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Argentina154872 1976Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?1
Argentina41107 1992Santiago de Chile10 centavosVF?4
Argentina41107 1992Brasilia10 centavosVF?1
Argentina41107 2005Buenos Aires10 centavosVF?1
Argentina8251110.1 a1994Londres25 centavosVF?1
Argentina1564112.1 1995C-París1 pesoVF?1
Argentina15781186 2017Buenos Aires1 peso (Jacarandá)UNC?23
Armenia260552 1994Varsovia20 lumaXF?3
Australia63662 1980Melbourne1 cent (Elizabeth II)UNC?1
Austria3202886 1961Viena1 schillingVF?1
Belgium656134.1 1950Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium656134.1 1958Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium656134.1 1965Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium656134.1 1975Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium656134.1 1977Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium656134.1 1978Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium588135.1 1949Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium588135.1 1950Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)VF?2
Belgium588135.1 1962Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium588135.1 1971Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium655142.1 1951Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?3
Belgium655142.1 1958Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium655142.1 1963Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium655142.1 1967Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?2
Belgium655142.1 1969Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium655142.1 1970Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1972Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?3
Belgium655142.1 1973Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?2
Belgium655142.1 1974Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?4
Belgium655142.1 1975Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?5
Belgium655142.1 1977Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?4
Belgium655142.1 1978Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?2
Belgium655142.1 1980Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?3
Belgium1575143.1 1951Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?3
Belgium1575143.1 1952Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?2
Belgium1575143.1 1956Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1958Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1575143.1 1967Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?2
Belgium1575143.1 1970Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1575143.1 1972Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1575143.1 1973Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1575143.1 1975Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?10
Belgium1575143.1 1977Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?4
Belgium1575143.1 1978Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?2
Belgium1575143.1 1980Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?3
Belgium1771147.1 1954Bruselas20 centimes (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1770153.1 197525 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium592154.1 1974Bruselas25 centimes (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium313159 1981Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium313159 1982Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?3
Belgium657160 1980Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I -België)VF?1
Belgium657160 1982Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I -België)VF?1
Belgium589163 1986Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?5
Belgium590164 1986Bruselas5 francs ( (Balduino I - België)VF?2
Brazil6020600 1986Rio de Janeiro1 centavoXF?6
Brazil3146618.1 1990Río de Janeiro5 cruzeirosVF?4
Brazil3146618.1 1991Río de Janeiro5 cruzeirosVF?5
Brazil3148619.1 1991Río de Janeiro10 cruzeirosVF?4
Brazil24632 1994Rio de Janeiro5 centavosVF?6
Brazil24632 1995Rio de Janeiro5 centavosVF?1
Brazil321633 1996Río de Janeiro10 centavosVF?1
Brazil323634 1994Rio de Janeiro25 CentavosVF?1
Brazil10385648.1 2010Rio de Janeiro5 centavos (Joaquim José Da Silva Xavier - Tiradentes)F?1
Brazil322649.2 2002Río de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)VF?1
Brazil6095649.3 2004Rio de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)VF?1
Brazil6095649.3 2005Rio de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)VF?1
Brazil6095649.3 2008Rio de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)F?1
Brazil6095649.3 2011Rio de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)VF?1
Brazil12149650.1 2003Rio de Janeiro25 centavos (Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca)VF?1
Brazil12149650.1 2006Rio de Janeiro25 centavos (Manuel Deodoro da Fonseca)VF?1
Bulgaria7062237 a2000Sofía1 stotinkaVF?4
Bulgaria8233238 a2000Sofía2 stotinkiVF?5
Bulgaria3241240 1999Sofía10 stotinkiVF?2
Bulgaria3242241 1999Sofía20 stotinkiVF?2
Canada33649 1964Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?4
Canada33759.1 1966Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada33759.1 1969Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada33759.1 1971Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada33759.1 1976Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada585359.2 1979Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada3942127 1980Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?2
Canada3942127 1981Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada2976132 1982Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada2976132 1985Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada2976132 1988Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada338181 1991Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada338181 1993Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Canada3121289 1997Ottawa1 centVF?1
Canada3121289 2000Ottawa1 centVF?1
Canada7179490 a2008Ottawa1 centVF?1
Chile355194 1971Santiago10 centésimosVF?17
Chile354195 1971Santiago20 centésimosVF?11
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2005Beijing1 jiaoVF?1
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2006Beijing1 jiaoVF?1
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2007Beijing1 jiaoXF?1
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2009Beijing1 jiaoVF?1
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2010Beijing1 jiaoXF?6
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2011Beijing1 jiaoVF?3
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2012Beijing1 jiaoXF?1
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2013Beijing1 jiaoVF?4
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2014Beijing1 jiaoVF?4
Croatia34323 1993Zagreb1 lipaXF?21
Croatia34334 1993Zagreb2 lipeXF?4
Croatia34345 1993Zagreb5 lipaXF?23
Croatia30076 1993Zagreb10 lipaVF?1
Croatia30076 2011Zagreb10 lipaVF?1
Croatia30076 2015Zagreb10 lipaVF?3
Croatia36047 2003Zagreb20 lipaVF?1
Croatia325213 1995Zagreb1 lipa (FAO)XF?6
Croatia896836 1996Zagreb2 lipe (Olímpiadas-Atlanta 96)UNC?1
Czech Republic36062.1 1993HM-Hamburgo20 haleruVF?5
Czech Republic36062.1 1994b´-Jablonec20 haleruVF?2
Czech Republic36062.1 1995b´-Jablonec20 haleruVF?3
Czech Republic36062.1 1997b´-Jablonec20 haleruVF?2
Czech Republic36262.3 1998Jablonec20 haleruVF?3
Czech Republic32985 1993Hamburgo20 korunVF?1
Czech Republic506 1993Jablonec10 haleruVF?7
Czech Republic506 1995Jablonec10 haleruVF?2
Czech Republic29187 1996b´-Jablonec1 korunaVF?1
Denmark379859.3 1982♥-Brondby5 oreVF?1
Denmark381860.1 1976♥-Amager10 oreVF?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 1992Ottawa1 pesoVG?1
Ecuador1071107 2000Ottawa25 centavosVF?2
Egypt75435 1973El Cairo10 milliemesVF?2
Estonia344522 2006Stuttgart10 sentiUNC?4
Finland7665 1990M - Helsinki10 penniäVF?11
Finland7665 1991M - Helsinki10 penniäVF?7
Finland7665 1992M - Helsinki10 penniäVF?1
Finland7665 1993M - Helsinki10 penniäVF?1
Finland7665 1995M - Helsinki10 penniäVF?1
France3069885 a11957Sin ceca1 francF?1
France3638888 b11947Sin ceca5 francsVF?1
France3638888 b11949Sin ceca5 francsVF?1
France413902.1 1942Sin ceca1 francVF?2
France413902.1 1943Sin ceca1 francVF?1
France3070904.1 1943Sin ceca2 francsF?1
France8567915.2 1951B-Beaumont10 francsVF?1
France8567915.2 1952B-Beaumont10 francsVF?1
France5316917.1 1952Sin ceca20 francsVF?3
France416925.1 1960París1 francVF?17
France416925.1 1961Paris1 francVF?3
France416925.1 1964París1 francVF?2
France416925.1 1968París1 francVF?1
France416925.1 1969París1 francVF?3
France416925.1 1972París1 francVF?2
France416925.1 1973París1 francVF?2
France416925.1 1974París1 francVF?3
France416925.1 1975París1 francVF?1
France416925.1 1976París1 francVF?2
France416925.1 1977París1 francVF?3
France416925.1 1978París1 francVF?1
France416925.1 1991París1 francVF?1
France3637926 a.11971París5 francsVF?10
France3637926 a.11972París5 francsVF?1
France408929 1963París10 centimesVF?3
France408929 1964París10 centimesVF?1
France408929 1967París10 centimesVF?4
France408929 1968París10 centimesVF?3
France408929 1969París10 centimesVF?3
France408929 1974París10 centimesVF?1
France408929 1977París10 centimesVF?1
France408929 1978París10 centimesVF?1
France408929 1981París10 centimesVF?1
France408929 1983París10 centimesVF?1
France408929 1985París10 centimesVF?1
France408929 1987París10 centimesVF?2
France408929 1990París10 centimesVF?2
France408929 1991París10 centimesVF?2
France408929 1993París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1997París10 centimesVF?3
France410930 1962Paris20 centimesVF?1
France410930 1963Paris20 centimesVF?2
France410930 1964Paris20 centimesVF?3
France410930 1965Paris20 centimesVF?1
France410930 1967Paris20 centimesVF?3
France410930 1968Paris20 centimesVF?1
France410930 1969Paris20 centimesVF?1
France410930 1974Paris20 centimesVF?2
France410930 1976Paris20 centimesVF?1
France410930 1977Paris20 centimesVF?3
France410930 1978Paris20 centimesVF?2
France410930 1981Paris20 centimesVF?2
France410930 1982Paris20 centimesVF?3
France410930 1983Paris20 centimesVF?2
France410930 1992Paris20 centimesVF?1
France410930 1996Paris20 centimesVF?1
France411931.1 1965París1/2 francVF?3
France411931.1 1966París1/2 francVF?3
France411931.1 1973París1/2 francVF?1
France411931.1 1976París1/2 francVF?1
France411931.1 1977París1/2 francVF?2
France411931.1 1978París1/2 francVF?1
France407933 1966París5 centimesVF?3
France407933 1978París5 centimesVF?1
France407933 1979París5 centimesVF?1
France407933 1986París5 centimesVF?3
France407933 1987París5 centimesVF?4
France407933 1994París5 centimesXF?31
France407933 1995París5 centimesXF?12
France422940 1975París10 francsVF?6
France422940 1976París10 francsVF?3
France422940 1977París10 francsVF?5
France422940 1978París10 francsVF?8
France422940 1979París10 francsVF?7
France422940 1980París10 francsVF?4
France422940 1984París10 francsVF?1
France419942.1 1979París2 francsVF?2
France419942.1 1980París2 francsVF?5
France419942.1 1982París2 francsVF?3
France17189964.1 1988París10 francsVF?2
France17189964.1 1989París10 francsVF?6
France17189964.1 1990París10 francsVF?10
France17189964.1 1991París10 francsVF?4
France17189964.1 1992París10 francsVF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic815812.2 1982A-Berlín50 pfennigUNC?2
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1950DD-Munich1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1950FF-Stuttgart1 pfennigVF?4
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1950GG-Karlsruhe1 pfennigVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1986FF-Stuttgart1 pfennigVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1950F-Stuttgart5 pfennigVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1950J-Hamburgo5 pfennigVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1950FF-Stuttgart10 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1950JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigVF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.134213 2005JJ-Hamburgo1 euroVF?1
Greece454116 1976Atenas1 drachmaVF?1
Greece461120 1976Atenas20 drachmaiVF?2
Greece3194133 1982Atenas20 drachmaiVF?1
Greece462154 1992Atenas20 drachmaiVF?1
Guyana355331 1979Llantrisant1 centUNC?10
Hong Kong319866 1998Llantrisant10 centsVF?1
Hungary470591 1970Budapest2 forintVF?1
Hungary470591 1989Budapest2 forintVF?2
Hungary99695 1993Budapest10 forintVF?2
Hungary99695 1994Budapest10 forintVF?2
Hungary100696 1994Budapest20 forintVF?1
Iceland474123 1978Llantrisant1 coronaVF?1
Iceland346327 a2011Llantrisant1 coronaVF?1
Indonesia48835 197150 rupiahVF?2
Indonesia48942 1978100 rupiahVF?1
Indonesia698570 20101.000 rupiahVF?1
Iraq3838125 a1975Llantrisant5 filsVF?4
Iraq7455127 1981Llantrisant25 filsVF?1
Ireland297128 1993Dublín5 penceVF?1
Israel6706106 1980Winnipeg1 nuevo agoraXF?19
Israel6219107 1980Winnipeg5 new agorotVF?1
Israel701108 1980Winnipeg10 new agorotVF?2
Israel3156158 1986Jerusalén10 agorotVF?3
Italy49092 1953Roma5 lireVF?1
Italy49092 1954Roma5 lireVF?3
Italy49193 1951Roma10 lireVF?2
Italy49193 1952Roma10 lireVF?3
Italy49193 1953Roma10 lireVF?2
Italy49193 1954Roma10 lireVF?1
Italy49193 1955Roma10 lireVG?8
Italy49193 1955Roma10 lireF?1
Italy49193 1973Roma10 lireVF?1
Italy307395.1 1977Roma50 lireVF?1
Italy307395.1 1978Roma50 lireVF?1
Italy307395.1 1981Roma50 lireVF?1
Italy307596.1 1956Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy307596.1 1957Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy307596.1 1976Roma100 lireVF?2
Italy307596.1 1977Roma100 lireVF?6
Italy307596.1 1978Roma100 lireVF?4
Italy307596.1 1979Roma100 lireVF?5
Italy307596.1 1980Roma100 lireVF?2
Italy307596.1 1981Roma100 lireVF?1
Italy599297.1 1958Roma20 lireF?2
Italy495105 1978Roma200 lireVF?5
Italy495105 1979Roma200 lireVF?4
Italy495105 1980Roma200 lireVF?1
Italy495105 1995Roma200 lireVF?1
Italy6130107 1980Roma200 lire (FAO-Año Internacional de la Mujer)VF?1
Italy3076111 1984Roma500 lireVF?2
Italy496164 1994Roma200 lire (180 Aniversario de la Fundación de los Carabinieri)VF?2
Italy3465184 1996Roma200 lire (100 Aniversario de la Academia de la Guardia de Finanzas)VF?1
Japan275173 a1988Osaka10 yenesVF?1
Japan275274 1964Osaka1 yenVF?5
Japan451395.1 1989Osaka1 yen (Heisei)VF?1
Japan349296.2 2004Osaka5 yenesXF?6
Latvia379515 1992Múnich1 santimsXF?1
Lithuania66085 1991Vilna1 centasVF?20
Luxembourg303945.1 a1970Bruselas25 centimesVF?6
Macao281170 199310 avosUNC?8
Malaysia349551 1998Shah Alam10 senG?1
Malta50593 1995Llantrisant1 centVF?1
Mexico1127546 1992Mº-Ciudad de México5 centavosUNC?11
Mexico506547 1992Mº-Ciudad de México10 centavosUNC?19
Mexico511603 2013Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoVF?1
Mexico511603 2017Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoVF?1
Moldova38081 1993Bucarest1 banXF?28
Moldova38081 1995Bucarest1 banXF?8
Morocco352860 1974París10 santimat (FAO)F?1
Morocco5761 1974París20 santimatVF?1
Morocco1070762 1974Llantrisant50 santimatVF?4
Morocco10563 1974París1 dirhamVF?1
Morocco10563 1974París1 dirhamG?1
Morocco10688 Y1987París1 dirhamVF?2
Morocco5868117 Y2002París1 dirhamF?1
Morocco4064118 Y2002París2 dirhamsF?1
Netherlands 464180 1951Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 464180 1952Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 464180 1955Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 464180 1957Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 464180 1960Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 464180 1962Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 464180 1965Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?2
Netherlands 464180 1966Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 464180 1970Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 464180 1971Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 464180 1980Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 465181 1980Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)VF?2
Netherlands 3168182 1965Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 3168182 1970Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 3168182 1975Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 3168182 1978Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 3168182 1980Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)VF?1
Netherlands 467183 1950Utrecht25 centsVF?1
Netherlands 467183 1971Utrecht25 centsVF?1
Netherlands 467183 1972Utrecht25 centsVF?1
Netherlands 467183 1973Utrecht25 centsVF?2
Netherlands 467183 1980Utrecht25 centsVF?7
Netherlands 1816184 a1968Utrecht1 guldenVF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1972Utrecht1 guldenVF?3
Netherlands 3469202 1984Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)VG?1
Netherlands 4854210 1988Utrecht5 guldenVF?1
Norway12382462 1997Kongsberg1 krone (Harald V)VF?1
Peru5119296 1988Lima1 intiXF?1
Poland602339 1949Varsovia1 groszXF?5
Poland877580.3 1990Varsovia2 zloteUNC?10
Poland898281.3 1990Varsovia5 zlotychUNC?2
Poland621276 1992Varsovia1 groszVF?10
Poland621276 1993Varsovia1 groszUNC?22
Poland621276 2011Varsovia1 groszVG?1
Poland3296277 1992Varsovia2 groszeXF?26
Poland3296277 2002Varsovia2 groszeVF?2
Poland3296277 2005Varsovia2 groszeVG?1
Poland3605278 1992Varsovia5 groszyUNC?4
Poland3172281 1992Varsovia50 groszyVF?2
Portugal526577 1959Lisboa50 centavosVF?1
Portugal519590 1974Lisboa2,50 escudosVF?1
Portugal519590 1979Lisboa2,50 escudosVF?2
Portugal519590 1982Lisboa2,50 escudosVF?1
Portugal519590 1983Lisboa2,50 escudosVF?2
Portugal519590 1984Lisboa2,50 escudosVF?2
Portugal519590 1985Lisboa2,50 escudosVF?2
Portugal520591 1977Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1979Lisboa5 escudosVF?1
Portugal4237607 1977Lisboa25 escudosF?1
Portugal521632 1987Lisboa5 escudosVF?1
Portugal522633 1987Lisboa10 escudosVF?1
Portugal3213634.1 1986Lisboa20 escudosVF?1
Portugal3213634.1 1988Lisboa20 escudosVF?3
Portugal3212636 1988Lisboa50 escudosVF?2
Romania62995 1966Bucarest1 leuVF?1
Romania632190 2008Bucarest5 baniVF?1
Romania847191 2007Bucarest10 baniVF?1
Romania847191 2009Bucarest10 baniVF?1
Romania847191 2014Bucarest10 baniVF?1
Romania848192 2006Bucarest50 baniF?1
Russia5353313 1992CПMД-San Petersburgo10 rublosVF?2
Russia1782602 a2007MMД-Moscú10 kopeksVF?2
Russia1782602 a2008MMД-Moscú10 kopeksVF?1
Russia1782602 a2009MMД-Moscú10 kopeksVF?1
Russia1782602 a2010MMД-Moscú10 kopeksUNC?13
Russia1782602 a2012MMД-Moscú10 kopeksVF?3
Russia6924603 a2008MMД-Moscú50 kopeksVF?1
Russia6924603 a2010MMД-Moscú50 kopeksVF?1
Russia6924603 a2011MMД-Moscú50 kopeksVF?1
Russia3308604 1997MMД-Moscú1 rubloVF?1
Russia3310605 1997CПMД-San Petersburgo2 rublosVF?1
Russia3309833 2007MMД-Moscú1 rubloVF?1
Russia3309833 2008MMД-Moscú1 rubloVF?2
Russia10207833 a2009MMД-Moscú1 rubloVF?3
Russia10207833 a2012MMД-Moscú1 rubloVF?3
Russia10207833 a2013MMД-Moscú1 rubloVF?3
Russia10207833 a2014MMД-Moscú1 rubloVF?4
Russia10207833 a2015MMД-Moscú1 rubloVF?1
Russia8024834 a2009MMД-Moscú2 rublosVF?2
Russia8024834 a2013MMД-Moscú2 rublosVF?1
Russia5546998 2012MMД-Moscú10 rublosVF?2
Sierra Leone331216 19641/2 centVF?31
Singapore296951 1986Singapur10 centsVF?1
Singapore296898 1994Singapur1 centVF?10
Singapore341499 2009Singapur5 centsUNC?3
Slovenia34423 199350 stotinovUNC?1
Slovenia34407 199310 stotinovUNC?54
Slovenia34418 199220 stotinovUNC?7
Slovenia34418 199320 stotinovUNC?26
Spain924661 1870Barcelona2 céntimos (Gobierno Provisional)PR?1
Spain925662 1870Barcelona5 céntimos (Gobierno Provisional)PR?1
Spain926663 1870Barcelona10 céntimos (Gobierno Provisional)PR?1
Spain1034675 1877Barcelona10 céntimos (Alfonso XII)PR?2
Spain1034675 1878Barcelona10 céntimos (Alfonso XII)PR?2
Spain982753 1937Viena25 céntimos (2º Año Triunfal)VF?3
Spain868755 1937Madrid1 peseta (II República)VF?1
Spain5766 1945Madrid10 céntimosF?2
Spain1826767 1944Madrid1 pesetaF?2
Spain1843775 1947*48Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)F?2
Spain1843775 1947*53Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)F?1
Spain1843775 1947*54Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)F?1
Spain1843775 1953*54Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)VF?1
Spain1843775 1953*61Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)VF?1
Spain1843775 1953*62Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)VF?1
Spain1843775 1953*63Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)F?1
Spain1843775 1963*63Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)F?1
Spain1843775 1963*65Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)VF?2
Spain984777 1949*52Madrid50 céntimos (Francisco Franco)VF?1
Spain984777 1949*54Madrid50 céntimos (Francisco Franco)VF?1
Spain984777 1949*56Madrid50 céntimos (Francisco Franco)VF?2
Spain984777 1949*62Madrid50 céntimos (Francisco Franco)VF?4
Spain984777 1963*64Madrid50 céntimos (Francisco Franco)VF?2
Spain986785 1953*54Madrid2,50 pesetasVF?1
Spain1838786 1957*74Madrid5 pesetasF?1
Spain1838786 1957*75Madrid5 pesetasF?1
Spain1839787 1957*65Madrid25 pesetasVF?2
Spain1839787 1957*68Madrid25 pesetasVG?1
Spain6790 1959Madrid10 céntimosVF?2
Spain985795 1966*71Madrid50 céntimosVF?2
Spain985795 1966*73Madrid50 céntimosVF?3
Spain1844796 1966*67Madrid1 pesetaF?2
Spain1844796 1966*68Madrid1 pesetaVG?1
Spain1844796 1966*69Madrid1 pesetaF?2
Spain1844796 1966*70Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1844796 1966*72Madrid1 pesetaVF?2
Spain1844796 1966*73Madrid1 pesetaF?2
Spain1844796 1966*74Madrid1 pesetaVF?1
Spain114806 1975*76Madrid1 pesetaVF?2
Spain114806 1975*77Madrid1 pesetaVF?2
Spain114806 1975*78Madrid1 pesetaVF?3
Spain114806 1975*79Madrid1 pesetaVF?1
Spain114806 1975*80Madrid1 pesetaVF?2
Spain1845807 1975*78Madrid5 pesetasVF?1
Spain1845807 1975*80Madrid5 pesetasF?1
Spain1846808 1975*77Madrid25 pesetasVF?1
Spain1846808 1975*80Madrid25 pesetasVF?1
Spain1847809 1975*76Madrid50 pesetasVF?1
Spain928815 1980*80Madrid50 céntimos (España 82)VF?1
Spain929816 1980*81Madrid1 peseta (España 82)VF?3
Spain1848817 1980*80Madrid5 pesetas (España 82)VF?1
Spain1848817 1980*81Madrid5 pesetas (España 82)VF?1
Spain1848817 1980*82Madrid5 pesetas (España 82)VF?2
Spain959820 1980*80Madrid100 pesetas (España 82)VF?1
Spain1851821 1985Madrid1 pesetaVF?3
Spain1851821 1986Madrid1 pesetaVF?3
Spain1851821 1987Madrid1 pesetaVF?1
Spain930822 1984Madrid2 pesetasVF?1
Spain1857824 1983Madrid25 pesetasVF?2
Spain4581831 1988Madrid500 pesetas (Juan Carlos I y Sofia)VF?1
Spain1859832 1992Madrid1 pesetaVF?1
Spain1859832 1995Madrid1 pesetaVF?2
Spain1859832 1999Madrid1 pesetaVF?1
Spain2887833 1989Madrid5 pesetasVF?2
Spain2887833 1990Madrid5 pesetasVF?3
Spain2887833 2000Madrid5 pesetasVF?1
Spain3419851 1990Madrid25 pesetas (Barcelona 92-Salto de Altura)VF?1
Spain9361008 1999Madrid5 pesetas (Murcia)VF?3
Sweden5153826 a1973Suecia1 krona (Gustaf VI)VF?1
Sweden599835 1968U-Estocolmo10 öre (Gustaf VI)VF?1
Sweden599835 1973U-Eskilstuna10 öre (Gustaf VI)VF?3
Sweden604836 1970U-Estocolmo25 öre (Gustaf VI)VF?1
Thailand6261110 1977Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand651183 1987Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand3477187 1990Pathum Thani25 satangVF?3
Thailand15043343 1996Pathum Thani5 satang (50 Aniversario de la Ascensión al Trono del Rey Rama IX)UNC?4
Thailand10052345 1996Pathum Thani25 satang (50 Aniversario de la Ascensión al Trono del Rey Rama IX)UNC?5
Thailand5536441 2016Pathum Thani25 satangUNC?10
Thailand3472443 2015Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand5064445 2016Pathum Thani2 bahtUNC?2
Thailand172812018.06 sk2018Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Tunisia2416282 1983Kremnica5 millimesVF?1
Tunisia2421307.1 196020 millimes (No magnética)G?1
Tunisia2423309 1960100 millimesVF?1
Tunisia2423309 1997100 millimesVG?1
Turkey569989 1989Estambul500 lirasF?1
Turkey568997 1991Estambul1.000 lirasF?1
Turkey1091169 2005Estambul1 new liraVF?5
Turkey57691241 2009Estambul10 kuruşVF?2
Turkey57691241 2015Estambul10 kuruşVF?2
Turkey57701242 2009Estambul25 kuruşVF?1
United Kingdom1810897 1967Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom437903 1961Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom437903 1962Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom434911 1969Llantrisant5 new pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom438912 1976Llantrisant10 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom424914 1971Llantrisant1/2 new penny (Elizabeth II)VF?5
United Kingdom424914 1973Llantrisant1/2 new penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom424914 1974Llantrisant1/2 new penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom424914 1975Llantrisant1/2 new penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom424914 1976Llantrisant1/2 new penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom425915 1971Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)VF?10
United Kingdom425915 1975Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom425915 1979Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom430916 1971Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)VF?7
United Kingdom441931 1982Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom427935 1986Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)G?1
United Kingdom427935 1988Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom427935 1990Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?3
United Kingdom3567935 a1996Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?3
United Kingdom3567935 a1997Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom431936 1989Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom3568936 a1994Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1990Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1991Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1992Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom5371938 b1992Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?5
United Kingdom5371938 b1997Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom442939 1987Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom442939 1993Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom429986 1999Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom429986 2000Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom429986 2001Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VF?2
United Kingdom429986 2005Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)VG?2
United Kingdom433987 1999Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom433987 2000Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?4
United Kingdom433987 2001Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 1999Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom443990 2003Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)VF?1
United Kingdom53691107 2015Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II - escudo - 1/6)VF?2
United Kingdom83811110 d2013Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 4/6)XF?1
United States4409164 a1965Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)VF?1
United States4409164 a1967Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)VF?1
United States4409164 a1974Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)VF?1
United States1732195 a1986PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?1
United States1732195 a1987PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?1
United States1732195 a1996PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?1
United States1732195 a2000PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?1
United States1732195 a2003PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?1
United States399201 1962Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1963DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States399201 1964DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1965Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1966Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1967Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1969Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1970DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)G?1
United States399201 1970DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States399201 1972Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1974Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States399201 1975Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?6
United States399201 1976Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1976DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1977Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?3
United States399201 1977DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1978Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1979Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1979DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1980Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?7
United States399201 1980DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1981Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1981DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States399201 1982Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States3574201 b1983Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?10
United States3574201 b1983DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b1984Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?6
United States3574201 b1984DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?5
United States3574201 b1985Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?6
United States3574201 b1986Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?4
United States3574201 b1986DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?5
United States3574201 b1987Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1987DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?5
United States3574201 b1988Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b1988DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States3574201 b1989Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?3
United States3574201 b1989DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?4
United States3574201 b1990Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VG?6
United States3574201 b1990DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States3574201 b1991Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?3
United States3574201 b1991DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?3
United States3574201 b1992Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States3574201 b1992DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b1993Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?6
United States3574201 b1993DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)G?1
United States3574201 b1993DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?5
United States3574201 b1994Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?8
United States3574201 b1994DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?2
United States3574201 b1995Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?4
United States3574201 b1995DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?4
United States3574201 b1996Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b1996DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?3
United States3574201 b1997Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?5
United States3574201 b1997DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b1998Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?4
United States3574201 b1998DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States3574201 b1999Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States3574201 b1999DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b2000Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b2000DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?3
United States3574201 b2002DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b2003Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b2003DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b2004Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b2005DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States3574201 b2006Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?3
United States3574201 b2006DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States3574201 b2007Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States3574201 b2007DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?2
United States5848468 2012Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)VF?1
United States5848468 2015D-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)VF?1
URSS7197126 a19891 kopekVF?1
URSS7197126 a19901 kopekVF?7
URSS7197126 a1991CПMД-San Petersburgo1 kopekVF?7
URSS7201128 a19613 kopeksVF?1
URSS7202129 a19615 kopeksVF?1
URSS7205131 1961CПMД-San Petersburgo15 kopeksVF?2
URSS7205131 1989CПMД-San Petersburgo15 kopeksVF?1
URSS7206132 1961CПMД-San Petersburgo20 kopeksVF?4
URSS7206132 1991CПMД-San Petersburgo20 kopeksVF?5
Venezuela53842 y1967Londres1 bolívarVF?2
Venezuela122450 a1989Schwerte25 céntimosUNC?3
Venezuela123352.1 a1989Werdohl1 bolívarVF?2
Venezuela123452.2 a1989Schwerte1 bolívarVF?3
Venezuela123452.2 a1990México1 bolívarUNC?5
Yugoslavia888029 1953Belgrado50 paraUNC?7
Yugoslavia56444 1965Belgrado10 paraVF?1
Yugoslavia56345 1977Belgrado20 paraVF?1
Yugoslavia52947 1965Belgrado1 dinarVF?3
Yugoslavia53059 1978Belgrado1 dinarVF?1
Remember: The price shown is the one considered by the collector. The color shown for the collector's valuation of the coins is only indicative, they are shown in red when the value exceeds the value of our database, and in green if it is below. If it has no color we have no data to contrast it. Remember that the value of Foronum is not binding and is generated by an algorithm based on user collections.