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Brazil3089652 a2011Rio de Janeiro1 realG0,29€1
Egypt2160942.1 2005El Cairo50 piastresG0,50€1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1972FF-Stuttgart10 pfennigG1,37€1
Hong Kong320064 1998Llantrisant2 dollarsVG0,73€1
Hungary3164721 1998Budapest100 forintVG0,76€1
Indonesia1550673 2016500 rupiah (T. B. Simatupang)VG0,58€1
Italy49092 1952Roma5 lireVG0,13€1
Italy307395.1 1974Roma50 lireF0,34€1
Italy307596.1 1961Roma100 lireF0,05€1
Italy341597.2 1980Roma20 lireG0,11€1
Italy495105 1978Roma200 lireG0,23€1
Italy5520106 1979Roma100 lire (FAO-Nutrir al Mundo)VG1,00€1
Italy1593108 1981Roma100 lire (Centenario de la Academia Naval de Livorno)VF1,12€1
Italy3076111 1982Roma500 lireVG0,72€1
Italy5523155 1993Roma200 lire (70 Aniversario de la Aviación Militar)G0,84€1
Italy494159 1997Roma100 lireF0,28€1
Japan270572 a1975Osaka5 yenes (Hirohito-Showa)G0,14€1
Morocco10563 1974París1 dirhamPR0,50€1
Morocco629482 Y1987París5 dirhamsG1,00€1
Morocco5985 Y1987París20 santimat (FAO)PR?1
Russia158031722 2018MMД-Moscú10 rublosG0,19€1
Singapore12181314 2016Ottawa1 dollarVG1,00€1
Spain986785 1953*56Madrid2,50 pesetasG1,76€1
Spain1839787 1957*69Madrid25 pesetasF2,73€1
Spain1840788 1957*58Madrid50 pesetasVG27,73€1
Spain1844796 1966*70Madrid1 pesetaVG6,37€1
Spain1844796 1966*74Madrid1 pesetaG12,50€1
Spain1841797 1966*66Madrid100 pesetasF38,77€1
Spain114806 1975*78Santiago de Chile1 pesetaG0,10€1
Spain1849818 1980*80Madrid25 pesetas (España 82)VF22,88€2
Spain1849818 1980*82Madrid25 pesetas (España 82)F2,93€1
Spain1850819 1980*80Madrid50 pesetas (España 82)VF11,14€1
Spain959820 1980*80Madrid100 pesetas (España 82)XF24,03€3
Spain1857824 1982Madrid25 pesetasVG4,50€1
Spain1858825 1982Madrid50 pesetasVF4,73€1
Spain3295826 1984 rMadrid100 pesetasVG6,79€1
Spain4581831 1988Madrid500 pesetas (Juan Carlos I y Sofia)G3,00€1
Spain4581831 1989Madrid500 pesetas (Juan Carlos I y Sofia)G6,40€1
Spain1859832 1991Madrid1 pesetaF0,80€1
Spain1859832 1992Madrid1 pesetaVF0,97€1
Spain1859832 1995Madrid1 pesetaVF0,53€1
Spain1859832 1997Madrid1 pesetaF0,64€1
Spain1859832 2001Madrid1 pesetaVF0,90€1
Spain2887833 2001Madrid5 pesetasVF1,74€1
Spain3419851 1991Madrid25 pesetas (Barcelona 92-Salto de Altura)VG5,33€1
Spain3421853 1990Madrid50 pesetas (Sevilla Expo 92)VF12,29€1
Spain952906 1992Madrid50 pesetas (Barcelona 92)VF8,05€1
Spain951907 1992Madrid50 pesetas (Barcelona 92)VF4,65€1
Spain937918 1993Madrid10 pesetas (Joan Miró)VF1,92€1
Spain931919 1993Madrid5 pesetas (Jacobeo)VG1,26€1
Spain954934 1994Madrid50 pesetas (Cantabria)XF2,50€1
Spain933946 1995Madrid5 pesetas (Asturias)VG0,90€1
Spain934960 1996Madrid5 pesetas (La Rioja)VG3,79€2
Spain935981 1997Madrid5 pesetas (Islas Baleares)VG15,58€1
Spain973986 1997Madrid200 pesetas (Jacinto Benavente)VG3,11€1
Spain3688991 2000Madrid50 pesetas (Juan Carlos I)UNC2,21€1
Spain9361008 1999Madrid5 pesetas (Murcia)VG4,07€2
Spain34161012 2000Madrid10 pesetasUNC1,19€1
Spain28891013 2001Madrid25 pesetas (Juan Carlos I)VF5,63€1
Spain34221016 2001AMadrid100 pesetas (Última Emisión de la Peseta)XF8,05€1
Thailand651183 2006Pathum Thani1 bahtVG0,20€1
Thailand4522227 2004Pathum Thani10 bahtVG0,30€1
Turkey57691241 2009Estambul10 kuruşG0,20€1
United Kingdom3569937 b1990Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)VG0,38€1
United Kingdom5371938 b1992Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)G0,14€1
United Kingdom5362964 1993Llantrisant1 pound (Escudo Real de Armas)PR1,07€1
United Kingdom429986 2002Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)G0,05€1
United Kingdom66181005 2000Llantrisant1 pound (El Dragón de Gales)G1,37€1
United Kingdom49251111 2014Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 5/6)VG0,27€2
United Kingdom68861112 2008Llantrisant50 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 6/6)VG0,50€1
United Kingdom155101378 2016Llantrisant1 pound (Flores de las Naciones de la Corona)G1,05€1
United Kingdom155101378 2017Llantrisant1 pound (Flores de las Naciones de la Corona)G1,05€2
United States8026192 A1983PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)PR0,05€1
United States675318 2001PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (50 Estados de los EEUU - New York)VG0,85€1
Uruguay5010104.1 1994Buenos Aires2 pesosG0,39€1
Uruguay5013121 2000Ottawa10 pesos (150 Aniversario de la Muerte de José Artigas)VG1,08€1
Venezuela120893 2007Caracas1 bolívarVG0,93€1
Remember: The price shown is the one considered by the collector. The color shown for the collector's valuation of the coins is only indicative, they are shown in red when the value exceeds the value of our database, and in green if it is below. If it has no color we have no data to contrast it. Remember that the value of Foronum is not binding and is generated by an algorithm based on user collections.