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Argentina151060 1964Buenos Aires10 pesosF1,10€1
Argentina151162 1966Buenos Aires10 pesos (150 Aniversario de la Declaración de la Independencia)F1,50€1
Argentina154569 1975Santiago de Chile1 pesoXF1,75€1
Argentina101989 1983Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?1
Argentina100596.1 1986Buenos Aires1 centavoVF0,85€1
Argentina100998 1985Buenos Aires10 centavosF0,45€1
Argentina1016105 1990Buenos Aires1.000 australesVG?1
Argentina41107 1992Buenos Aires10 centavosF0,25€1
Argentina41107 1993México10 centavosVG?1
Argentina3575107 a2006Buenos Aires10 centavosF0,25€1
Brazil5931562 1949Rio de Janeiro20 centavos (Ruy Barbosa)VG?1
Brazil3086580 b1977Rio de Janeiro50 centavosF0,75€1
Brazil321633 1995Río de Janeiro10 centavosXF?2
Brazil325635 1994Río de Janeiro50 centavosXF0,70€1
Brazil322649.2 2001Río de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)XF?1
Brazil6095649.3 2007Rio de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)XF0,25€1
Canada33759.1 1973Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Chile344228.2 1998Santiago10 pesosVF0,45€1
Colombia5627296 2012Ibagué100 pesosVF1,00€1
Cuba732733.1 1963Kremnica1 centavoVF?1
Cuba3011105 1987La Habana1 pesoG?1
Cuba901577.2 2006Ottawa25 centavos (Peso Convertible)XF0,75€1
Mexico506547 2004Mº-Ciudad de México10 centavosXF0,25€1
Mexico511603 2001Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoVF0,25€1
Mexico511603 2007Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoVF2,25€2
Mexico511603 2016Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF1,50€1
Peru8063305.3 2000Lima10 céntimosXF0,75€1
Peru531308.1 1994Lima1 nuevo solVF3,10€1
United States4409164 a1973Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)XF?1
United States4409164 a1974Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)XF?1
United States8026192 A1964Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)VF2,25€1
United States8026192 A1972Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)VF0,55€1
United States8026192 A1974Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F0,75€1
United States1732195 a1980PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)XF1,25€1
United States1732195 a2007PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)XF0,80€1
United States399201 1964Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F0,25€1
United States399201 1969Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VG0,37€1
United States399201 1971Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF?1
United States399201 1973Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VG?1
United States399201 1978DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF0,50€1
United States19155201 a1982Sin Ceca-Filadelfia1 Cent (Lincoln Memorial)XF0,55€1
United States3574201 b1984Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1984DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VG?1
United States3574201 b1986DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF0,35€1
United States3574201 b1990Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF0,45€1
United States3574201 b1994DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VG?1
United States3574201 b2002DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VF0,25€1
United States5848468 2014S-San Francisco1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)VG?1
Venezuela120140 y1965Londres25 céntimosVF?1
Venezuela53952 1977Llantrisant1 bolívarXF0,75€1
Remember: The price shown is the one considered by the collector. The color shown for the collector's valuation of the coins is only indicative, they are shown in red when the value exceeds the value of our database, and in green if it is below. If it has no color we have no data to contrast it. Remember that the value of Foronum is not binding and is generated by an algorithm based on user collections.