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Argentina150858 1960Buenos Aires1 peso (150 Aniversario de la Revolución de Mayo de 1810)F?1
Argentina154872 1976Buenos Aires10 pesosVF?1
Brazil6017593.2 1985Rio de Janeiro20 cruzeiros (Iglesia S. Francisco de Asis)F?1
Canada713451 1961Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?1
Canada394377.1 1974Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)VG?2
Canada5329157 1987Ottawa1 dollar (Elizabeth II)F?1
Chile344228.2 1991Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile349231 1993Santiago1 pesoVG?1
Colombia6045280 1989Ibagué5 pesos VG?1
Costa Rica371215.1 1992Karlsruhe10 colonesVF?1
Ecuador109981 1963Berna50 centavosF?1
El Salvador9982130 1969Denver 10 centavosF?1
Guatemala10774272 1971Guatemala25 centavosF?1
Guatemala3500275.5 1993Guatemala1 centavoVG?1
Guatemala3611277.5 199310 centavosVG?1
Guatemala3498284 2006Guatemala1 quetzalF?1
Honduras186278 1956Filadelfia2 centavosG?1
Panama490523.2 19625 centésimosF?1
Paraguay8007169 1988Brasil50 guaraníesVF?1
Peru7331248 1967Lima1 solVG?1
Peru9951290 1965Lima5 céntavos (400 Aniversario de la Ceca de Lima)VG?1
Peru5493313 1995Lima2 nuevos solesVG?1
Uruguay163250 1968Santiago5 pesosVG?1
Venezuela54143 y1967Londres2 bolívaresVG?1
Remember: The price shown is the one considered by the collector. The color shown for the collector's valuation of the coins is only indicative, they are shown in red when the value exceeds the value of our database, and in green if it is below. If it has no color we have no data to contrast it. Remember that the value of Foronum is not binding and is generated by an algorithm based on user collections.