Select a coin collection from the collection list and all the coins available to the collector to swap will be displayed.

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Argentina150133 1885Buenos Aires2 centavosG40,00€1
Argentina153034 1928Buenos Aires5 centavosG5,00€1
Argentina152835 1898Buenos Aires10 centavosG47,00€1
Argentina152336 1898Buenos Aires20 centavosG50,00€1
Argentina88437 1939Buenos Aires1 centavoVG6,00€1
Argentina153737 a1948Buenos Aires1 centavoG3,00€1
Argentina153838 1939Buenos Aires2 centavosG25,00€1
Argentina153838 1941Buenos Aires2 centavosG19,50€1
Argentina153140 1944Buenos Aires5 centavosG6,00€1
Argentina153140 1945Buenos Aires5 centavosG3,00€2
Argentina152741 1942Buenos Aires10 centavosG5,00€1
Argentina152242 1944Buenos Aires20 centavosG50,00€1
Remember: The price shown is the one considered by the collector. The color shown for the collector's valuation of the coins is only indicative, they are shown in red when the value exceeds the value of our database, and in green if it is below. If it has no color we have no data to contrast it. Remember that the value of Foronum is not binding and is generated by an algorithm based on user collections.