF?1
Croatia247110 2011Zagreb2 kunaVF?1
Cuba3009575.2 1996Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba901577.2 1998Ottawa25 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba5736578.1 1994Ottawa50 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cyprus612734 1955Londres5 mils (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Cyprus603655.2 1987Llantrisant5 centsVF?1
Cyprus472762.2 2004Llantrisant20 centsVF?1
Czech Republic35361 1993Hamburgo50 korunVF?1
Czech Republic36262.3 1999Jablonec20 haleruVF?1
Czech Republic36073.1 1999Jablonec50 haleruVF?1
Czech Republic38193.2 2003Jablonec50 haleruVF?1
Czech Republic31624 1993Hamburgo10 korunVF?1
Czech Republic31624 1994Jablonec10 korunVF?2
Czech Republic31624 1995Jablonec10 korunVF?1
Czech Republic31624 1996Jablonec10 korunVF?2
Czech Republic31624 2013Jablonec10 korunVF?1
Czech Republic31624 2015Jablonec10 korunVF?1
Czech Republic32985 1993Hamburgo20 korunVF?5
Czech Republic32985 1998Jablonec20 korunVF?1
Czech Republic32985 1999Jablonec20 korunVF?2
Czech Republic506 1999Jablonec10 haleruVF?1
Czech Republic29187 1994b´-Jablonec1 korunaVF?1
Czech Republic29187 1996b´-Jablonec1 korunaVF?1
Czech Republic32998 1993Canadá5 korunVF?1
Czech Republic32998 1994Jablonec5 korunVF?2
Czech Republic32998 2006Jablonec5 korunXF?1
Czech Republic28849 1993l-Canadá2 korunyXF?2
Czech Republic28849 1996b´-Jablonec2 korunyXF?1
Czech Republic28849 1997b´-Jablonec2 korunyXF?2
Czech Republic28849 2001b´-Jablonec2 korunyXF?1
Czech Republic28849 2003b´-Jablonec2 korunyXF?1
Czech Republic28849 2007b´-Jablonec2 korunyXF?1
Czech Republic28849 2015b´-Jablonec2 korunyXF?1
Czechoslovakia371160 1968Kremnica5 korunVF?1
Czechoslovakia371375 1981Kremnica2 korunyVF?1
Denmark380849.1 1969♥-Amager10 oreF?1
Denmark4731851.1 1970♥-Amager1 kroneVF?1
Denmark8582862.1 1973♥-Amager1 kroneVF?1
Denmark8582862.1 1977♥-Amager1 kroneVF?1
Denmark397871 1990♥-Brondby20 kronerVF?1
Denmark1580874.1 1992♥-Brondby2 kronerVF?2
Dominican Republic647962.2 19871/2 pesoVF?1
Dominican Republic593680.1 1992Ottawa1 pesoVF?1
Eastern Caribbean States523514 198925 centsVF?1
Ecuador1071107 2000Ottawa25 centavosVF?1
Ecuador1072108 2000Ottawa50 centavosVF?1
Estonia344623 a1999Centurion20 sentiVF?1
Finland7665 1991M - Helsinki10 penniäVF?1
France8599844.1 1899Sin ceca1 francVF?2
France3069885 a11941Sin ceca1 francVF?1
France7067885 a21946B-Beaumont1 francVF?1
France6493886 a11947Sin ceca2 francsXF?1
France3962886 a21947B-Beaumont2 francsVF?1
France3638888 b11948Sin ceca5 francsVF?1
France413902.1 1942Sin ceca1 francXF?1
France3070904.1 1943Sin ceca2 francsXF?1
France6513909.2 1948BB-Beaumont10 francsVF?1
France4541915.1 1952París10 francsVF?1
France8567915.2 1951B-Beaumont10 francsVF?2
France5316917.1 1952Sin ceca20 francsF?1
France5317919.1 1954Sin ceca100 francsVF?1
France416925.1 1960París1 francVF?6
France10412926 1962París5 francsVF?1
France3637926 a.11971París5 francsVF?2
France406927 1963París5 centimesVF?1
France408929 1963París10 centimesVF?2
France410930 1963Paris20 centimesVF?7
France411931.1 1965París1/2 francVG?9
France407933 1966París5 centimesVF?10
France422940 1976París10 francsVF?2
France419942.1 1979París2 francsVF?1
France419942.1 1981París2 francsVF?1
France8950959 1986París10 francsXF?2
France17189964.1 1988París10 francsVF?1
French Polynesia29098 1982París10 francsVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1950DD-Munich1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.576106 1958JJ-Hamburgo2 pfennigVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.576106 1966GG-Karlsruhe2 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.4557106 a1978F-Stuttgart2 pfennigVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1950G-Karlsruhe5 pfennigF?2
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1950F-Stuttgart5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1950DD-Munich10 pfennigVF?3
Germany-Federal Rep.582109.1 1950DD-Munich50 pfennigVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.583109.2 1974JJ-Hamburgo50 pfennigVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.584110 1950FF-Stuttgart1 markVF?1
Gibraltar130631104 201250 pence (Captura de Gibraltar 1704)VF?1
Greece326078 1971Kremnica10 leptaVF?1
Greece454116 1980Atenas1 drachmaVF?1
Greece455117 1978Atenas2 drachmaiVF?1
Greece457118 1980Atenas5 drachmaiVF?1
Greece459119 1978Atenas10 drachmaiVF?1
Greece461120 1976Atenas20 drachmaiVF?1
Greece458131 1982Atenas5 drachmaiVF?1
Greece3194133 1984Atenas20 drachmaiXF?1
Greece5176147 1990Atenas50 drachmaiVF?1
Greece462154 1990Atenas20 drachmaiVF?1
Greece3540159 1992Atenas100 drachmaiVF?1
Greece3540159 1994Atenas100 drachmaiVF?2
Guatemala3411276.4 1994Guatemala5 centavosVF?1
Guatemala3498284 2000Guatemala1 quetzalVF?2
Honduras186372.4 2005Ottawa5 centavosUNC?11
Hong Kong468336 1976Llantrisant20 centsVF?1
Hong Kong468441 1977Llantrisant50 centsVF?2
Hong Kong468543 1978Llantrisant1 dollarF?3
Hong Kong320064 1993Llantrisant2 dollarsVF?1
Hong Kong319965 1993Llantrisant5 dollarsVF?1
Hong Kong319866 1993Llantrisant10 centsVF?1
Hong Kong319866 1994Llantrisant10 centsVF?1
Hong Kong320567 1995Llantrisant20 centsVF?1
Hong Kong319768 1994Llantrisant50 centsVF?1
Hong Kong319669 a1996Llantrisant1 dollarVF?1
Hong Kong6770 1995Llantrisant10 dollarsUNC?1
Hungary96692 1992Budapest1 forintVF?1
Hungary97693 1994Budapest2 forintVF?2
Hungary98694 1994Budapest5 forintVF?2
Hungary99695 1993Budapest10 forintVF?1
Hungary100696 1993Budapest20 forintVF?1
Hungary100696 2007Budapest20 forintVF?1
Hungary704697 1995Budapest50 forintVF?1
Hungary3164721 1998Budapest100 forintVF?3
Iceland339925 1981Llantrisant10 aurarXF?1
Iceland159635 1995Llantrisant100 coronasXF?1
India351639 1989Calcuta10 paiseVF?1
India47644 1988☆ Hyderabad20 paiseVF?1
India351754 1991♦ Bombay25 paiseUNC3,63€1
India48192.2 1997Calcuta1 rupeeVF?1
Indonesia48835 197150 rupiahVF?1
Indonesia48942 1978100 rupiahVF?1
Indonesia296461 1999100 rupiahVF?2
Indonesia7067 2008500 rupiahVF?1
Indonesia698570 20101.000 rupiahXF?1
Ireland402511 1964Londres1 pennyVF?1
Ireland346020 a1996Dublín1 pennyVF?6
Ireland297128 1998Dublín5 penceVF?2
Ireland402929 1994Dublín10 penceVF?1
Israel701108 198110 new agorotVF?2
Israel3156158 1995Kongsberg10 agorotVF?1
Israel5886160 1993Sttutgart1 new sheqelVF?1
Israel5887163 1988Jerusalén1 new sheqelVF?1
Italy49092 1952Roma5 lireVF?1
Italy49193 1951Roma10 lireF?4
Italy307395.1 1954Roma50 lireVF?3
Italy307596.1 1956Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy599297.1 1958Roma20 lireVF?1
Italy495105 1978Roma200 lireVF?4
Italy3076111 1982Roma500 lireVF?3
Italy5522151 1992Roma200 lire (Exposición Filatélica de Génova)VF?1
Italy5523155 1993Roma200 lire (70 Aniversario de la Aviación Militar)VF?2
Italy494159 1998Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy496164 1994Roma200 lire (180 Aniversario de la Fundación de los Carabinieri)VF?2
Italy5521180 1995Roma100 lire (FAO)VF?2
Italy3465184 1996Roma200 lire (100 Aniversario de la Academia de la Guardia de Finanzas)VF?3
Jamaica328964 1992Llantrisant1 centVF?1
Japan270572 a1972Osaka5 yenes (Hirohito-Showa)VF?1
Japan275173 a1983Osaka10 yenesVF?1
Japan275274 1987Osaka1 yenVF?1
Japan275882 1983Osaka100 yenes (Showa)VF?1
Japan349397.2 2019Osaka10 yenes (Heisei)VF?1
Jersey379154 1986Llantrisant1 pennyVF?1
Jersey379255 1986Llantrisant2 penceVF?1
Kuwait385313 198750 filsXF?1
Macao280957 20071 patacaXF?1
Malaysia34063 1979Shah Alam10 senVF?1
Malaysia340449 1993Shah Alam1 senVF?1
Malaysia349551 2009Shah Alam10 senVF?1
Malaysia406152 2011Shah Alam20 senVF?1
Malaysia406254 1991Shah Alam1 ringgitVF?1
Malaysia7183202 2016Shah Alam10 senVF?1
Malaysia7188203 2016Shah Alam20 senVF?2
Malaysia7189204 2016Shah Alam50 senVF?1
Malta50593 2001Llantrisant1 centVF?1
Malta50395 19955 centsUNC?1
Malta50296 199810 centsVF?1
Mexico648442 1975Mº-ciudad de México20 centavosVF?1
Mexico509460 1982Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoVF?1
Mexico1270485 1981Mº-Ciudad de México.5 pesosVF?1
Mexico1183486 1982Mº-Ciudad de México20 pesosVF?1
Mexico1388493 1988Mº-Ciudad de México100 pesosVF?1
Mexico1143495 1988Mº-Ciudad de México50 pesosVF?1
Mexico1126529 1987Mº-Ciudad de México500 pesosVF?1
Mexico1126529 1988Mº-Ciudad de México500 pesosVF?1
Mexico1144536 1988Mº-Ciudad de México1.000 pesosVF?1
Mexico513552 1992Mº-Ciudad de México5 nuevos pesosVF?2
Mexico511603 2010Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoVF?1
Mexico512604 2013Mº-Ciudad de México2 pesosVF?1
Mexico514605 1998Mº-Ciudad de México5 pesosVF?1
Mexico514605 2000Mº-Ciudad de México5 pesosVF?1
Mexico515616 2004Mº-Ciudad de México10 pesosVF?1
Morocco1503649 1952París10 francsVF?1
Morocco181556 1969París1 dirhamF?1
Morocco352860 1974París10 santimat (FAO)VF?2
Morocco5761 1974París20 santimatVF?1
Morocco1070762 1974Llantrisant50 santimatF?1
Morocco10563 1974París1 dirhamVF?2
Morocco459872 1980París5 dirhamsF?1
Morocco629482 Y1987París5 dirhamsF?2
Morocco296387 Y1987París1/2 dirhamVF?2
Morocco10688 Y1987París1 dirhamF?1
Morocco10892 Y1995París10 dirhamsF?1
Morocco3303109 Y2002París5 dirhamsF?2
Morocco6755140 Y20155 dirhamsVF?1
Nepal51041188 2009Kathmandu2 rupeesUNC?1
Nepal51051204 2007Kathmandu1 rupeeUNC?1
Netherlands 463175 1948Utrecht1 céntimo (Guillermina)VF?3
Netherlands 464180 1977Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 465181 1950Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VF?4
Netherlands 3168182 1955Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 467183 1951Utrecht25 centsVF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1967Utrecht1 guldenVF?2
Netherlands 4852191 1970Utrecht2½ florinesVF?1
Netherlands 4852191 1980Utrecht2½ florinesVF?1
Netherlands 3469202 1985Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)VF?1
Netherlands 3470203 1983Utrecht10 céntimos (Beatriz)VF?1
Netherlands 3170204 1982Utrecht25 centsVF?1
Netherlands 3171205 1994Utrecht1 guldenVF?1
Netherlands 4854210 1989Utrecht5 guldenVF?1
New Zealand3409116 19995 centsUNC?2
Nigeria499410.1 1973Logos10 koboXF?1
Norway7421405 1962Kongsberg5 oreXF?2
Norway6109416 1989K - Kongsberg10 oreVF?2
Norway3468419 1983Kongsberg1 kroneVF?1
Norway6118427 1985Kongsberg10 kronerVF?1
Norway12382462 2005Kongsberg1 krone (Harald V)VF?1
Panama355710 1968Ottawa1/10 de balboaVF?1
Paraguay11853177 b2007Winnipeg100 guaraniesVF?1
Paraguay6721195 a2011Santiago de Chile500 guaraníesVF?1
Paraguay6607198 2008Llantrisant1.000 guaraniesVF?2
Peru5482306.1 1991Lima20 céntimosVF?2
Peru531308.1 1994Lima1 nuevo solVF?1
Philippines6281269 a2010Quezon City1 pisoVF?1
Poland621276 2004Varsovia1 groszXF?1
Poland3605278 2009Varsovia5 groszyXF?1
Poland3175279 2011Varsovia10 groszyXF?1
Poland622280 2010Varsovia20 groszyXF?1
Poland3172281 2014Varsovia50 groszyXF?1
Poland2977282 1990Varsovia1 zlotyXF?1
Poland2977282 1991Varsovia1 zlotyXF?1
Poland3173283 1995Varsovia2 zloteXF?1
Poland14745923 2018Varsovia1 groszXF?1
Portugal526577 1947Lisboa50 centavosVF?1
Portugal4199584 1962Lisboa20 centavosVF?1
Portugal519590 1965Lisboa2,50 escudosXF?1
Portugal520591 1964Lisboa5 escudosXF?1
Portugal527596 1973Lisboa50 centavosVF?1
Portugal517614 1985Lisboa1 escudoVF?1
Portugal521632 1990Lisboa5 escudosVF?1
Portugal522633 1986Lisboa10 escudosVF?1
Portugal3213634.1 1987Lisboa20 escudosVF?1
Portugal3212636 1987Lisboa50 escudosVF?3
Portugal5455645.2 1989Lisboa100 escudosVF?2
Portugal3210655 1991Lisboa200 escudos (Garcia De Orta)VF?2
Romania850153 2001Bucarest1.000 leiVF?1
Romania846189 2016Bucarest1 banVF?1
Romania632190 2015Bucarest5 baniVF?1
Romania847191 2007Bucarest10 baniVF?1
Romania847191 2008Bucarest10 baniVF?1
Romania848192 2017Bucarest50 baniVF?1
Russia1782602 a2014MMД-Moscú10 kopeksVF?1
Russia3309833 2007MMД-Moscú1 rubloVF?1
Singapore297052 1987Singapur20 centsVF?1
Singapore297052 1989Singapur20 centsVF?1
Singapore296898 1994Singapur1 centVF?1
Singapore13737347 2014Ottawa20 centsVF?1
Slovakia30613 1993Kremnica2 korunaVF?2
Slovakia30815 1993Kremnica50 halierovVF?1
Slovakia31117 1993Kremnica10 halierovF?1
Slovakia31018 1993Kremnica20 halierovVF?1
Slovenia34434 19981 tolarVF?1
South Africa697783 1972Centurion2 cents (SOUTH AFRICA - SUID-AFRIKA)VG?1
South Africa697783 1985Centurion2 cents (SOUTH AFRICA - SUID-AFRIKA)VF?1
South Africa709784 1977Pretoria5 cents (SUID-AFRIKA - SOUTH AFRICA)VF?1
South Africa887885 1987Centurion10 cents (SOUTH AFRICA - SUID-AFRIKA)VF?1
South Africa3397134 1991Sudáfrica5 cents (SOUTH AFRICA - SUID-AFRIKA)VF?1
South Africa5432138 1991Sudáfrica1 rand (SOUTH AFRICA - SUID-AFRIKA)F?1
South Africa5432138 1994Sudáfrica1 rand (SOUTH AFRICA - SUID-AFRIKA)VF?1
South Africa3979139 1989Sudáfrica2 rand (SUID-AFRIKA - SOUTH AFRICA)VF?1
Sweden5153826 a1973Suecia1 krona (Gustaf VI)XF?1
Sweden3176837 1973Eskilstuna50 öre (Gustaf VI)VF?1
Sweden600850 1981U10 öre (Carl XVI Gustaf)VF?1
Sweden3608852 1978Suecia1 krona (Carl XVI Gustaf)VF?1
Sweden3608852 1980Suecia1 krona (Carl XVI Gustaf)XF?1
Sweden4634894 2002Suecia1 kronaVF?1
Switzerland487223 a.11969Berna1/2 francXF?3
Switzerland487223 a.11970Berna1/2 francXF?2
Switzerland487223 a.11974Berna1/2 francXF?1
Switzerland487223 a.11977Berna1/2 francXF?1
Switzerland487223 a.11978Berna1/2 francXF?2
Switzerland487223 a.11981Berna1/2 francXF?1
Switzerland331423 a.31989Berna1/2 francXF?1
Switzerland331423 a.31995Berna1/2 francXF?1
Switzerland331423 a.31996Berna1/2 francXF?1
Switzerland361224 a.11968Berna1 francXF?1
Switzerland361224 a.11975Berna1 francXF?1
Switzerland361224 a.11978Berna1 francXF?1
Switzerland361224 a.11979Berna1 francXF?1
Switzerland361224 a.11980Berna1 francXF?1
Switzerland361224 a.11981Berna1 francXF?2
Switzerland487424 a.31986Berna1 francXF?1
Switzerland487424 a.31987Berna1 francXF?1
Switzerland487424 a.32010Berna1 francXF?1
Switzerland70026 1963Berna5 rappenVF?2
Switzerland1531126 c1981Berna5 rappenXF?2
Switzerland1531126 c1983Berna5 rappenXF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1984Berna5 rappenXF?3
Switzerland1531126 c1985Berna5 rappenXF?2
Switzerland1531126 c1986Berna5 rappenXF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1987Berna5 rappenXF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1988Berna5 rappenXF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1989Berna5 rappenXF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1990Berna5 rappenXF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1991Berna5 rappenXF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1994Berna5 rappenXF?1
Switzerland1531126 c2011Berna5 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1944Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1954Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1956Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1959Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1961Berna10 rappenXF?2
Switzerland317827 1962Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1964Berna10 rappenXF?2
Switzerland317827 1969Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1970Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1973Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1974Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1982Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1984Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1989Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1990Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 1995Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland317827 2014Berna10 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1943Berna20 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1944Berna20 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1955Berna20 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1957Berna20 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1960Berna20 rappenXF?3
Switzerland406829 a1963Berna20 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1969Berna20 rappenXF?2
Switzerland406829 a1970Berna20 rappenXF?2
Switzerland406829 a1975Berna20 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1984Berna20 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1985Berna20 rappenXF?2
Switzerland406829 a1988Berna20 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1991Berna20 rappenXF?1
Switzerland406829 a1997Berna20 rappenXF?1
Taiwan3035551 2019Taoyuan1 dollar (1 yuan)UNC?1
Taiwan17031572 2010Taoyuan10 dollars (10 yuan) (Chiang Ching-Guo)XF?1
Tanzania463132 1994100 shilingiVF?1
Thailand6259100 1974Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand6261110 1977Pathum Thani1 bahtXF?1
Thailand651183 1989Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand651183 1990Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand651183 1992Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand651183 1994Pathum Thani1 bahtF?3
Thailand635219 1988Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand4522227 1999Pathum Thani10 bahtF?1
Thailand3472443 2010Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand3472443 2013Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand6270459 2008Pathum Thani10 bahtF?1
Transnistria199322020.12 sk2020Tiraspol1 rublo (Gato montés europeo-Felis silvestris)UNC?1
Trinidad and Tobago356329 1999Exton1 centXF?1
Trinidad and Tobago356329 2000Exton1 centXF?2
Trinidad and Tobago356329 2001Exton1 centXF?2
Trinidad and Tobago356430 1999Llantrisant5 centsXF?1
Trinidad and Tobago491032 1999Exton25 centsXF?1
Tunisia2423309 1997100 millimesVF?1
Tunisia89346 19961/2 dinar (FAO)VF?1
Tunisia91347 19971 dinar (FAO)VF?1
Turkey5748966 1986Estambul50 lirasVF?1
Turkey57691241 2009Estambul10 kuruşVF?1
Turkey57701242 2009Estambul25 kuruşVF?2
Turkey57711243 2009Estambul50 kuruşVF?1
Turkey57721244 2011Estambul1 liraVF?1
Turkey57721244 2011Estambul1 liraXF?1
Turkey57721244 2012Estambul1 liraVF?1
Turkey57721244 2017Estambul1 liraVF?1
United Arab Emirates 46546.2 2007Llantrisant1 dirhamVG?2
United Arab Emirates 64056.2 a2012Ottawa1 dirhamVF?1
United Arab Emirates 1439316 a2017Ottawa50 filsXF?1
United Kingdom4023794.2 1902Londres1 penny (Edward VII)F?1
United Kingdom6491810 1911Londres1 penny (George V)F?1
United Kingdom6362838 1930Londres1 penny (George V)F?1
United Kingdom6362838 1931Londres1 penny (George V)F?1
United Kingdom7018843 1946Londres1 farthing (George VI)VF?1
United Kingdom6608844 1940Londres1/2 penny (George VI)VF?1
United Kingdom6361845 1937Londres1 penny (George VI)F?1
United Kingdom1811849 1940Londres3 pence (George VI)VF?1
United Kingdom1811849 1942Londres3 pence (George VI)VF?1
United Kingdom3451865 1948Londres2 shillings (George VI)VF?2
United Kingdom5351896 1957Londres1/2 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom5351896 1964Londres1/2 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom1810897 1961Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom5352900 1956Londres3 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom5352900 1960Londres3 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom5352900 1964Londres3 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom437903 1956Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom437903 1958Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom5368904 1955Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom3453906 1956Londres2 shillings (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom434911 1968Llantrisant5 new pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom438912 1969Llantrisant10 new pence (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom444913 1976Llantrisant50 new pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom424914 1971Llantrisant1/2 new penny (Elizabeth II)VF?6
United Kingdom425915 1971Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)VF?13
United Kingdom430916 1975Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom8608926 1982Llantrisant1/2 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom426927 1982Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom441931 1982Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?5
United Kingdom447933 1983Llantrisant1 pound (Elizabeth II)VF?6
United Kingdom427935 1986Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom3567935 a1992Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1994Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom431936 1985Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom3568936 a1993Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1990Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?7
United Kingdom3569937 b1991Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?7
United Kingdom3569937 b1997Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?5
United Kingdom5371938 b1992Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?4
United Kingdom442939 1987Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom442939 1989Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom442939 1990Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom442939 1993Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom442939 1994Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom442939 1997Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?3
United Kingdom445940.2 1997Llantrisant50 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom450941 1985Llantrisant1 pound (Puerro galés)VF?7
United Kingdom429986 1998Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?6
United Kingdom429986 2001Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom429986 2004Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom10679986 a1999Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?5
United Kingdom433987 1998Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom433987 2000Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom5359987 a1999Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?3
United Kingdom436988 1998Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?6
United Kingdom436988 2000Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom439989 2003Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom443990 2007Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom446991 2002Llantrisant50 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom56091108 2014Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 2/6)VF?1
United Kingdom66191109 d2014Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 3/6)VF?2
United Kingdom83811110 d2013Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 4/6)VF?1
United Kingdom83811110 d2015Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 4/6)VF?1
United Kingdom49251111 2008Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 5/6)VF?1
United Kingdom69351113 2012Llantrisant1 pound (Elizabeth II - Escudo Real)VF?1
United Kingdom66201160 2010Llantrisant2 pounds (100 Aniversario de la Muerte de Florence Nightingale)VF?1
United Kingdom158561334 2015Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 3/6)VF?1
United States5946132 A1953Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)XF?1
United States4409164 a1967Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)VF?1
United States1732195 a1966Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?1
United States399201 1959Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States679308 2000DD-Denver1/4 dollar (50 Estados de los EEUU - New Hampshire)VF?1
United States1267310 2000DD-Denver1 dollar (Sacagawea Dollar)VF?2
United States688381 2016PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson Nickel) Thomas Jefferson - MonticelloUNC?2
United States5848468 2019S-San Francisco1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)XF?1
URSS7197126 a19811 kopekVF?1
URSS7202129 a19885 kopeksVF?1
URSS7204130 1977CПMД-San Petersburgo10 kopeksVF?1
URSS7204130 1990CПMД-San Petersburgo10 kopeksVF?1
URSS7205131 1984CПMД-San Petersburgo15 kopeksVF?1
URSS7205131 1990CПMД-San Petersburgo15 kopeksVF?2
URSS7206132 1962CПMД-San Petersburgo20 kopeksVF?1
Uruguay26106 1998París50 centésimosVF?1
Western African States32574 1997París100 francs CFAXF?1
Yugoslavia55488 1983Belgrado5 dinaraVF?1
Remember: The price shown is the one considered by the collector. The color shown for the collector's valuation of the coins is only indicative, they are shown in red when the value exceeds the value of our database, and in green if it is below. If it has no color we have no data to contrast it. Remember that the value of Foronum is not binding and is generated by an algorithm based on user collections.