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Argentina153140 1948Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?1
Argentina153140 1949Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?1
Argentina152242 1949Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?1
Argentina152048 a1953Buenos Aires20 centavosVG?1
Argentina150959 1961Buenos Aires5 pesosVG?1
Argentina31266 1971Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?1
Argentina154468 1970Buenos Aires50 centavosVG?1
Argentina154569 1975Santiago de Chile1 pesoVG?1
Argentina154872 1978Buenos Aires10 pesosVG?1
Argentina41107 1992Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?1
Argentina41107 1993México10 centavosVG?1
Argentina41107 2004Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?1
Argentina41107 2005Buenos Aires10 centavosVG?1
Argentina991109 1992Santiago de Chile5 centavosVG?1
Argentina991109 2004Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?1
Argentina991109 2005Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?1
Argentina8248109.1 a1993Birmingham5 centavosVG?1
Argentina8249109.2 a1994Sudáfrica5 centavosVG?1
Argentina8249109.2 a1995Sudáfrica5 centavosVG?1
Argentina1560110 a1994Sudáfrica25 centavosVG?1
Argentina1560110 a1996Sudáfrica25 centavosF?1
Argentina994110.2 1993Sudáfrica25 centavosVG?1
Argentina995111.1 1992Santiago de Chile50 centavosF?1
Argentina1564112.1 1994A-Daejeon1 pesoF?1
Argentina1565112.2 1995C-París1 pesoF?1
Armenia260451 1994Varsovia10 lumaUNC?1
Armenia260552 1994Varsovia20 lumaUNC?1
Armenia260653 1994Varsovia50 lumaUNC?1
Australia63662 1984Melbourne1 cent (Elizabeth II)UNC?1
Australia31663 19802 cents (Elizabeth II)UNC?1
Australia3598401 1999Canberra5 cents (Elizabeth II)UNC?1
Austria3202886 1987Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1989Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1990Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1991Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1992Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 2000Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria36572889 a1972Viena5 schillingF?1
Austria36572889 a1989Viena5 schillingF?1
Austria36582918 1991Viena10 schillingF?1
Azerbaijan20262 1992Baku10 qəpikUNC?1
Azerbaijan19973 a1992Baku20 qəpikUNC?1
Azerbaijan19994 a1992Baku50 qəpikUNC?1
Belgium313159 1980Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium313159 1981Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium313159 1982Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium313159 1993Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium589163 1986Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium589163 1993Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)VG?1
Belgium591169 1990Bruselas50 francs (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium587171 1989Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VF?1
Belgium1768187 1995Bruselas1 franc (Alberto II - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium1768187 1996Bruselas1 franc (Alberto II - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium1768187 1997Bruselas1 franc (Alberto II - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium1762188 1994Bruselas1 franc (Alberto II - België)VF?1
Belgium1762188 1998Bruselas1 franc (Alberto II - België)VF?1
Belgium3425190 1994Bruselas5 francs (Alberto II - België)VF?1
Bolivia3152202 1991Madrid10 centavosF?1
Bolivia3152202 1995Sttutgart10 centavosF?1
Bolivia3530203 1987Sttutgart20 centavos VF?1
Bolivia3530203 1997Hamburgo20 centavos F?1
Bolivia3531204 1987Sttutgart50 centavosF?1
Botswana504630 20005 pulaVG?1
Brazil5166623 1992Rio de Janeiro100 cruzeirosUNC?1
Brazil24632 1994Rio de Janeiro5 centavosUNC?1
Brazil321633 1994Río de Janeiro10 centavosUNC?1
Brazil3103648 1998Río de Janeiro5 centavos (Joaquim José Da Silva Xavier - Tiradentes)VG?1
Brazil3103648 2002Río de Janeiro5 centavos (Joaquim José Da Silva Xavier - Tiradentes)VG?1
Cambodia213092 1994Pessac50 rielsUNC?1
Cambodia213193 1994Pessac100 rielsUNC?1
Cambodia213294 1994Pessac200 rielsUNC?1
Cambodia213395 1994Pessac500 rielsUNC?1
Canada33377.2 1980Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)UNC?1
Canada2976132 1986Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada335182 1999Ottawa5 cents (Elizabeth II)UNC?1
Canada3541183 1999Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)UNC?1
Canada328270 1997Ottawa2 dollarsVF?1
Canada3121289 1999Ottawa1 centUNC?1
Chile354195 1971Santiago20 centésimosVG?1
Chile3025216.1 1984Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile348216.2 1991Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile3126218.1 1987Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile343219.2 1997Santiago50 pesosVG?1
Chile343219.2 1998Santiago50 pesosVG?1
Chile4540226.1 1981Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile4540226.1 1984Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile4540226.1 1986Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile3137226.2 1989Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile3137226.2 1992Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile3137226.2 1993Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile3137226.2 1994Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile3137226.2 1995Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile3137226.2 1996Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile3137226.2 1997Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile3137226.2 1998Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile3137226.2 1999Santiago100 pesosVG?1
Chile344228.2 1992Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile344228.2 1993Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile344228.2 1994Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile344228.2 1997Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile344228.2 2003Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile344228.2 2004Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile344228.2 2005Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile349231 1992Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile349231 1997Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Chile345232 1992Santiago5 pesosVG?1
Chile345232 1996Santiago5 pesosVG?1
Chile341235 2000Santiago500 pesos (Cardenal Raul Silva Henriquez)F?1
Chile341235 2001Santiago500 pesos (Cardenal Raul Silva Henriquez)F?1
Chile341235 2002Santiago500 pesos (Cardenal Raul Silva Henriquez)F?1
Chile342236 2005Santiago100 pesosVF?1
Colombia3542281.1 1994Ibagué10 pesosVF?1
Costa Rica2708184.2 1969San Francisco5 céntimosF?1
Costa Rica5204185.2 a1982Stuttgart10 céntimosVG?1
Costa Rica5205188.3 1986México25 céntimosVG?1
Costa Rica6469189.3 1978Alemania50 céntimosVG?1
Costa Rica2699210.1 1982Brasilia1 colónF?1
Costa Rica3027210.2 1984Llantrisant1 colónF?1
Costa Rica2709211.2 1984Llantrisant2 colonesF?1
Costa Rica4105214.1 1983Brasil5 colonesF?1
Costa Rica4105214.1 1989Karlsruhe5 colonesF?1
Costa Rica375214.2 1985Brasil5 colonesF?1
Costa Rica3026214.3 1993Brasil5 colonesVG?1
Costa Rica371215.1 1983Karlsruhe10 colonesF?1
Costa Rica371215.1 1992Karlsruhe10 colonesF?1
Costa Rica372215.2 1985Brasil10 colonesF?1
Costa Rica3503216.1 1983Karlsruhe20 colonesF?1
Costa Rica370216.2 1985Brasil20 colonesF?1
Costa Rica3504227 1995Ottawa5 colonesF?1
Costa Rica6829227.1 a1999Bogotá5 colonesVG?1
Costa Rica5717227.2 a20015 colonesVG?1
Costa Rica373228 1995Ottawa10 colonesF?1
Costa Rica6830228 a1997Santiago de Chile10 colonesVG?1
Costa Rica6831228.1 a1999Bogotá10 colonesVG?1
Costa Rica5206229 1995Ottawa25 colonesF?1
Costa Rica5207229 a200125 colonesF?1
Costa Rica368230 1995100 colonesVF?1
Costa Rica6833230 a1997100 colonesVG?1
Costa Rica6833230 a1998100 colonesVG?1
Costa Rica11433230.1 a1999Bogotá100 colonesVG?1
Costa Rica369231 1997Santiago de Chile50 colonesF?1
Costa Rica3544231.1 199950 colonesVG?1
Costa Rica5208236 2000Santiago de Chile500 colones (50 Aniversario del Banco Central) F?1
Cuba521611.2 1920Filadelfia5 centavosF?1
Cuba521522 1935Filadelfia1 pesoXF?1
Cuba521429 1953Filadelfia1 peso (Centenario de José Martí)VF?1
Cuba301331 1962Goznak20 centavosF?1
Cuba301331 1968Goznak20 centavosF?1
Cuba183534 1963Kremnica5 centavosF?1
Cuba183534 1966Kremnica5 centavosF?1
Cuba183534 1968Leningrado5 centavosF?1
Cuba183534 1971Kremnica5 centavosVG?1
Cuba183534 1972Kremnica5 centavosF?1
Cuba183534 2002La Habana5 centavosF?1
Cuba458035.1 1969Kremnica20 centavosF?1
Cuba458035.1 1971Kremnica20 centavosF?1
Cuba458035.1 1972Kremnica20 centavosVG?1
Cuba521364 1981La Habana1 peso (Fauna Cubana-Almiqui)UNC?1
Cuba3390104.2 1984La Habana2 centavosF?1
Cuba3011105 1983La Habana1 pesoF?1
Cuba3011105 1984La Habana1 pesoF?1
Cuba3011105 1985La Habana1 pesoF?1
Cuba3011105 1986La Habana1 pesoF?1
Cuba3011105 1987La Habana1 pesoF?1
Cuba3011105 1988La Habana1 pesoF?1
Cuba3011105 1989La Habana1 pesoF?1
Cuba5212253 1989NDLa Habana1 peso (30 Aniversario de la Revolución)UNC?1
Cuba5211346 1990La Habana3 pesosF?1
Cuba3008346 a1992La Habana3 pesosVF?1
Cuba3008346 a1995La Habana3 pesosVF?1
Cuba3010347 1992La Habana1 peso (José Julián Martí Pérez)F?1
Cuba3010347 1994La Habana1 peso (José Julián Martí Pérez)F?1
Cuba3010347 2001La Habana1 peso (José Julián Martí Pérez)F?1
Cuba3010347 2002La Habana1 peso (José Julián Martí Pérez)VF?1
Cuba5209415.1 1981La Habana10 centavos (Intur)VF?1
Cuba899575.1 1994Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3009575.2 1996Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3009575.2 1998Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3009575.2 1999Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3009575.2 2000Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3009575.2 2003Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba900576.1 1994Ottawa10 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3015576.2 1996Ottawa10 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3015576.2 1999Ottawa10 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3015576.2 2002Ottawa10 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3012577.1 1994Ottawa25 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba901577.2 1998Ottawa25 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba901577.2 2001Ottawa25 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba901577.2 2002Ottawa25 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba5736578.1 1994Ottawa50 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba5737579.2 1998Ottawa1 peso (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba5217614 1996NDLa Habana1 peso (40 Aniversario del desembarco del Granma)UNC?1
Cuba5218618 1997NDLa Habana1 peso (30 Aniversario de la Muerte de Ernesto Che Guevara - Retrato)UNC?1
Czech Republic36262.3 1999Jablonec20 haleruUNC?1
Czech Republic31624 1995Jablonec10 korunF?1
Czech Republic32985 2002Jablonec20 korunF?1
Czech Republic506 1999Jablonec10 haleruUNC?1
Czech Republic506 2003Jablonec10 haleruVF?1
Czech Republic29187 1993l-Canadá1 korunaVF?2
Czech Republic29187 1994b´-Jablonec1 korunaVF?1
Czech Republic29187 2008b´-Jablonec1 korunaVF?1
Czech Republic28849 1993l-Canadá2 korunyVF?1
Czech Republic28849 1994l-Canadá2 korunyVF?1
Czech Republic28849 1998b´-Jablonec2 korunyVF?1
Czech Republic28849 2002b´-Jablonec2 korunyVF?1
Czech Republic28849 2013b´-Jablonec2 korunyVF?1
Czechoslovakia371274 1986Kremnica20 haléřůF?1
Czechoslovakia3474146 1991Jablonec nad Nisou10 haléřůF?1
Denmark1579851.2 1972♥-Amager1 kroneF?1
Denmark387861.3 1983♥-Brondby25 oreF?1
Denmark390866.2 1990♥-Brondby50 oreF?1
Denmark388868.1 1996♥-Brondby25 oreF?1
Denmark388868.1 1997♥-Brondby25 oreF?1
Denmark388868.1 1999♥-Brondby25 oreF?1
Denmark5494877 1995♥-Brondby10 kronerF?1
Dominican Republic512621.2 a1973Llantrisant1/2 pesoG?1
Dominican Republic512752 1978Filadelfia1/2 pesoG?1
Dominican Republic512752 1981Filadelfia1/2 pesoG?1
Dominican Republic512469 1989Ottawa5 centavosVG?1
Dominican Republic512570 1989Ottawa10 centavosG?1
Dominican Republic512973.1 1989Ottawa1/2 pesoF?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 1992Ottawa1 pesoG?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 1993Ottawa1 pesoG?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 1997Ottawa1 pesoG?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 2000Ottawa1 pesoVG?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 2002Ottawa1 pesoVG?1
Dominican Republic62388 1997París5 pesos (50 Aniversario del Banco Central)VG?1
Ecuador119677.1 c1972Quito20 centavosVF?1
Ecuador107596 1995Quito100 sucres (Bicentenario del nacimiento de Antonio José de Sucre y Alcalá)VF?1
Ecuador1074101 1997Hamburgo100 sucres (70 Aniversario del Banco Central)F?1
Ecuador1095102 1997Canadá500 sucresF?1
Ecuador1093103 1997Canadá1.000 sucresF?1
Ecuador1073106 2000Ottawa10 centavosVF?1
Egypt2164428 a1972El Cairo5 piastresG?1
Egypt2178622.1 1984El Cairo5 piastresF?1
Egypt2171731 1992El Cairo5 piastresVG?1
Egypt2170734 1993El Cairo25 piastresF?1
Eritrea357643 19971 cent (Gacela de frente roja)UNC?1
Eritrea357744 19975 cents (Leopardo)UNC?1
Eritrea357845 199710 cents (Avestruz de cuello rojo)UNC?1
Estonia344522 1992Tallin10 sentiF?1
Estonia344522 1996Tallin10 sentiF?1
Estonia344522 2002Centurion10 sentiF?1
Estonia344623 a1997Centurion20 sentiVF?1
Estonia344623 a2003Vantaa20 sentiVF?1
Estonia344724 1992Tallin50 sentiF?1
Estonia383035 1998Vantaa1 kroonF?1
Estonia383035 2000Vantaa1 kroonF?1
Estonia383035 2001Vantaa1 kroonF?1
Estonia383035 2003Vantaa1 kroonF?1
France1817866 a1920París10 centimesF?1
France1817866 a1935París10 centimesF?1
France5248867 a1930París25 centimesF?1
France412876 1923París1 franc (Chambres of Commerce)F?1
France412876 1923París1 franc (Chambres of Commerce)F?1
France5256877 1920París2 francsF?1
France5256877 1923París2 francsF?1
France3635884 1923París50 centimes (Chambers of Commerce)F?1
France414885 1941París1 francF?1
France5258886 1938París2 francsF?1
France3636894.1 1932París50 centimesF?1
France413902.1 1942Sin ceca1 francF?1
France3070904.1 1943Sin ceca2 francsF?1
France5315909.1 1948Sin ceca10 francsVF?1
France5315909.1 1949Sin ceca10 francsVF?1
France5316917.1 1952Sin ceca20 francsF?1
France4897918.1 1953Sin ceca50 francsF?1
France5317919.1 1955Sin ceca100 francsF?1
France5317919.1 1958Sin ceca100 francsF?1
France5317919.1 1958Sin ceca100 francsF?1
France5317919.1 1958Sin ceca100 francsF?1
France416925.1 1960París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1964París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1966París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1968París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1969París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1973París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1976París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1977París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1978París1 francF?1
France3637926 a.11970París5 francsVF?1
France3637926 a.11987París5 francsVF?1
France5312926 a.21992Paris5 francosVF?1
France5312926 a.21993Paris5 francosVF?1
France5312926 a.21993Paris5 francosVF?1
France3961928 1974París1 centimeF?1
France408929 1963París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1969París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1974París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1977París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1980París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1982París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1988París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1989París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1992París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1995París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1996París10 centimesF?1
France410930 1963Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1964Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1974Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1988Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1994Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1996Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1997Paris20 centimesF?1
France411931.1 1972París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1977París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1983París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1985París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1986París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1991París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1995París1/2 francF?1
France407933 1969París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1977París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1978París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1981París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1987París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1993París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1995París5 centimesF?1
France422940 1976París10 francsVF?1
France419942.1 1979París2 francsF?1
France419942.1 1981París2 francsF?1
France419942.1 1996París2 francsF?1
France419942.1 1998París2 francsF?1
France417963 1988París1 franc (Charles de Gaulle-30 Aniversario de la V República)F?1
France423964.2 1991París10 francsVF?1
France5313968 1989París5 francsVF?1
France53141006 1992París5 francsVF?1
France53111062 1993París2 francs (Jean Moulin)VF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.3621104 1949D-Munich50 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1975FF-Stuttgart1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1975GG-Karlsruhe1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1980GG-Karlsruhe1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1994JJ-Hamburgo1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1996AA-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.4557106 a1974J-Hamburgo2 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.4557106 a1979J-Hamburgo2 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.4557106 a1986G-Karlsruhe2 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.4557106 a1988D-Munich2 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.4557106 a1992D-Munich2 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.4557106 a1996A-Berlín2 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1950J-Hamburgo5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1986GG-Karlsruhe5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1990GG-Karlsruhe5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.579107 1994JJ-Hamburgo5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1950FF-Stuttgart10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1967GG-Karlsruhe10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1967GG-Karlsruhe10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1977JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1978FF-Stuttgart10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1981JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1987DD-Munich10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1990JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1991FF-Stuttgart10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1991GG-Karlsruhe10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1992AA-Berlín10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1992DD-Munich10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1993GG-Karlsruhe10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1994GG-Karlsruhe10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1994JJ-Hamburgo10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.581108 1995FF-Stuttgart10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.583109.2 1975JJ-Hamburgo50 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.583109.2 1979JJ-Hamburgo50 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.583109.2 1981DD-Munich50 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.584110 1950DD-Munich1 markF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.584110 1960JJ-Hamburgo1 markF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.584110 1968GG-Karlsruhe1 markF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.584110 1975JJ-Hamburgo1 markF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.584110 1977DD-Munich1 markF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.584110 1994FF-Sttutgart1 markF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.3624127 A1986 GG-Karlsruhe2 mark (Theodor Heuss)F?1
Germany-Federal Rep.3625140.1 1983JJ-Hamburgo5 markF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.5379149 1992J-Hamburgo2 mark (Kurt Schumacher)F?1
Greece326381 1954París1 drachmaF?1
Greece458131 1988Atenas5 drachmaiF?1
Greece460132 1990Atenas10 drachmaiF?1
Greece460132 1994Atenas10 drachmaiF?1
Greece460132 1998Atenas10 drachmaiF?1
Greece3194133 1988Atenas20 drachmaiF?1
Greece5176147 1988Atenas50 drachmaiF?1
Greece5176147 1990Atenas50 drachmaiF?1
Greece5172150 1988Atenas1 drachmaF?1
Greece462154 1992Atenas20 drachmaiF?1
Greece462154 1994Atenas20 drachmaiF?1
Greece3540159 1992Atenas100 drachmaiF?1
Greece3540159 1994Atenas100 drachmaiF?1
Guatemala3411276.4 1994Guatemala5 centavosUNC?1
Guatemala3412277.6 199510 centavosUNC?1
Guatemala3499282 1999Guatemala1 centavoUNC?1
Guinea504152 1985Sttutgart10 francsUNC?1
Guinea504253 1985Sttutgart5 francsUNC?1
Guinea489556 1985Sttutgart1 francUNC?1
Guinea375660 1987Llantrisant25 francsUNC?1
Guyana355331 1992Llantrisant1 centUNC?1
Guyana355432 1989Llantrisant5 centsUNC?1
Guyana328433 1992Llantrisant10 centsUNC?1
Haiti2890153 199150 centimesVF?1
Hong Kong468336 1980Llantrisant20 centsG?1
Hungary96692 1995Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary96692 1999Budapest1 forintUNC?1
Hungary97693 1999Budapest2 forintUNC?1
Hungary98694 1999Budapest5 forintUNC?1
Hungary99695 1993Budapest10 forintF?1
Hungary100696 1993Budapest20 forintF?1
Hungary704697 1995Budapest50 forintF?1
Hungary3164721 1998Budapest100 forintF?1
India47969 1989Calcuta50 paiseVG?1
India47969 1997♦ Bombay50 paiseVG?1
India47969 1997♦ Bombay50 paiseVG?1
India47969 1999♦ Bombay50 paiseVG?1
India48192.2 2000♦ Bombay1 rupeeVG?1
India48192.2 2001Calcuta1 rupeeVG?1
India5048327 2008☆ Hyderabad2 rupeesVG?1
India5048327 2010Calcuta2 rupeesVG?1
India5080330 2007Calcuta5 rupeesVG?1
India2961331 2008Calcuta1 rupeeVG?1
India2961331 2009● Noida1 rupeeVG?1
India5079395 2011Calcuta2 rupeesF?1
India5082397 2011Calcuta5 rupees (100 Aniversario de la Aviación Cívil)VG?1
Indonesia348555 199125 rupiahUNC?1
Indonesia296559 1999500 rupiahVG?1
Indonesia348660 199950 rupiahUNC?1
Indonesia296461 1999100 rupiahUNC?1
Indonesia296461 2001100 rupiahVF?1
Iran51131171 a19591 rialVG?1
Iran51121173 19592 rials (Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi)VG?1
Iran51111176 1968Teherán5 rials (Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi)VG?1
Ireland297220 1976Dublín1 pennyF?1
Ireland297220 1978Dublín1 pennyF?1
Ireland346020 a1988Dublín1 pennyF?1
Ireland346020 a1995Dublín1 pennyF?1
Ireland346020 a1996Dublín1 pennyF?1
Ireland346020 a2000Dublín1 pennyF?1
Ireland304621 1971Dublín2 penceF?1
Ireland537524 1981Dublín50 penceF?1
Ireland537524 1983Dublín50 penceF?1
Ireland537524 1999Dublín.50 penceF?1
Ireland537627 1990Dublín1 poundF?1
Ireland537627 1994Dublín1 poundF?1
Ireland537627 1995Dublín1 poundF?1
Ireland537627 1996Dublín1 poundF?1
Ireland537627 1998Dublín1 poundF?1
Ireland537627 2000Dublín1 poundF?1
Japan275274 1966Osaka1 yenF?1
Jordan493139 198450 filsG?1
Laos385922 1980Berlín10 attVG?3
Laos386023 1980Berlín20 attVG?1
Lebanon51145.2 1925París5 piastresF?1
Lebanon511524 196110 piastresF?1
Lebanon386226 1969París10 piastresF?1
Mexico1153427 1976Mº-Ciudad de Mexico5 centavosF?1
Mexico2454434.1 1979Mº-Ciudad de México10 centavosUNC?1
Mexico1151465 1948Mº-Ciudad de México5 pesosVF?1
Mexico1184467 1953Mº-Ciudad de México5 pesosVF?1
Mexico5229474 1956Mº-Ciudad de México10 pesos (Miguel Hidalgo)VF?1
Mexico1250479.1 1968Mº-Ciudad de México25 pesos (Juegos de la XIX Olímpiada de México)VF?1
Mexico5230483.1 1977Mº-Ciudad de México100 pesos (José Maria Morelos y Pavón)VF?1
Mexico1127546 1995Mº-Ciudad de México5 centavosUNC?1
Mexico1127546 1998Mº-Ciudad de México5 centavosVF?1
Mexico506547 1993Mº-Ciudad de México10 centavosVF?1
Mexico506547 1999Mº-Ciudad de México10 centavosUNC?1
Mexico506547 2000Mº-Ciudad de México10 centavosXF?1
Mexico507548 2000Mº-Ciudad de México20 centavosVF?1
Mexico508549 1992Mº-Ciudad de México50 centavosF?1
Mexico508549 1993Mº-Ciudad de México50 centavosF?1
Mexico508549 2001Mº-Ciudad de México50 centavosVF?1
Mexico508549 2006Mº-Ciudad de México50 centavosVG?1
Mexico511603 1997Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoVF?1
Mexico511603 2000Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoVF?1
Mexico511603 2005Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoVF?1
Mexico512604 2000Mº-Ciudad de México2 pesosVF?1
Mexico514605 2000Mº-Ciudad de México5 pesosVF?1
Mexico514605 2001Mº-Ciudad de México5 pesosVF?1
Mexico515616 1998Mº-Ciudad de México10 pesosVG?1
Mexico515616 2006Mº-Ciudad de México10 pesosVG?1
Mexico515616 2007Mº-Ciudad de México10 pesosVG?1
Morocco181556 1965París1 dirhamVG?1
Morocco5761 1974París20 santimatVG?1
Morocco10563 1974París1 dirhamVG?1
Morocco329083 Y1987París5 santimat (FAO)VG?1
Morocco352784 Y1987París10 santimat (FAO)VG?1
Morocco5985 Y1987París20 santimat (FAO)VG?1
Morocco296387 Y1987París1/2 dirhamVG?1
Morocco10688 Y1987París1 dirhamVG?1
Morocco10892 Y1995París10 dirhamsXF?1
Myanmar491139 19665 pyasG?1
Myanmar503440 196610 pyasVG?1
Myanmar503641 196625 pyasVG?1
Myanmar503842 196650 pyasG?1
Myanmar503946 197550 pyasVF?1
Myanmar504047 19751 kyatVF?1
Myanmar503748 198025 pyasF?1
Myanmar491249 198310 pyasG?2
Myanmar503557 199110 pyasVG?2
Nepal51161075.1 1994Kathmandu5 rupeesF?1
Nepal51041188 2006Kathmandu2 rupeesF?1
Nepal51041188 2009Kathmandu2 rupeesF?1
Nepal51051204 2007Kathmandu1 rupeeF?2
Nepal51051204 2009Kathmandu1 rupeeF?2
Netherlands 465181 1978Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1980Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1971Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1975Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1980Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 467183 1964Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1967Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1968Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1971Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1973Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1978Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1967Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1979Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1980Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 5152200 1980Utrecht1 florinF?1
Netherlands 4853201 1980Utrecht2½ florinesF?1
Netherlands 3469202 1985Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3469202 1989Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3469202 1993Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3469202 1996Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3470203 1983Utrecht10 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3470203 1994Utrecht10 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3470203 2000Utrecht10 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3170204 1985Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 3170204 1986Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 3170204 1996Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 3170204 1997Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 3171205 1982Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 3171205 1986Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 4854210 1988Utrecht5 guldenF?1
Netherlands 4854210 1990Utrecht5 guldenF?1
Oman288045 a1998Llantrisant25 baisaF?1
Paraguay1800153 1975Brasil10 guaraníesVG?1
Paraguay3558166 a1992Chile5 guaraníes (FAO - Alimentos para el Mundo)UNC?1
Paraguay3559178 a1996Llantrisant10 guaranies (FAO)UNC?1
Peru5031247 1967Lima1/2 solVG?1
Peru5032258 1972Lima10 solesVG?1
Peru531308.1 1995Lima1 nuevo solF?1
Peru4822316 2009Lima5 nuevos solesVG?1
Slovakia31117 1993Kremnica10 halierovUNC?1
Slovakia31018 1993Kremnica20 halierovUNC?1
Slovakia30935 1998Kremnica50 halierovUNC?1
Slovenia34423 199250 stotinovUNC?1
Slovenia34434 19921 tolarUNC?1
Slovenia34445 19922 tolarjevUNC?1
Slovenia32566 19995 tolarjevUNC?1
Slovenia34407 199310 stotinovUNC?1
Slovenia34418 199320 stotinovUNC?1
South Africa3979139 1989Sudáfrica2 rand (SUID-AFRIKA - SOUTH AFRICA)VG?1
South Korea28956 1970Daejeon10 wonG?1
South Vietnam48811 1953París10 suG?1
South Vietnam50534 1960París50 suG?1
South Vietnam50547 1964Birmingham1 đồngG?2
South Vietnam50557 a1971Hamburgo1 đồngG?2
South Vietnam50568 1964Birmingham10 đồngG?1
South Vietnam50578 a1968Llantrisant10 đồngG?1
South Vietnam50209 1966Londres5 đồngG?3
South Vietnam505810 a19755 xuG?1
Sri Lanka5044135.2 1991Llantrisant50 centsUNC?1
Sri Lanka5045136.2 1982Llantrisant1 rupeeUNC?1
Sri Lanka3475137 1975Llantrisant1 centUNC?1
Sri Lanka3475137 1994Llantrisant1 centUNC?1
Sri Lanka3476138 1975Llantrisant2 centsUNC?1
Sri Lanka3313139 a1991Llantrisant5 centsUNC?1
Sri Lanka4535140 a1988Llantrisant10 centsUNC?1
Sri Lanka5043141.2 1982Llantrisant25 centsUNC?1
Thailand651183 1991Pathum Thani1 bahtVG?1
Thailand651183 1999Pathum Thani1 bahtVG?1
Thailand651183 2000Pathum Thani1 bahtVG?1
Thailand651183 2004Pathum Thani1 bahtVG?1
Thailand651183 2005Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand651183 2006Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand651183 2008Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand3477187 1998Pathum Thani25 satangF?1
Thailand3478203 1999Pathum Thani50 satangF?1
Thailand635219 1989Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand635219 1994Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand635219 1999Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand635219 2004Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand635219 2005Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand635219 2006Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand4522227 1989Pathum Thani10 bahtVG?1
Thailand4522227 1995Pathum Thani10 bahtVG?1
Thailand4522227 1999Pathum Thani10 bahtVG?1
Thailand4522227 2002Pathum Thani10 bahtF?1
Thailand4522227 2003Pathum Thani10 bahtG?1
Thailand4522227 2005Pathum Thani10 bahtVF?1
Thailand4522227 2006Pathum Thani10 bahtVF?1
Thailand4522227 2007Pathum Thani10 bahtVF?1
Thailand4522227 2008Pathum Thani10 bahtVG?1
Thailand5063431 2006Pathum Thani10 baht (60 Aniversario del Reinado de Rama IX)VF?1
Thailand5064445 2008Pathum Thani2 bahtVF?1
Thailand5064445 2009Pathum Thani2 bahtVG?1
Uganda289730 1987Londres10 shillingsVF?1
United Kingdom4023794.2 1902Londres1 penny (Edward VII)G?1
United Kingdom5351896 1957Londres1/2 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5352900 1967Londres3 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom1592910 1965Londres5 shillings (Elizabeth II - Muerte de Winston Churchill)F?1
United Kingdom444913 1976Llantrisant50 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom424914 1971Llantrisant1/2 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1978Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1979Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom430916 1971Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom430916 1980Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom441931 1982Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom441931 1983Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5360932 1983Llantrisant50 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom447933 1983Llantrisant1 pound (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5361934 1984Llantrisant1 pound (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom427935 1986Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom427935 1990Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1993Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1994Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1995Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1996Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom431936 1988Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom431936 1989Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3568936 a1994Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3568936 a1997Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1990Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1991Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1994Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1995Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1996Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom442939 1993Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom442939 1995Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom442939 1997Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom450941 1990Llantrisant1 pound (Puerro galés)F?1
United Kingdom448948 1987Llantrisant1 pound (Árbol de roble)F?1
United Kingdom5362964 1993Llantrisant1 pound (Escudo Real de Armas)F?1
United Kingdom5363967 1994Llantrisant1 pound (León de Escocia)F?1
United Kingdom5364969 1995Llantrisant1 pound (Dragón de Gales)F?1
United Kingdom429986 1998Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2000Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2001Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2002Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom433987 1998Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5359987 a1998Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5359987 a1999Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 1998Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 2001Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 2002Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom439989 2000Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom443990 1999Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom443990 2001Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom443990 2005Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom453994 1998Llantrisant2 pounds (Historia del Desarrollo Tecnológico)F?1
United Kingdom453994 2000Llantrisant2 pounds (Historia del Desarrollo Tecnológico)F?1
United Kingdom53661034 2002Llantrisant2 pounds (XVII Juegos de la Commonwealth de Manchester - Irlanda del Norte)F?1
United Kingdom4521048 2004Llantrisant1 pound (Forth rail Bridge, Escocia)F?1
United States1292110 1898Sin ceca1 dollar (Morgan Dollar)F?1
United States4409164 a1979DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1981PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1983PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1989DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1993DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1994PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1998DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States8026192 A1976DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1988SS-San Francisco5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1993SS-San Francisco5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A2002SS-San Francisco5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A2003DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States1732195 a1967Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1968Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1975DD-Denver1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1977Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1980PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1984PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1985PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1986PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1987PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1989PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1999PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States399201 1977Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
Uruguay175419 1901Berlín1 centésimoG?1
Uruguay175419 1909Viena1 centésimoVG?1
Uruguay175419 1924Poissy1 centésimoVG?1
Uruguay175419 1936Viena1 centésimoVG?1
Uruguay175320 a1943Santiago2 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay175320 a1944Santiago2 centésimosG?1
Uruguay175320 a1946Santiago2 centésimosG?1
Uruguay175320 a1947Santiago2 centésimosG?1
Uruguay175221 a1948Santiago5 centésimosG?1
Uruguay175221 a1951Santiago5 centésimosG?1
Uruguay502529 1942Santiago20 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay502632 1953Londres1 centésimoVG?1
Uruguay500833 1953Londres2 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay36334 1953Londres5 céntesimosVG?1
Uruguay162535 1953Londres10 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay175536 1954Utrecht20 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay164137 1960Londres2 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay164238 1960Londres5 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay164339 1960Londres10 centésimosG?1
Uruguay164440 1960Londres25 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay164541 1960Londres50 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay164642 1960Londres1 pesoVG?1
Uruguay164944 1965Santiago20 centésimosG?1
Uruguay165045 1965Santiago50 centésimosVG?1
Uruguay165146 1965Santiago1 pesoG?1
Uruguay165247 1965Santiago5 pesosF?1
Uruguay165348 1965Santiago10 pesosF?1
Uruguay162849 1968Santiago1 pesoG?1
Uruguay163250 1968Santiago5 pesosF?1
Uruguay164751 1968Santiago10 pesosF?1
Uruguay163353 1969Santiago5 pesosF?1
Uruguay164854 1969Santiago10 pesosF?1
Uruguay36756 1970Santiago20 pesosG?1
Uruguay502757 1970Santiago50 pesosVG?1
Uruguay502858 1971Santiago50 pesos (100 Aniversario del Nacimiento de José Enrique Rodó)VG?1
Uruguay501466 1977Santiago10 centésimosF?1
Uruguay501567 1977Santiago20 centésimosF?1
Uruguay501668 1981Santiago50 centésimosF?1
Uruguay501769 1976Santiago1 nuevo pesoF?1
Uruguay501769 1977Santiago1 nuevo pesoF?1
Uruguay502471 1977Santiago1 centésimoF?1
Uruguay502372 1977Santiago2 centésimosF?1
Uruguay501873 1977Santiago5 centésimosVF?1
Uruguay343174 1980Santiago1 nuevo pesoG?1
Uruguay453775 1980Santiago5 nuevos pesosVG?1
Uruguay503077 1981Brasilia2 nuevos pesos (FAO)F?1
Venezuela122350.2 1978Werdohl25 céntimosVG?1
Venezuela319377.1 1998Schwerte50 bolívaresVF?1
Venezuela54582 2000Caracas50 bolívaresXF?1
Vietnam50224 1946Hanoi2 đồngG?1
Vietnam505911 1976Berlín1 haoG?1
Vietnam506012 1976Berlín2 haoG?1
Vietnam506213 1976Berlín5 haoG?1
Vietnam502114 1976Berlín1 đồngG?2
Vietnam461671 2003Vantaa200 đồngVF?1
Vietnam461872 2003Vantaa1000 đồngF?4
Vietnam462073 2003Vantaa5000 đồngF?1
Vietnam461774 2003Vantaa500 đồngVF?3
Vietnam461975 2003Vantaa2000 đồngVG?1
Western African States32574 1976París100 francs CFAG?1
Western African States32574 1996París100 francs CFAF?1
Western African States32574 1997París100 francs CFAF?1
Western African States49426 1984París50 francs CFA (FAO)G?1
Western African States37379 1997París25 francs CFA (FAO)F?1
Western African States373810 1997París10 francs CFAVG?1
Western African States510813 1992París250 francs CFAVG?1
Western African States510915 2003Llantrisant500 francs CFAVG?1
Zimbabwe19885 1990Bulawayo50 centsVG?1
Zimbabwe19885 1995Bulawayo50 centsVG?1
Zimbabwe199112 1997Llantrisant2 dollarsVG?1
Remember: The price shown is the one considered by the collector. The color shown for the collector's valuation of the coins is only indicative, they are shown in red when the value exceeds the value of our database, and in green if it is below. If it has no color we have no data to contrast it. Remember that the value of Foronum is not binding and is generated by an algorithm based on user collections.