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Albania134776 2011Budapest5 lekeVF?1
Albania134776 2014Budapest5 lekeVF?1
Algeria2865104.2 1972Stuttgart1 dinar (FAO)F?1
Andorra14247520 2019Madrid1 euro centUNC?1
Andorra14894521 2017Pessac2 euro centVF?1
Andorra14894521 2019Pessac2 euro centUNC?1
Andorra14895522 2017Pessac5 euro centF?1
Argentina152242 1949Buenos Aires20 centavosF?1
Argentina152647 1952Buenos Aires10 centavosF?1
Argentina152451 1956Buenos Aires10 centavosF?1
Argentina150757 1958Buenos Aires1 pesoF?1
Argentina150858 1960Buenos Aires1 peso (150 Aniversario de la Revolución de Mayo de 1810)F?1
Argentina150959 1966Buenos Aires5 pesosVG?1
Argentina151060 1962Buenos Aires10 pesosF?1
Argentina151060 1963Buenos Aires10 pesosF?1
Argentina154569 1974Buenos Aires1 pesoF?1
Argentina154569 1976Santiago de Chile1 pesoF?1
Argentina154872 1977Buenos Aires10 pesosF?1
Argentina154872 1978Buenos Aires10 pesosVG?1
Argentina155383 a1980Buenos Aires50 pesos (General José de San Martin)F?1
Argentina102494 1985Buenos Aires50 pesos (50 Aniversario del Banco Central)F?1
Argentina100998 1986Buenos Aires10 centavosF?1
Argentina100998 1987Buenos Aires10 centavosF?1
Argentina101099 1985Buenos Aires50 centavosG?1
Argentina41107 1992Buenos Aires10 centavosF?1
Argentina41107 1993Daejeon10 centavosF?1
Argentina41107 1993México10 centavosF?1
Argentina41107 2006Buenos Aires10 centavosF?1
Argentina3575107 a2006Buenos Aires10 centavosF?1
Argentina1563109 b2008Buenos Aires5 centavosVG?1
Argentina8250110.1 1992Santiago de Chile25 centavosF?1
Argentina995111.1 1994Santiago de Chile50 centavosF?1
Argentina1564112.1 1995A-Daejeon1 pesoF?1
Argentina1564112.1 2006Buenos Aires1 pesoF?1
Aruba20282 1988Utrecht10 centsVF?1
Australia63662 1966Melbourne1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Australia31663 1970Canberra2 cents (Elizabeth II)F?1
Australia31663 19782 cents (Elizabeth II)F?1
Australia298764 19825 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Australia290465 197310 cents (Elizabeth II)F?1
Australia393866 1982Canberra20 cents (Elizabeth II)VF?1
Australia488478 1990Canberra1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Austria6422875 1953Viena5 groschenF?1
Austria6422875 1972Viena5 groschenF?1
Austria6412876 1954Viena2 groschenF?1
Austria6412876 1957Viena2 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 195510 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 195710 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 195910 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 196210 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 196310 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 1965Viena10 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 197010 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 197110 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 197510 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 198110 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 198510 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 198610 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 198710 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 198810 groschenF?1
Austria29152878 198910 groschenVG?1
Austria29152878 199110 groschenF?1
Austria3202886 1960Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1972Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1974Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1975Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1979Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1986Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1991Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria3202886 1992Viena1 schillingF?1
Austria36582918 1974Viena10 schillingF?1
Austria36582918 1980Viena10 schillingF?1
Austria1373083 2011Viena2 euro centF?1
Austria1383084 2002Viena5 euro centF?1
Austria1383084 2003Viena5 euro centF?1
Austria1383084 2004Viena5 euro centF?1
Austria1383084 2005Viena5 euro centF?1
Austria1383084 2007Viena5 euro centF?1
Austria1383084 2008Viena5 euro centF?1
Austria1383084 2011Viena5 euro centF?1
Austria1393085 2002Viena10 euro centF?1
Austria1393085 2006Viena10 euro centF?1
Austria1393085 2007Viena10 euro centF?1
Austria1403086 2002Viena20 euro centF?1
Austria1403086 2003Viena20 euro centF?1
Austria1403086 2004Viena20 euro centF?1
Austria1403086 2007Viena20 euro centF?1
Austria7823139 2008Viena10 euro centF?1
Austria7823139 2012Viena10 euro centF?1
Austria7823139 2015Viena10 euro centF?1
Austria7833140 2008Viena20 euro centF?1
Austria7833140 2009Viena20 euro centF?1
Barbados251011 1973Ottawa5 centsF?1
Belgium656134.1 1949Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium656134.1 1950Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium656134.1 1962Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium656134.1 1977Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium588135.1 1949Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium588135.1 1950Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium588135.1 1967Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium588135.1 1974Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium588135.1 1975Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium588135.1 1977Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1951Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1952Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1955Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1958Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1966Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1970Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1975Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1977Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1978Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium655142.1 1980Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1950Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1951Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1952Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1956Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1957Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1967Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1968Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)VG?1
Belgium1575143.1 1970Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1971Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1972Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1974Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1975Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1977Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1978Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1979Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1575143.1 1980Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1773146 1959Bruselas20 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)VG?1
Belgium1776148.1 1977Bruselas50 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium1776148.1 1998Bruselas50 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium1770153.1 197225 centimes (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium592154.1 1966Bruselas25 centimes (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium592154.1 1969Bruselas25 centimes (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium313159 1980Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium313159 1982Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium657160 1980Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I -België)F?1
Belgium657160 1982Bruselas20 francs (Balduino I -België)F?1
Belgium589163 1986Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium589163 1988Bruselas5 francs (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium590164 1986Bruselas5 francs ( (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium590164 19875 francs ( (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium590164 1993Bruselas5 francs ( (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium314170 1989Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium314170 1990Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - Belgique)F?1
Belgium587171 1989Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium587171 1990Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium587171 1991Bruselas1 franc (Balduino I - België)F?1
Belgium1768187 1997Bruselas1 franc (Alberto II - Belgique)F?1
Belgium2839191 1994Bruselas20 francs (Alberto II - Belgique)VF?1
Belgium144224 1999Bruselas1 euro centF?1
Belgium144224 2004Bruselas1 euro centF?1
Belgium145225 2000Bruselas2 euro centF?1
Belgium145225 2004Bruselas2 euro centF?1
Belgium155226 1999Bruselas5 euro centF?1
Belgium155226 2003Bruselas5 euro centF?1
Belgium155226 2004Bruselas5 euro centF?1
Belgium155226 2005Bruselas5 euro centF?1
Belgium156227 1999Bruselas10 euro centF?1
Belgium156227 2001Bruselas10 euro centF?1
Belgium156227 2004Bruselas10 euro centF?1
Belgium157228 2000Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium157228 2002Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium157228 2003Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium157228 2004Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium157228 2006Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium788243 2007Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium3512278 2008Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium4668297 2011Bruselas5 euro centF?1
Belgium4669298 2010Bruselas10 euro centF?1
Belgium4670299 2009Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium4670299 2010Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium4670299 2011Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Belgium4670299 2012Bruselas20 euro centF?1
Bolivia3531204 1997Hamburgo50 centavosVF?1
Brazil5932563 1954Rio de Janeiro50 centavos (Eurico Gaspar Dutra)F?1
Brazil3087587.1 1975Rio de Janeiro5 centavos (FAO - Carne)F?1
Brazil6016593.1 1981Rio de Janeiro20 cruzeiros (Iglesia S. Francisco de Asis)VF?1
Brazil3106605 1987Rio de Janeiro1 cruzadoXF?1
Brazil5358612 1989Río de Janeiro5 centavosXF?1
Brazil5166623 1992Rio de Janeiro100 cruzeirosF?1
Brazil3151628 1993Rio de Janeiro10 cruzeiros reaisF?1
Brazil24632 1994Rio de Janeiro5 centavosVF?1
Brazil24632 1994Rio de Janeiro5 centavosF?1
Brazil321633 1994Río de Janeiro10 centavosF?1
Brazil321633 1995Río de Janeiro10 centavosF?1
Brazil321633 1996Río de Janeiro10 centavosF?1
Brazil10385648.1 2003Rio de Janeiro5 centavos (Joaquim José Da Silva Xavier - Tiradentes)F?1
Brazil10385648.1 2004Rio de Janeiro5 centavos (Joaquim José Da Silva Xavier - Tiradentes)F?1
Brazil10385648.1 2006Rio de Janeiro5 centavos (Joaquim José Da Silva Xavier - Tiradentes)F?1
Brazil10385648.1 2007Rio de Janeiro5 centavos (Joaquim José Da Silva Xavier - Tiradentes)F?1
Brazil322649.2 2001Río de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)F?1
Brazil6095649.3 2003Rio de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)F?1
Brazil6095649.3 2011Rio de Janeiro10 centavos (Pedro I)F?1
Brazil12150651.1 a2003Rio de Janeiro50 centavos (Jose Maria da Silva Paranhos)F?1
Bulgaria323060 1962Sofía2 stotinkiF?1
Bulgaria9385 1974Sofía2 stotinkiF?1
Bulgaria9486 1974Sofía5 stotinkiF?1
Bulgaria9588 1974Sofía20 stotinkiF?1
Bulgaria7062237 a2000Sofía1 stotinkaF?1
Bulgaria3241240 1999Sofía10 stotinkiF?1
Canada33649 1961Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada33759.1 1973Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada33759.1 1974Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada33759.1 1976Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada33759.1 1977Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada585359.2 1979Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada394377.1 1974Ottawa10 cents (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada3942127 1981Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada2976132 1982Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada2976132 1984Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada2976132 1986Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada2976132 1989Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada338181 1991Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Canada338181 1995Ottawa1 cent (Elizabeth II)F?1
Chile3098190 1964Santiago5 centésimosF?1
Chile3097191 1970Santiago10 centésimosF?1
Chile354195 1971Santiago20 centésimosXF?1
Chile3126218.1 1982Santiago10 pesosF?1
Chile3119218.2 1988Santiago10 pesosVF?1
Chile344228.2 1995Santiago10 pesosF?1
Chile344228.2 1997Santiago10 pesosF?1
Chile344228.2 2004Santiago10 pesosF?1
Chile344228.2 2010Santiago10 pesosF?1
Chile344228.2 2011Santiago10 pesosVG?1
Chile342236 2011Santiago100 pesosF?1
Chile342236 2015Utrecht100 pesosF?1
Chile342236 2016Santiago100 pesosF?1
China-Peoples Republic34792 1990Beijing2 fenF?1
China-Peoples Republic32071210 1999Beijing1 jiaoF?1
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2005Beijing1 jiaoVF?2
China-Peoples Republic37171210 b2009Beijing1 jiaoVF?2
China-Peoples Republic32061212 2012Beijing1 yuanF?1
China-Peoples Republic32061212 2013Beijing1 yuanVF?1
China-Peoples Republic32061212 2015Beijing1 yuanVF?1
Colombia2907283.1 1991Ibagué50 pesosF?1
Colombia5716283.2 1990Ibagué50 pesosVG?1
Colombia5716283.2 1994Ibagué.50 pesosF?1
Colombia3186285.1 1993Ibagué100 pesosF?1
Colombia3187285.2 1994Ibagué100 pesosF?1
Colombia3187285.2 1995Ibagué100 pesosF?1
Colombia3187285.2 2008Ibagué100 pesosXF?1
Colombia3187285.2 2008Ibagué100 pesosF?1
Colombia3187285.2 2011Ibagué100 pesosF?1
Colombia3117286 2007Ibagué500 pesosF?1
Colombia3188287 1994Ibagué200 pesosF?1
Colombia5627296 2014Ibagué100 pesosVG?1
Colombia5627296 2016Ibagué100 pesosF?1
Colombia5627296 2017Ibagué100 pesosF?1
Colombia5626297 2014Ibagué200 pesosF?1
Colombia5626297 2015Ibagué200 pesosF?1
Colombia5626297 2016Ibagué200 pesosF?1
Colombia5626297 2017Ibagué200 pesosF?1
Colombia5665298 2015Ibagué500 pesosF?1
Costa Rica5668227 b2008Santiago de Chile5 colonesG?1
Croatia34345 2007Zagreb5 lipaF?1
Croatia34345 2009Zagreb5 lipaF?1
Croatia30076 1999Zagreb10 lipaF?1
Croatia30076 2017Zagreb10 lipaVF?1
Croatia36047 2003Zagreb20 lipaF?1
Croatia36047 2009Zagreb20 lipaF?1
Croatia31598 1993Zagreb50 lipaF?1
Croatia31598 2017Zagreb50 lipaF?1
Croatia30049.1 1993Zagreb1 kunaF?1
Croatia247110 2013Zagreb2 kunaF?1
Cuba183534 1963Kremnica5 centavosF?1
Cuba183534 1968Kremnica5 centavosF?1
Cuba183534 1971Kremnica5 centavosF?1
Cuba3008346 a1995La Habana3 pesosXF?1
Cuba3009575.2 1996Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba3009575.2 1998Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba3009575.2 1999Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3009575.2 1999Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba3009575.2 2000Ottawa5 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba900576.1 1994Ottawa10 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba3015576.2 1996Ottawa10 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba3015576.2 2000Ottawa10 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba3015576.2 2002Ottawa10 centavos (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cuba3012577.1 1994Ottawa25 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba901577.2 2003Ottawa25 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba901577.2 2008Ottawa25 centavos (Peso Convertible)F?1
Cuba7617733 2007La Habana1 centavo (Peso Convertible)VF?1
Cyprus343654.3 1996Llantrisant2 centsF?1
Cyprus75880 2008Vantaa5 euro centF?1
Cyprus75981 2008Vantaa10 euro centVF?1
Cyprus76082 2008Vantaa20 euro centF?1
Czech Republic31624 1993Hamburgo10 korunF?3
Czech Republic31624 1994Jablonec10 korunF?1
Czech Republic31624 2003Jablonec10 korunF?1
Czech Republic31624 2010Jablonec10 korunF?1
Czech Republic32985 1993Hamburgo20 korunF?1
Czech Republic32985 1998Jablonec20 korunF?1
Czech Republic32985 1999Jablonec20 korunF?1
Czech Republic29187 1993l-Canadá1 korunaF?1
Czech Republic29187 2003b´-Jablonec1 korunaF?1
Czech Republic29187 2009b´-Jablonec1 korunaF?1
Czech Republic32998 1993Canadá5 korunF?1
Czech Republic28849 1993l-Canadá2 korunyXF?1
Czech Republic28849 1994b´-Jablonec2 korunyF?2
Czech Republic28849 2001b´-Jablonec2 korunyF?1
Czech Republic28849 2003b´-Jablonec2 korunyF?1
Czech Republic28849 2007b´-Jablonec2 korunyF?1
Czech Republic28849 2018b´-Jablonec2 korunyVF?1
Czechoslovakia369819 1946Kremnica1 korunaF?1
Czechoslovakia325350 1969Kremnica1 korunaF?1
Czechoslovakia325350 1970Kremnica1 korunaF?1
Czechoslovakia371274 1978Kremnica20 haléřůF?1
Czechoslovakia371274 1985Kremnica20 haléřůF?1
Denmark376848.1 1963♥-Amager5 oreF?1
Denmark376848.1 1966♥-Amager5 oreF?1
Denmark377859.1 1973♥-Amager5 oreF?1
Denmark377859.1 1977♥-Amager5 oreF?1
Denmark389866.1 1989♥-Brondby50 oreF?1
Denmark388868.1 1990♥-Brondby25 oreF?1
Denmark388868.1 1996♥-Brondby25 oreF?1
Denmark397871 1990♥-Brondby20 kronerVF?1
Denmark1580874.1 1992♥-Brondby2 kronerF?1
Denmark1580874.1 1993♥-Brondby2 kronerF?1
Dominican Republic593680.1 1992Ottawa1 pesoF?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 1992Ottawa1 pesoF?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 1993Ottawa1 pesoF?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 1997Ottawa1 pesoF?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 2000Ottawa1 pesoF?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 2002Ottawa1 pesoF?1
Dominican Republic330080.2 2008Ottawa1 pesoF?1
Dominican Republic62388 1997París5 pesos (50 Aniversario del Banco Central)F?1
Dominican Republic354789.1 2008Ottawa5 pesosVG?1
Ecuador1091105 2000Ottawa5 centavosVG?1
Ecuador1073106 2000Ottawa10 centavosVG?1
Estonia344522 1998Centurion10 sentiF?2
Estonia336361 2011Vantaa1 euro centUNC?1
Estonia336462 2012Utrecht2 euro centUNC?1
Estonia336462 2012Utrecht2 euro centF?1
Estonia336462 2015Utrecht2 euro centVF?1
Estonia336664 2011Vantaa10 euro centVF?1
Estonia336765 2011Vantaa20 euro centVF?1
Estonia336765 2017Vilna20 euro centVF?1
Finland65944 1966Helsinki1 penniF?1
Finland65944 1967Helsinki1 penniF?1
Finland401344 a1970Helsinki1 penniF?1
Finland401344 a1971Helsinki1 penniF?1
Finland401344 a1972Helsinki1 penniF?1
Finland401344 a1974Helsinki1 penniF?1
Finland401344 a1979Helsinki1 penniVF?1
Finland7665 1990M - Helsinki10 penniäF?1
Finland7665 1991M - Helsinki10 penniäF?1
Finland7665 1993M - Helsinki10 penniäF?1
Finland7665 1996M - Helsinki10 penniäF?1
Finland166100 1999Vantaa5 euro centF?1
Finland166100 2000Vantaa5 euro centF?1
Finland166100 2001Vantaa5 euro centF?1
Finland166100 2002Vantaa5 euro centF?1
Finland167101 1999Vantaa10 euro centF?1
Finland167101 2000Vantaa10 euro centF?1
Finland167101 2001Vantaa10 euro centF?1
Finland167101 2001Vantaa10 euro centVF?1
Finland168102 1999Vantaa20 euro centF?1
Finland168102 2001Vantaa20 euro centF?1
Finland168102 2002Vantaa20 euro centF?1
Finland169103 2000Vantaa50 euro centF?1
Finland798127 2011Vantaa20 euro centF?1
France1817866 a1920París10 centimesF?1
France1817866 a1921París10 centimesF?1
France1719875 1931París5 centimesF?1
France412876 1922París1 franc (Chambres of Commerce)F?1
France412876 1923París1 franc (Chambres of Commerce)F?1
France414885 1938París1 francF?1
France3069885 a11945Sin ceca1 francF?1
France3069885 a11946Sin ceca1 francF?1
France3069885 a11947Sin ceca1 francF?1
France3069885 a11948Sin ceca1 francF?1
France3069885 a11958Sin ceca1 francF?1
France3069885 a11959Sin ceca1 francF?1
France7067885 a21947B-Beaumont1 francF?1
France6493886 a11945Sin ceca2 francsF?1
France6493886 a11947Sin ceca2 francsF?1
France3962886 a21948B-Beaumont2 francsF?1
France3638888 b11945Sin ceca5 francsF?1
France3638888 b11946Sin ceca5 francsF?1
France3638888 b11947Sin ceca5 francsF?1
France3638888 b11949Sin ceca5 francsF?1
France3636894.1 1932París50 centimesF?1
France3636894.1 1939París50 centimesF?1
France413902.1 1942Sin ceca1 francF?1
France413902.1 1943Sin ceca1 francF?1
France413902.1 1944Sin ceca1 francF?1
France3070904.1 1943Sin ceca2 francsF?1
France5315909.1 1948Sin ceca10 francsF?1
France4541915.1 1951París10 francsF?1
France4541915.1 1952París10 francsF?1
France4541915.1 1953París10 francsF?1
France4541915.1 1955París10 francsF?1
France4541915.1 1957París10 francsF?1
France8567915.2 1951B-Beaumont10 francsF?1
France8567915.2 1952B-Beaumont10 francsF?1
France8567915.2 1953B-Beaumont10 francsF?1
France5316917.1 1950Sin ceca20 francsF?1
France5316917.1 1951Sin ceca20 francsF?1
France8589917.2 1950B4B-Beaumont20 francsF?1
France8589917.2 1952BB-Beaumont20 francsF?1
France8589917.2 1953BB-Beaumont20 francsF?1
France4897918.1 1952Sin ceca50 francsF?1
France5317919.1 1954Sin ceca100 francsF?1
France5317919.1 1955Sin ceca100 francsF?1
France5818919.2 1955BB-Beaumont100 francsF?1
France416925.1 1960París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1961Paris1 francF?1
France416925.1 1962Paris1 francF?1
France416925.1 1964París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1965París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1966París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1968París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1969París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1970París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1971París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1972París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1973París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1974París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1975París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1976París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1977París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1978París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1991París1 francF?1
France416925.1 1999París1 francF?1
France3637926 a.11970París5 francsF?1
France3637926 a.11971París5 francsF?1
France3637926 a.11972París5 francsF?1
France3637926 a.11973París5 francsF?1
France3637926 a.11987París5 francsF?1
France406927 1961Paris5 centimesF?1
France406927 1962París5 centimesF?1
France406927 1964París5 centimesF?1
France3961928 1962París1 centimeF?1
France3961928 1967París1 centimeF?1
France3961928 1969París1 centimeF?1
France408929 1962París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1963París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1964París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1965París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1967París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1968París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1969París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1970París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1972París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1973París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1974París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1975París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1976París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1977París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1978París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1979París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1980París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1981París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1982París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1983París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1984París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1985París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1986París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1987París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1988París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1989París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1990París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1991París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1993París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1994AParís10 centimesF?1
France408929 1994DParís10 centimesF?1
France408929 1995París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1996París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1997París10 centimesF?1
France408929 1998París10 centimesF?1
France410930 1962Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1963Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1964Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1965Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1966Paris20 centimesVF?1
France410930 1967Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1968Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1969Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1970Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1971Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1972Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1973Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1974Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1975Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1976Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1977Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1978Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1979Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1980Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1981Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1982Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1983Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1984Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1985Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1986Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1987Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1988Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1989Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1990Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1993Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1995Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1996Paris20 centimesF?1
France410930 1997Paris20 centimesF?1
France411931.1 1965París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1966París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1967París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1968París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1969París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1970París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1972París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1973París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1974París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1976París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1977París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1978París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1984París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1985París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1986París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1987París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1994París1/2 francF?1
France411931.1 1997París1/2 francF?1
France407933 1966París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1968París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1969París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1970París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1971París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1972París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1973París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1974París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1975París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1976París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1978París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1979París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1981París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1982París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1983París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1984París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1985París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1986París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1987París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1988París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1990París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1992París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1993París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1994París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1994DParís5 centimesF?1
France407933 1995París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1996París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1997París5 centimesF?1
France407933 1998París5 centimesF?1
France7056939.2 1962París50 centimesF?1
France7056939.2 1963París50 centimesF?1
France422940 1974París10 francsF?1
France422940 1975París10 francsF?1
France422940 1976París10 francsF?1
France422940 1977París10 francsF?1
France422940 1979París10 francsF?1
France422940 1980París10 francsF?1
France422940 1984París10 francsF?1
France419942.1 1979París2 francsF?1
France419942.1 1980París2 francsF?1
France419942.1 1981París2 francsF?1
France419942.1 1982París2 francsF?1
France419942.1 1983París2 francsF?1
France419942.1 1998París2 francsF?1
France17189964.1 1988París10 francsF?1
France17189964.1 1989París10 francsF?1
France17189964.1 1990París10 francsF?1
France17189964.1 1991París10 francsF?1
France17189964.1 1992París10 francsF?1
France95121008 1992París20 francsF?1
France1761282 1999París1 euro centF?1
France1761282 2000París1 euro centF?1
France1761282 2004París1 euro centF?1
France1761282 2005París1 euro centF?1
France1761282 2006París1 euro centF?1
France1761282 2007París1 euro centF?1
France1761282 2008París1 euro centF?1
France1761282 2011París1 euro centF?1
France1761282 2012París1 euro centF?1
France1761282 2013París1 euro centF?1
France1771283 1999París2 euro centF?1
France1771283 2005París2 euro centF?1
France1771283 2010París2 euro centF?1
France1771283 2014París2 euro centF?1
France1781284 1999París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2000París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2001París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2002París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2003París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2006París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2007París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2008París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2009París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2010París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2010París5 euro centVF?1
France1781284 2011París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2012París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2013París5 euro centF?1
France1781284 2014París5 euro centF?1
France1791285 2002París10 euro centF?1
France1791285 2005París10 euro centF?1
France1801286 1999París20 euro centF?1
France1801286 2000París20 euro centF?1
France1801286 2001París20 euro centF?1
France1801286 2002París20 euro centF?1
France1821288 2004París1 euroF?1
France8021410 2007París10 euro centF?1
France8021410 2008París10 euro centF?1
France8021410 2009París10 euro centF?1
France8021410 2010París10 euro centF?1
France8021410 2011París10 euro centF?1
France8021410 2012París10 euro centF?1
France8021410 2013París10 euro centF?1
France8021410 2016París10 euro centF?1
France8031411 2007París20 euro centF?1
France8031411 2008París20 euro centF?1
France8031411 2009París20 euro centF?1
France8031411 2010París20 euro centF?1
France8031411 2011París20 euro centF?1
France8031411 2013París20 euro centF?1
France8031411 2014París20 euro centF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81418.1 1960A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81418.1 1968A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81418.1 1975A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81428.2 1978A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81428.2 1979A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81428.2 1980A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81428.2 1982A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81428.2 1983A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81428.2 1985A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81428.2 1987A-Berlín1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81439.1 1972A-Berlín5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81439.1 1975A-Berlín5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81449.2 1980A-Berlín5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81449.2 1981A-Berlín5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81449.2 1983A-Berlín5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic81449.2 1988A-Berlín5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic814510 1965A-Berlín10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic814510 1967A-Berlín10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic814510 1968A-Berlín10 pfennigF?2
Germany-Democratic Republic814510 1968A-Berlín10 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Democratic Republic814510 1971A-Berlín10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic814510 1981A-Berlín10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic814510 1982A-Berlín10 pfennigF?1
Germany-Democratic Republic815611 1969Berlín20 pfennigVG?1
Germany-Democratic Republic1435950 1974A-Berlín10 mark (25 Aniversario de la República Democrática Alemana)VF?1
Germany-Empire816511 1912A-Berlín5 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1984FF-Stuttgart1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.575105 1986FF-Stuttgart1 pfennigF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.584110 1950FF-Stuttgart1 markF?1
Germany-Federal Rep.128207 2005FF-Stuttgart1 euro centF?1
Gibraltar3221773 19991 pennyVF?1
Greece517088 1966Kremnica50 leptaF?1
Greece454116 1976Atenas1 drachmaF?1
Greece454116 1982Atenas1 drachmaF?1
Greece454116 1984Atenas1 drachmaF?1
Greece455117 1978Atenas2 drachmaiF?1
Greece455117 1980Atenas2 drachmaiVG?1
Greece457118 1976Atenas5 drachmaiF?1
Greece459119 1976Atenas10 drachmaiF?1
Greece458131 1982Atenas5 drachmaiF?1
Greece458131 1984Atenas5 drachmaiF?1
Greece458131 1986Atenas5 drachmaiF?1
Greece458131 1990Atenas5 drachmaiF?1
Greece460132 1986Atenas10 drachmaiF?1
Greece3194133 1982Atenas20 drachmaiF?1
Greece3194133 1984Atenas20 drachmaiF?1
Greece3194133 1986Atenas20 drachmaiF?1
Greece462154 1990Atenas20 drachmaiF?1
Greece462154 1992Atenas20 drachmaiF?1
Greece3540159 1992Atenas100 drachmaiF?1
Greece185181 2010Atenas1 euro centUNC?1
Greece186182 2006Atenas2 euro centF?1
Greece186182 2008Atenas2 euro centF?1
Greece186182 2010Atenas2 euro centUNC?1
Greece187183 2002Atenas5 euro centF?1
Greece187183 2006Atenas5 euro centF?1
Greece187183 2007Atenas5 euro centF?1
Greece187183 2008Atenas5 euro centF?1
Greece187183 2009Atenas5 euro centF?1
Greece188184 2005Atenas10 euro centF?1
Greece188184 2006Atenas10 euro centF?1
Greece189185 2002Atenas20 euro centF?1
Greece189185 2002EE-Madrid20 euro centF?1
Greece807211 2007Atenas10 euro centF?1
Greece807211 2008Atenas10 euro centF?1
Greece807211 2009Atenas10 euro centF?1
Greece808212 2008Atenas20 euro centF?1
Greece808212 2009Atenas20 euro centVF?1
Guatemala3412277.6 200810 centavosUNC?3
Hong Kong468128.1 1965Londres10 centsF?1
Hong Kong468441 1977Llantrisant50 centsF?1
Hong Kong468441 1979Llantrisant50 centsF?1
Hong Kong468543 1979Llantrisant1 dollarVF?1
Hong Kong468649 1982Llantrisant10 centsF?1
Hong Kong320567 1997Llantrisant20 centsF?1
Hong Kong320567 1997Llantrisant20 centsVF?1
Hong Kong319768 1998Llantrisant50 centsF?2
Hungary469575 1967Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary469575 1968Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary469575 1969Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary469575 1976Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary469575 1977Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary469575 1980Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary469575 1981Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary469575 1989Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary470591 1970Budapest2 forintVG?1
Hungary470591 1981Budapest2 forintF?1
Hungary470591 1982Budapest2 forintF?1
Hungary471635 1989Budapest5 forintF?1
Hungary96692 1997Budapest1 forintF?1
Hungary99695 1993Budapest10 forintF?1
Hungary99695 1994Budapest10 forintF?1
Hungary99695 2005Budapest10 forintF?1
Hungary100696 1994Budapest20 forintF?1
Hungary100696 1995Budapest20 forintF?1
Hungary3164721 1996Budapest100 forintF?1
Hungary3164721 1997Budapest100 forintF?1
Hungary3164721 1998Budapest100 forintF?1
Hungary3490826 2009Budapest200 forint (Puente de las Cadenas de Széchenyi)VF?1
Iceland339925 1981Llantrisant10 aurarF?1
Iceland346327 a1999Llantrisant1 coronaF?1
Iceland515029.1 a1996Llantrisant10 coronasF?1
India48192.2 1997Mº-Ciudad de México1 rupeeF?1
Indonesia48835 197150 rupiahF?1
Indonesia48942 1978100 rupiahVF?1
Indonesia296461 1999100 rupiahF?1
Indonesia7067 2003500 rupiahVF?1
Iran46091262 2002Teherán250 rialsF?1
Ireland297220 1971Dublín1 pennyF?1
Ireland297220 1980Dublín1 pennyF?1
Ireland346020 a1995Dublín1 pennyF?1
Ireland346020 a1996Dublín1 pennyVF?1
Ireland304621 1971Dublín2 penceF?1
Ireland304621 1975Dublín2 penceF?1
Ireland304621 1979Dublín2 penceF?1
Ireland297128 1992Dublín5 penceF?1
Ireland174932 2002Dublín1 euro centF?1
Ireland174932 2004Dublín1 euro centF?1
Ireland175033 2007Dublín2 euro centF?1
Ireland175134 2002Dublín5 euro centF?1
Ireland175134 2003Dublín5 euro centF?1
Ireland175134 2004Dublín5 euro centF?1
Ireland175134 2006Dublín5 euro centF?1
Ireland175134 2007Dublín5 euro centF?1
Ireland175134 2009Dublín5 euro centF?1
Ireland338335 2002Dublín10 euro centF?1
Ireland338335 2003Dublín10 euro centF?1
Ireland338335 2004Dublín10 euro centF?1
Ireland338436 2002Dublín20 euro centF?1
Ireland338436 2003Dublín20 euro centF?1
Ireland338436 2004Dublín20 euro centF?1
Ireland338436 2005Dublín20 euro centF?1
Ireland338436 2006Dublín20 euro centF?1
Ireland356047 2007Dublín10 euro centF?1
Ireland356047 2007Dublín10 euro centVF?1
Ireland356047 2008Dublín10 euro centF?1
Ireland387348 2008Dublín20 euro centF?1
Israel6706106 1980Winnipeg1 nuevo agoraF?1
Israel3156158 1986Berna10 agorotVG?1
Israel3156158 1988Jerusalén10 agorotF?1
Israel3156158 1998Santiago de Chile10 agorotF?1
Israel3156158 2006Daejeon10 agorotF?1
Israel6740160 a1995Utrecht1 new sheqelF?1
Israel6740160 a1997Utrecht1 new sheqelF?1
Italy167344 1910Roma20 centesimi (Vittorio Emanuele III)F?1
Italy345675 b1942Roma20 centesimi (Vittorio Emanuele III)F?1
Italy584576 b1941Roma50 centesimi (Vittorio Emanuele III)VF?1
Italy49092 1953Roma5 lireF?1
Italy49092 1954Roma5 lireF?5
Italy49092 1955Roma5 lireF?3
Italy49193 1951Roma10 lireF?3
Italy49193 1952Roma10 lireF?1
Italy49193 1953Roma10 lireF?4
Italy49193 1954Roma10 lireF?1
Italy49193 1955Roma10 lireF?3
Italy49193 1956Roma10 lireF?3
Italy49193 1973Roma10 lireF?3
Italy49193 1974Roma10 lireVF?1
Italy49193 1976Roma10 lireF?2
Italy307395.1 1955Roma50 lireF?3
Italy307395.1 1956Roma50 lireF?2
Italy307395.1 1957Roma50 lireF?1
Italy307395.1 1963Roma50 lireF?1
Italy307395.1 1964Roma50 lireF?2
Italy307395.1 1972Roma50 lireF?1
Italy307395.1 1973Roma50 lireF?2
Italy307395.1 1975Roma50 lireVF?3
Italy307395.1 1976Roma50 lireF?5
Italy307395.1 1977Roma50 lireF?5
Italy307395.1 1978Roma50 lireF?5
Italy307395.1 1979Roma50 lireF?5
Italy307395.1 1980Roma50 lireF?2
Italy307395.1 1981Roma50 lireF?1
Italy307596.1 1956Roma100 lireF?4
Italy307596.1 1957Roma100 lireF?3
Italy307596.1 1958Roma100 lireF?1
Italy307596.1 1963Roma100 lireF?1
Italy307596.1 1965Roma100 lireF?2
Italy307596.1 1966Roma100 lireF?1
Italy307596.1 1975Roma100 lireF?1
Italy307596.1 1976Roma100 lireF?5
Italy307596.1 1977Roma100 lireF?5
Italy307596.1 1978Roma100 lireF?5
Italy307596.1 1979Roma100 lireF?5
Italy307596.1 1981Roma100 lireF?3
Italy307596.1 1987Roma100 lireF?1
Italy307596.1 1989Roma100 lireF?1
Italy554596.2 1992Roma100 lireF?1
Italy341597.2 1981Roma20 lireF?2
Italy495105 1978Roma200 lireF?1
Italy495105 1979Roma200 lireF?1
Italy495105 1980Roma200 lireF?1
Italy495105 1981Roma200 lireF?1
Italy495105 1988Roma200 lireF?1
Italy495105 1991Roma200 lireF?2
Italy495105 1995Roma200 lireF?1
Italy5520106 1979Roma100 lire (FAO-Nutrir al Mundo)F?1
Italy3076111 1982Roma500 lireF?1
Italy3076111 1983Roma500 lireF?2
Italy3076111 1984Roma500 lireF?3
Italy3076111 1985Roma500 lireF?1
Italy3076111 1987Roma500 lireF?4
Italy3076111 1988Roma500 lireF?2
Italy3076111 1990Roma500 lireF?1
Italy3076111 1995Roma500 lireF?1
Italy5523155 1993Roma200 lire (70 Aniversario de la Aviación Militar)F?1
Italy494159 1998Roma100 lireF?1
Italy496164 1994Roma200 lire (180 Aniversario de la Fundación de los Carabinieri)F?2
Italy214210 2002Roma1 euro centF?1
Italy214210 2004Roma1 euro centF?1
Italy215211 2002Roma2 euro centF?1
Italy215211 2008Roma2 euro centF?1
Italy215211 2013Roma2 euro centF?1
Italy216212 2002Roma5 euro centF?1
Italy216212 2006Roma5 euro centF?1
Italy216212 2007Roma5 euro centF?1
Italy216212 2008Roma5 euro centF?1
Italy216212 2009Roma5 euro centF?1
Italy216212 2013Roma5 euro centF?1
Italy217213 2002Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy217213 2003Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy217213 2005Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy217213 2006Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy217213 2007Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy218214 2002Roma20 euro centF?1
Italy218214 2003Roma20 euro centF?1
Italy822247 2008Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy822247 2009Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy822247 2010Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy822247 2011Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy822247 2012Roma10 euro centF?1
Italy823248 2009Roma20 euro centF?1
Italy823248 2010Roma20 euro centF?1
Italy823248 2018Roma20 euro centVF?1
Jamaica328964 1991Llantrisant1 centVF?1
Jamaica3555146.2 2003Llantrisant10 centsUNC?3
Jamaica6167167 200325 centsUNC?3
Japan270572 a1977Osaka5 yenes (Hirohito-Showa)VF?1
Japan270572 a1987Osaka5 yenes (Hirohito-Showa)F?1
Japan275173 a1974Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275173 a1976Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275173 a1977Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275173 a1978Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275173 a1980Osaka10 yenesF?1
Japan275274 1963Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1964Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1965Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1971Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1974Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1976Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1980Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1981Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1982Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275274 1988Osaka1 yenF?1
Japan275882 1970Osaka100 yenes (Showa)F?1
Japan275882 1988Osaka100 yenes (Showa)F?1
Japan349195.2 1990Osaka1 yen (Heisei)F?1
Japan349397.2 1998Osaka10 yenes (Heisei)F?1
Japan349397.2 2003Osaka10 yenes (Heisei)F?1
Japan5922101.2 1990Osaka50 yenesVF?1
Jordan8554 1998Llantrisant5 piastresVF?1
Jordan8673 2000Llantrisant5 piastresVF?1
Kazakhstan384726 2000Kamenogorsk20 tengeF?1
Kenya542018 199010 centsVF?1
Latvia379413 200950 santimuF?1
Latvia379515 2003Pessac1 santimsF?1
Latvia8385150 2014Stuttgart1 euro centVF?1
Latvia8388153 2014Stuttgart10 euro centF?1
Lithuania66085 1991Vilna1 centasF?1
Lithuania318087 1991Vilna5 centaiF?1
Lithuania3182107 2008Vilna20 centuF?1
Lithuania13507209 2015Vilna20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22675 2002Utrecht1 euro centUNC?1
Luxembourg22675 2005S-Vantaa1 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22675 2008F-Pessac1 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22776 2002Utrecht2 euro centUNC?1
Luxembourg22776 2002Utrecht2 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22776 2004Utrecht2 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22776 2008F-Pessac2 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22776 2013Utrecht2 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22877 2002Utrecht5 euro centUNC?1
Luxembourg22877 2002Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22877 2004Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22877 2008Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22978 2002Utrecht10 euro centF?1
Luxembourg22978 2004Utrecht10 euro centF?1
Luxembourg23079 2002Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg23079 2004Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg23079 2005Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg23079 2006Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg72889 2008F-Pessac10 euro centF?1
Luxembourg72889 2009Utrecht10 euro centF?1
Luxembourg72990 2007F-Pessac20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg72990 2008F-Pessac20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg72990 2009Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg72990 2010Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg72990 2012Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg72990 2013Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg72990 2014Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Luxembourg73091 2016Utrecht50 euro centF?1
Malaysia340449 1995Shah Alam1 senF?2
Malaysia340449 2005Shah Alam1 senF?1
Malaysia7183202 2018Shah Alam10 senF?1
Malta26339 1972Llantrisant2 centsF?1
Malta26339 1977Llantrisant2 centsF?1
Malta263511 197210 centsF?1
Malta50593 1991Llantrisant1 centF?1
Malta50593 1998Llantrisant1 centF?1
Malta50593 2001Llantrisant1 centF?1
Malta766127 2008F-Pessac5 euro centF?1
Malta767128 2008F-Pessac10 euro centF?1
Malta768129 2008F-Pessac20 euro centF?1
Mexico7113426 1966Mº-Ciudad de México5 centavosF?1
Mexico7113426 1967Mº-Ciudad de México5 centavosF?1
Mexico1153427 1973Mº-Ciudad de Mexico5 centavosF?1
Mexico1153427 1976Mº-Ciudad de Mexico5 centavosF?1
Mexico648442 1975Mº-ciudad de México20 centavosF?1
Mexico1156452 1976Mº-Ciudad de México50 centavosF?1
Mexico509460 1970Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico509460 1971Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico509460 1972Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico509460 1975Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico509460 1978Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico4546477.2 1982Mº-Ciudad de México10 pesosF?1
Mexico1270485 1981Mº-Ciudad de México.5 pesosF?1
Mexico1388493 1984Mº-Ciudad de México100 pesosF?1
Mexico1388493 1985Mº-Ciudad de México100 pesosF?1
Mexico1388493 1989Mº-Ciudad de México100 pesosF?1
Mexico1388493 1990Mº-Ciudad de México100 pesosF?1
Mexico1143495 1985Mº-Ciudad de México50 pesosF?1
Mexico1276496 1986Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico1139512 1989Mº-Ciudad de México10 pesosF?1
Mexico506547 1993Mº-Ciudad de México10 centavosF?1
Mexico508549 1993Mº-Ciudad de México50 centavosF?1
Mexico508549 2006Mº-Ciudad de México50 centavosF?1
Mexico508549 2008Mº-Ciudad de México50 centavosF?1
Mexico510550 1993Mº-Ciudad de México1 nuevo pesoF?1
Mexico510550 1994Mº-Ciudad de México1 nuevo pesoF?1
Mexico511603 1997Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico511603 1998Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico511603 2007Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico511603 2008Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico511603 2012Mº-Ciudad de México1 pesoF?1
Mexico512604 2008Mº-Ciudad de México2 pesosF?1
Mexico514605 2011Mº-Ciudad de México5 pesosF?1
Moldova16320153 20181 leuUNC?5
Morocco505148 1951París5 francsF?1
Morocco505148 1951París5 francsVG?1
Morocco1503649 1952París10 francsF?1
Morocco1495550 1952París20 francsF?1
Morocco181556 1965París1 dirhamF?1
Morocco181556 1968París1 dirhamF?1
Morocco181556 1969París1 dirhamF?1
Morocco352860 1974París10 santimat (FAO)VG?1
Morocco1070762 1974Llantrisant50 santimatF?1
Morocco1070762 1974Llantrisant50 santimatVG?1
Morocco10563 1974París1 dirhamF?1
Morocco352784 Y1987París10 santimat (FAO)VG?1
Morocco5985 Y1987París20 santimat (FAO)VG?1
Morocco296387 Y1987París1/2 dirhamF?1
Morocco10688 Y1987París1 dirhamVG?1
Morocco10688 Y1987París1 dirhamF?1
Morocco13807114 Y2002Rabat10 santimatF?1
Morocco5867115 Y2002Rabat20 santimatF?1
Morocco3534116 Y2002París1/2 dirhamF?1
Morocco5868117 Y2002París1 dirhamF?1
Morocco4064118 Y2002París2 dirhamsF?1
Nepal5091802 1975Kathmandu5 paisaF?1
Netherlands 4847170 1942Utrecht1 céntimo (Ocupación Alemana)F?1
Netherlands 463175 1948Utrecht1 céntimo (Guillermina)F?1
Netherlands 3167178 194825 céntimos (Guillermina)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1950Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1951Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1952Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1953Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1954Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1955Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1956Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1957Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1958Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1959Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1960Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1961Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1962Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1963Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1964Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1965Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1966Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1967Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1968Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1969PUtrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1970Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1971Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1972Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1973Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1974Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1975Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1976Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1977Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 464180 1979Utrecht1 céntimo (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1950Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1951Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1952Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1953Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1954Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1956Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1957Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1962Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1964Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1965Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1966Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1967VUtrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1969GUtrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1971Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1972Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1973Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1974Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1975Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1976Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1977Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1978Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1979Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 465181 1980Utrecht5 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1950Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1951Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1958Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1959Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1962Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1963Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?2
Netherlands 3168182 1964Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1965Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1966Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?2
Netherlands 3168182 1967Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1968Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1969PUtrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?2
Netherlands 3168182 1970Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1971Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1972Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1973Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?2
Netherlands 3168182 1974Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1975Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1976Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1977Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?2
Netherlands 3168182 1978Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?1
Netherlands 3168182 1979Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?3
Netherlands 3168182 1980Utrecht10 céntimos (Juliana)F?3
Netherlands 467183 1950Utrecht25 centsF?2
Netherlands 467183 1951Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1954Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1958Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1964Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1965Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1969GUtrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1970Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1971Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1973Utrecht25 centsF?2
Netherlands 467183 1975Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1976Utrecht25 centsF?2
Netherlands 467183 1977Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1978Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1979Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 467183 1980Utrecht25 centsF?2
Netherlands 1816184 a1967Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1968Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1969PUtrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1970Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1971Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1972Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1973Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1976Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1977Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1978Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 1816184 a1980Utrecht1 guldenF?1
Netherlands 3469202 1982Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3469202 1983Utrecht 5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3469202 1984Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3469202 1985Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3469202 1990Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3469202 1991Utrecht5 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3470203 1985Utrecht10 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3470203 1992Utrecht10 céntimos (Beatriz)F?1
Netherlands 3170204 1985Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 3170204 1987Utrecht25 centsF?1
Netherlands 4854210 1988Utrecht5 guldenF?1
Netherlands 4854210 1989Utrecht5 guldenF?1
Netherlands 4854210 1990Utrecht5 guldenF?1
Netherlands 195234 2004Utrecht1 euro centF?1
Netherlands 196235 1999Utrecht2 euro centF?1
Netherlands 196235 2001 Utrecht2 euro centF?1
Netherlands 196235 2003 Utrecht2 euro centF?1
Netherlands 197236 1999Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Netherlands 197236 2000Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Netherlands 197236 2001 Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Netherlands 197236 2005Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Netherlands 197236 2006Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Netherlands 197236 2007Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Netherlands 197236 2008Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Netherlands 197236 2009Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Netherlands 198237 1999Utrecht10 euro centF?1
Netherlands 198237 2000Utrecht10 euro centF?1
Netherlands 198237 2001 Utrecht10 euro centF?1
Netherlands 199238 1999Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Netherlands 199238 2000Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Netherlands 199238 2001 Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Netherlands 199238 2002Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Netherlands 199238 2003 Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Netherlands 199238 2004Utrecht20 euro centF?1
Netherlands 10141346 2014Utrecht5 euro centF?1
Netherlands 10141346 2018Utrecht5 euro centVF?1
Netherlands 10142347 2014Utrecht10 euro centF?1
New Zealand3909117 a2006Ottawa10 centsF?1
Norway8399367 1950Kongsberg1 oreVG?1
Norway7101407 1971Kongsberg25 oreF?1
Norway2933418 1990Kongsberg50 oreF?1
Norway12382462 1997Kongsberg1 krone (Harald V)F?1
Paraguay11853177 b2008Winnipeg100 guaraniesF?1
Paraguay11853177 b2012Llantrisant100 guaraniesF?1
Paraguay6721195 a2008Winnipeg500 guaraníesF?1
Peru5815266.1 1975Lima1 solVF?1
Peru3114305.4 2002Lima10 céntimosVG?1
Peru3114305.4 2006Lima10 céntimosVG?1
Peru3114305.4 2008Lima10 céntimosVG?1
Peru3114305.4 2013Lima10 céntimosVF?1
Peru5482306.1 1993Lima20 céntimosVG?1
Peru5491307.1 1991Lima50 céntimosVG?1
Peru5492307.4 2002Lima50 céntimosVG?1
Peru5493313 1995Lima2 nuevos solesF?1
Philippines3589205 1976Franklin1 sentimoG?1
Philippines4649240.2 1987Quezon City10 sentimos (FAO)G?1
Poland574173 1975Varsovia10 zlotych (Boleslaw Prus)F?1
Poland13560216 1990Varsovia50 zlotychF?1
Poland621276 1992Varsovia1 groszF?1
Poland621276 1993Varsovia1 groszF?1
Poland621276 2003Varsovia1 groszF?1
Poland621276 2004Varsovia1 groszF?1
Poland621276 2005Varsovia1 groszF?1
Poland621276 2006Varsovia1 groszF?1
Poland621276 2009Varsovia1 groszF?1
Poland621276 2012Varsovia1 groszF?1
Poland621276 2013Varsovia1 groszF?1
Poland3605278 2010Varsovia5 groszyF?1
Poland3175279 1992Varsovia10 groszyVG?1
Poland3172281 1992Varsovia50 groszyF?1
Poland3172281 1995Varsovia50 groszyF?1
Poland3173283 2017Varsovia2 zloteXF?1
Poland3174284 2009Varsovia5 zlotychF?1
Portugal526577 1929Lisboa50 centavosVG?1
Portugal526577 1946Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal526577 1947Lisboa50 centavosVG?1
Portugal526577 1965Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal526577 1966Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal526577 1967Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal526577 1968Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal4220578 1968Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal4194583 1950Lisboa10 centavosF?1
Portugal4194583 1964Lisboa10 centavosF?1
Portugal4199584 1943Lisboa20 centavosF?1
Portugal4199584 1967Lisboa20 centavosF?1
Portugal519590 1963Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1964Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1965Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1969Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1971Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1974Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1975Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1976Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1977Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1978Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1979Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1980Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1981Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1982Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1983Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1984Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal519590 1985Lisboa2,50 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1964Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1966Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1967Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1968Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1977Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1980Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1981Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1984Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal520591 1985Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal4195594 1974Lisboa10 centavosF?1
Portugal4200595 1974Lisboa20 centavosF?1
Portugal527596 1970Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal527596 1971Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal527596 1972Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal527596 1973Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal527596 1974Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal527596 1976Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal527596 1977Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal527596 1978Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal527596 1979Lisboa50 centavosF?1
Portugal3963597 1973Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal3963597 1975Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal3963597 1979Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal3455607 a1980Lisboa25 escudosF?1
Portugal3455607 a1981Lisboa25 escudosF?1
Portugal3455607 a1982Lisboa25 escudosF?1
Portugal517614 1983Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal517614 1984Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal517614 1985Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal517614 1986Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal518631 1989Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal518631 1992Lisboa1 escudoF?1
Portugal521632 1987Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal521632 1989Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal521632 1990Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal521632 1993Lisboa5 escudosF?1
Portugal522633 1986Lisboa10 escudosF?1
Portugal522633 1987Lisboa10 escudosF?1
Portugal522633 1988Lisboa10 escudosF?1
Portugal522633 1989Lisboa10 escudosF?1
Portugal522633 1990Lisboa10 escudosF?1
Portugal3213634.1 1986Lisboa20 escudosF?1
Portugal3213634.1 1987Lisboa20 escudosF?1
Portugal3213634.1 1988Lisboa20 escudosF?1
Portugal3212636 1986Lisboa50 escudosF?1
Portugal3212636 1987Lisboa50 escudosF?1
Portugal3212636 1988Lisboa50 escudosF?1
Portugal5455645.2 1990Lisboa100 escudosF?1
Portugal5455645.2 1991Lisboa100 escudosF?1
Portugal3210655 1991Lisboa200 escudos (Garcia De Orta)F?1
Portugal239740 2004Lisboa1 euro centF?1
Portugal239740 2006Lisboa1 euro centF?1
Portugal239740 2007Lisboa1 euro centF?1
Portugal240741 2002Lisboa2 euro centF?1
Portugal240741 2009Lisboa2 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2002Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2004Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2005Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2006Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2007Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2008Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2009Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2011Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2017Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2018Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal241742 2019Lisboa5 euro centF?1
Portugal242743 2002Lisboa10 euro centF?1
Portugal243744 2002Lisboa20 euro centF?1
Portugal243744 2004Lisboa20 euro centF?1
Portugal243744 2005Lisboa20 euro centF?1
Portugal243744 2006Lisboa20 euro centF?1
Portugal244745 2004Lisboa50 euro centF?1
Portugal733763 2009Lisboa10 euro centF?1
Portugal734764 2009Lisboa20 euro centF?1
Portugal734764 2011Lisboa20 euro centF?1
Portugal734764 2015Lisboa20 euro centF?1
Portugal734764 2016Lisboa20 euro centF?1
Qatar1551883 201625 dirhamsXF?1
Qatar1551984 201650 dirhamsXF?1
Romania63192 1966Bucarest5 baniF?1
Romania1001193 a1975Bucarest15 baniVF?1
Romania63094 1966Bucarest25 baniF?1
Romania62995 1966Bucarest1 leuVG?1
Romania62995 1966Bucarest1 leuF?1
Romania800097 1978Bucarest5 leiVG?1
Romania628111 1992Bucarest100 leiVG?1
Romania850153 2004Bucarest1.000 leiF?1
Romania632190 2008Bucarest5 baniF?1
Romania632190 2011Bucarest5 baniVG?1
Romania847191 2006Bucarest10 baniF?1
Romania847191 2007Bucarest10 baniF?1
Romania847191 2008Bucarest10 baniF?1
Romania847191 2009Bucarest10 baniF?1
Romania847191 2010Bucarest10 baniF?1
Romania847191 2011Bucarest10 baniF?1
Romania847191 2012Bucarest10 baniF?1
Romania848192 2006Bucarest50 baniF?1
Russia7250329.1 1993MMД-Moscú50 rublosF?1
Russia633600 2007MMД-Moscú1 kópekF?1
Russia633600 2008MMД-Moscú1 kópekF?1
Russia633600 2009MMД-Moscú1 kópekF?1
Russia1779601 2005MMД-Moscú5 kopeksF?1
Russia6924603 a2013MMД-Moscú50 kopeksF?2
Russia3308604 1997MMД-Moscú1 rubloF?1
Russia3308604 1998MMД-Moscú1 rubloF?1
Russia3310605 1998MMД-Moscú2 rublosF?1
Russia3311606 1997CПMД-San Petersburgo5 rublosF?1
Russia3309833 2008MMД-Moscú1 rubloF?1
Russia5354834 2007MMД-Moscú2 rublosF?1
Russia5354834 2008MMД-Moscú2 rublosF?1
Russia5546998 2011MMД-Moscú10 rublosF?1
Serbia1701951 2009Belgrado10 dinara (XXV Universiada de Verano - Belgrado)UNC?1
Singapore296898 1995Singapur1 centVG?1
Slovakia387198 2009Kremnica10 euro centF?1
Slovakia350699 2009Kremnica20 euro centF?1
Slovenia34445 20002 tolarjevF?1
Slovenia32566 20005 tolarjevF?1
Slovenia70270 2007Vantaa5 euro centF?1
Slovenia72572 2007Vantaa20 euro centF?1
South Africa359582 1981Centurion1 cent (SUID-AFRIKA - SOUTH AFRICA)F?1
South Africa3979139 1990Sudáfrica2 rand (SUID-AFRIKA - SOUTH AFRICA)F?1
South Korea272833.1 1995Daejeon10 wonF?1
South Korea272735.2 2001Daejeon100 wonF?1
Spain923660 1870Barcelona1 céntimo (Gobierno Provisional)F?1
Spain923660 1870Barcelona1 céntimo (Gobierno Provisional)VG?1
Spain925662 1870Barcelona5 céntimos (Gobierno Provisional)VG?1
Spain3222742 1927Madrid25 céntimos (Alfonso XIII)F?1
Spain1827751 1934Madrid25 céntimos (II República)F?1
Spain982753 1937Viena25 céntimos (2º Año Triunfal)F?1
Spain868755 1937Madrid1 peseta (II República)VG?1
Spain5766 1953Madrid10 céntimosF?1
Spain1826767 1944Madrid1 pesetaVG?1
Spain1843775 1947*53Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)VG?1
Spain1843775 1953*62Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)F?1
Spain1843775 1963*63Madrid1 peseta (Francisco Franco)VG?1
Spain984777 1949*56Madrid50 céntimos (Francisco Franco)VG?1
Spain984777 1949*62Madrid50 céntimos (Francisco Franco)F?1
Spain1838786 1957*70Madrid5 pesetasVF?1
Spain1839787 1957*58Madrid25 pesetasF?1
Spain1839787 1957*59Madrid25 pesetasF?1
Spain1839787 1957*65Madrid25 pesetasF?1
Spain1839787 1957*66Madrid25 pesetasF?1
Spain1839787 1957*67Madrid25 pesetasF?1
Spain1839787 1957*68Madrid25 pesetasF?1
Spain1839787 1957*75Madrid25 pesetasF?1
Spain1840788 1957*58Madrid50 pesetasF?1
Spain1840788 1957*59Madrid50 pesetasF?1
Spain6790 1959Madrid10 céntimosF?1
Spain985795 1966*67Madrid50 céntimosVF?1
Spain985795 1966*68Madrid50 céntimosVF?1
Spain1844796 1966*68Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1844796 1966*70Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1844796 1966*71Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1844796 1966*72Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1844796 1966*74Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1844796 1966*75Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain114806 1975*78Madrid1 pesetaUNC?1
Spain114806 1975*78Londres1 pesetaVF?1
Spain114806 1975*80Madrid1 pesetaVF?1
Spain1845807 1975*78Madrid5 pesetasVF?1
Spain1845807 1975*80Madrid5 pesetasUNC?1
Spain1846808 1975*76Madrid25 pesetasVF?1
Spain1846808 1975*77Madrid25 pesetasVF?1
Spain1847809 1975*79Madrid50 pesetasVF?1
Spain929816 1980*81Madrid1 peseta (España 82)F?1
Spain929816 1980*82Madrid1 peseta (España 82)VF?1
Spain1848817 1980*80Madrid5 pesetas (España 82)VF?1
Spain1848817 1980*81Madrid5 pesetas (España 82)VF?1
Spain1849818 1980*81Madrid25 pesetas (España 82)VF?1
Spain1850819 1980*80Madrid50 pesetas (España 82)F?1
Spain1850819 1980*82Madrid50 pesetas (España 82)VF?1
Spain959820 1980*80Madrid100 pesetas (España 82)VF?1
Spain1851821 1982Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1851821 1984Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1851821 1985Madrid1 pesetaVF?1
Spain1851821 1986Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1851821 1988Madrid1 pesetaVF?1
Spain1851821 1988Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1851821 1989Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain930822 1982Madrid2 pesetasF?1
Spain930822 1984Madrid2 pesetasF?1
Spain1855823 1983Madrid5 pesetasUNC?1
Spain1855823 1983Madrid5 pesetasVF?1
Spain1857824 1983Madrid25 pesetasVF?1
Spain2747827 1983Madrid10 pesetasVF?1
Spain2747827 1983Madrid10 pesetasF?1
Spain2747827 1984Madrid10 pesetasF?1
Spain1859832 1989Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1859832 1989Madrid1 pesetaVF?1
Spain1859832 1995Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain1859832 2000Madrid1 pesetaF?1
Spain2887833 1990Madrid5 pesetasVF?1
Spain2887833 1991Madrid5 pesetasF?1
Spain2887833 1992Madrid5 pesetasF?1
Spain3419851 1991Madrid25 pesetas (Barcelona 92-Salto de Altura)UNC?1
Spain933946 1995Madrid5 pesetas (Asturias)VG?1
Spain934960 1996Madrid5 pesetas (La Rioja)F?1
Spain935981 1997Madrid5 pesetas (Islas Baleares)VF?1
Spain949990 1998Madrid25 pesetas (Ceuta)F?1
Spain9361008 1999Madrid5 pesetas (Murcia)F?1
Sweden599835 1968U-Estocolmo10 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden599835 1969U-Estocolmo10 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden599835 1970U-Estocolmo10 öre (Gustaf VI)F?2
Sweden599835 1973U-Eskilstuna10 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden604836 1963U-Estocolmo25 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden604836 1964U-Estocolmo25 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden604836 1972U-Estocolmo25 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden604836 1973U-Eskilstuna25 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden3176837 1970Eskilstuna50 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden3176837 1973Eskilstuna50 öre (Gustaf VI)F?2
Sweden596845 1972U5 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden596845 1973U5 öre (Gustaf VI)F?1
Sweden600850 1980U10 öre (Carl XVI Gustaf)F?1
Sweden600850 1981U10 öre (Carl XVI Gustaf)F?1
Sweden600850 1983U10 öre (Carl XVI Gustaf)F?1
Sweden600850 1984U10 öre (Carl XVI Gustaf)F?1
Sweden600850 1988D10 öre (Carl XVI Gustaf)F?1
Sweden600850 1989D10 öre (Carl XVI Gustaf)F?1
Sweden3608852 1978Suecia1 krona (Carl XVI Gustaf)F?1
Sweden2468852 a2000Suecia1 krona (Carl XVI Gustaf)F?1
Sweden654877 1991Suecia10 kronorF?1
Sweden654877 1992Suecia10 kronorF?1
Switzerland487223 a.11971Berna1/2 francG?1
Switzerland487223 a.11971Berna1/2 francVF?1
Switzerland70026 1962Berna5 rappenF?1
Switzerland70026 1963Berna5 rappenF?3
Switzerland70026 1964Berna5 rappenF?5
Switzerland70026 1969Berna5 rappenF?2
Switzerland70026 1970Berna5 rappenF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1981Berna5 rappenF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1982Berna5 rappenF?1
Switzerland1531126 c1983Berna5 rappenF?3
Switzerland1531126 c1994Berna5 rappenF?1
Switzerland317827 1969Berna10 rappenF?1
Switzerland317827 1974Berna10 rappenF?1
Switzerland317827 1990Berna10 rappenF?1
Switzerland317746 1958B-Berna1 rappenVG?1
Taiwan3035551 1984Taoyuan1 dollar (1 yuan)F?1
Taiwan4760552 1981Taoyuan5 dollars (5 yuan)F?1
Thailand65084 1962Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand65084 1962Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand6261110 1977Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand6261110 1977Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand6262111 1979Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand651183 1987Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand651183 1988Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand651183 1989Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand651183 1990Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand651183 1993Pathum Thani1 bahtVF?1
Thailand651183 1995Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand651183 2000Pathum Thani1 bahtF?1
Thailand3477187 1996Pathum Thani25 satangF?1
Thailand635219 1989Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand635219 2008Pathum Thani5 bahtF?1
Thailand4522227 1994Pathum Thani10 bahtVF?1
Thailand4522227 1995Pathum Thani10 bahtF?1
Tunisia2421307.1 198320 millimes (No magnética)VG?1
Tunisia2422308 196050 millimesF?1
Tunisia2422308 198350 millimesVG?1
Tunisia2423309 1960100 millimesVG?1
Tunisia2423309 1983100 millimesF?3
Tunisia2423309 1983100 millimesVG?1
Tunisia2423309 1997100 millimesF?1
Turkey5792886 195625 kuruşVG?1
Turkey5787892.2 1964Estambul25 kuruşF?1
Turkey5748966 1985Estambul50 lirasF?1
Turkey5748966 1986Estambul50 lirasF?1
Turkey571988 1989Estambul100 lirasF?1
Turkey571988 1990Estambul100 lirasF?1
Turkey569989 1989Estambul500 lirasF?1
Turkey568997 1991Estambul1.000 lirasF?1
Turkey57521029.1 19965.000 lirasF?1
Turkey57681165 2005Estambul5 new kuruşF?1
Turkey1121166 2006Estambul10 new kuruşF?1
Turkey46591167 2006Estambul25 new kuruşF?1
Turkey5721168 2005Estambul50 new kuruşF?1
Turkey1091169 2005Estambul1 new liraF?1
Turkey1091169 2006Estambul1 new liraF?1
Turkey35391240 2009Estambul5 kuruşF?1
Turkey57691241 2009Estambul10 kuruşF?1
Turkey57691241 2011Estambul10 kuruşF?1
Turkey57691241 2018Estambul10 kuruşXF?1
Uganda289730 1987Londres10 shillingsXF?1
Ukraine40401.1 a1992Kiev10 kopiyokF?1
Ukraine35382.1 b2011Kiev25 kopiyokF?1
Ukraine51493.3 b2007Kiev50 kopiyokF?1
United Arab Emirates 46546.2 1995Llantrisant1 dirhamF?1
United Arab Emirates 46546.2 2007Llantrisant1 dirhamF?1
United Arab Emirates 507216 2007Llantrisant50 filsF?1
United Kingdom6362838 1936Londres1 penny (George V)F?1
United Kingdom3452878 1949Londres2 shillings (George VI)F?1
United Kingdom5351896 1954Londres1/2 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom1810897 1965Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom1810897 1966Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom1810897 1967Londres1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom437903 1955Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom437903 1956Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)VG?1
United Kingdom437903 1962Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom437903 1965Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom437903 1966Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom437903 1967Londres6 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5368904 1956Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5368904 1961Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5368904 1962Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5368904 1966Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3450905 1954Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3450905 1955Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3450905 1958Londres1 shilling (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3453906 1966Londres2 shillings (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom434911 1970Llantrisant5 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom434911 1980Llantrisant5 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom438912 1968Llantrisant10 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom438912 1980Llantrisant10 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1971Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1973Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1974Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1975Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1976Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1977Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1978Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1979Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1980Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom425915 1981Llantrisant1 new penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom430916 1971Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom430916 1975Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom430916 1978Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom430916 1979Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom430916 1980Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom430916 1981Llantrisant2 new pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom426927 1983Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom426927 1984Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom441931 1982Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom441931 1983Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom427935 1986Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom427935 1987Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom427935 1988Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom427935 1989Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom427935 1990Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom427935 1991Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1992Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1993Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1994Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1995Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1996Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3567935 a1997Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom431936 1985Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom431936 1987Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom431936 1988Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom431936 1989Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom431936 1990Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom431936 1991Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3568936 a1992Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3568936 a1993Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3568936 a1994Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3568936 a1995Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3568936 a1996Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3568936 a1997Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1990Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom3569937 b1991Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5371938 b1992Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5371938 b1996Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom5371938 b1997Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom442939 1989Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom442939 1990Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom442939 1996Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom442939 1997Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 1998Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 1999Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2000Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2001Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2002Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2003Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2004Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2005Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2006Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom429986 2007Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom433987 2000Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom433987 2001Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom433987 2003Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom433987 2004Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom433987 2005Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom433987 2007Llantrisant2 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 1998Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 2001Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 2003Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 2004Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 2006Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom436988 2007Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom439989 2002Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom439989 2003Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom439989 2004Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom439989 2006Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom439989 2007Llantrisant10 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom443990 2001Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom443990 2004Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom443990 2005Llantrisant20 pence (Elizabeth II)F?1
United Kingdom79981050 2005Llantrisant50 pence (250 Aniversario Publicación del Diccionario en Lengua Inglesa - Samuel Johnson)VF?1
United Kingdom53691107 2008Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II - escudo - 1/6)F?1
United Kingdom53691107 2009Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II - escudo - 1/6)F?1
United Kingdom53691107 2010Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II - escudo - 1/6)F?1
United Kingdom53691107 2011Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II - escudo - 1/6)F?1
United Kingdom53691107 2014Llantrisant1 penny (Elizabeth II - escudo - 1/6)F?1
United Kingdom66191109 d2012Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 3/6)XF?1
United Kingdom66191109 d2014Llantrisant5 pence (Elizabeth II - escudo - 3/6)F?1
United Kingdom155101378 2018Llantrisant1 pound (Flores de las Naciones de la Corona)VF?1
United Kingdom155101378 2019Llantrisant1 pound (Flores de las Naciones de la Corona)VF?1
United States5946132 A1944Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)F?1
United States5946132 A1956DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln-Wheat Penny)VG?1
United States4409164 a1965Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1967Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1970DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1973Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1974Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1974DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1978Sin ceca1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1980DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1981DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1983PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1986PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1987PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1988DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1989PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1990DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1990PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1991PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1994DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1994PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1995DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1996DD-Denver1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States4409164 a1996PP-Philadelphia1/4 dollar (Washington)F?1
United States8026192 A1959DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1963DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1964Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1969DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1970DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1970SS-San Francisco5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1971DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)VG?1
United States8026192 A1972DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1974Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1976Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1976DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1977Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1978Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1979Sin ceca5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1980DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)G?1
United States8026192 A1982PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)VG?1
United States8026192 A1983DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1983PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1984DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1984PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1985PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1986PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1988DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1989PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1991PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1993PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1995PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1996PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1998PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1999DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A1999PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A2000PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A2002DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States8026192 A2002PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson)F?1
United States1732195 a1965Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1966Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1967Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1968Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1968DD-Denver1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1974Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1976Sin ceca1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1981PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1984PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1986DD-Denver1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1988DD-Denver1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1988PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1989DD-Denver1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1992PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1993PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a1993PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)VF?1
United States1732195 a1999PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a2002DD-Denver1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a2004PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a2006PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a2010PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a2011PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States1732195 a2015PP-Philadelphia1 dime (10 cents) (Roosevelt Dime)F?1
United States399201 1961DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1962Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1962DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1963Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1964Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1964DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1965Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1966Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1967Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1968Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1968DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1969Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1969DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1970Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1970SS-San Francisco1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1971Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1971DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1971SS-San Francisco1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1972Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1972DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1972SS-San Francisco1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1973Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1973DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1974Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1974DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1975Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1976Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1976DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1977Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1977DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1978Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1979Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1980Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1980DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1981Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States399201 1982Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1983Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1983DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1984Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1984DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1986Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1987Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1987DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1988Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1988DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1989Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1990Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1990DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1991Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1992Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1992DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1993Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1993DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1994Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1994DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1995Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1996Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1996DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1997Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1997DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1998Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1998DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1999Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b1999DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2000Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2000DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2001Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2001DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2002Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2002DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2003Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2004Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2005Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2005DD-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2006Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2007Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States3574201 b2007Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)VG?1
United States3574201 b2008Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Memorial)F?1
United States688381 2007DD-Denver5 cents (Jefferson Nickel) Thomas Jefferson - MonticelloF?1
United States688381 2010PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson Nickel) Thomas Jefferson - MonticelloF?1
United States688381 2012PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson Nickel) Thomas Jefferson - MonticelloF?1
United States688381 2014PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson Nickel) Thomas Jefferson - MonticelloF?1
United States688381 2015PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson Nickel) Thomas Jefferson - MonticelloF?1
United States688381 2017PP-Philadelphia5 cents (Jefferson Nickel) Thomas Jefferson - MonticelloF?1
United States5848468 2011S-San Francisco1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)F?1
United States5848468 2015Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)F?1
United States5848468 2016Sin ceca1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)F?1
United States5848468 2016D-Denver1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)F?1
United States5848468 2018S-San Francisco1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)F?1
United States5848468 2019W-West Point1 cent (Lincoln Cent-Shield Reverse)F?1
URSS7197126 a19891 kopekF?1
URSS7204130 1983CПMД-San Petersburgo10 kopeksF?1
URSS7205131 1983CПMД-San Petersburgo15 kopeksF?1
URSS7205131 1991MMД-Moscú15 kopeksF?1
URSS7206132 1961CПMД-San Petersburgo20 kopeksF?1
URSS7206132 1981CПMД-San Petersburgo20 kopeksF?1
URSS7206132 1982CПMД-San Petersburgo20 kopeksF?1
URSS7226141 1970CПMД-San Petersburgo1 rublo (Centenario del Nacimiento de Lenin)F?1
Uruguay5010104.1 1994Buenos Aires2 pesosF?1
Uruguay5526136 2012Madrid2 pesos (Carpincho)VF?1
Venezuela53741 y1965Londres50 céntimosF?1
Venezuela53842 y1967Londres1 bolívarF?1
Venezuela53549 1974Werdohl5 céntimosF?1
Venezuela53549 1976Werdohl5 céntimosF?1
Venezuela53549 1977Llantrisant5 céntimosF?1
Venezuela121449 a1983Werdohl5 céntimosF?1
Venezuela122450 a1989Schwerte25 céntimosF?1
Venezuela122450 a1990México25 céntimosVF?1
Venezuela122250.1 1978Sttutgart25 céntimosF?1
Venezuela53952 1977Llantrisant1 bolívarF?1
Venezuela120792 2007Caracas50 céntimosF?1
Venezuela120893 2007Caracas1 bolívarF?1
Yugoslavia56444 1965Belgrado10 paraVG?1
Yugoslavia56444 1981Belgrado10 paraF?1
Yugoslavia56345 1976Belgrado20 paraF?1
Yugoslavia56345 1979Belgrado20 paraF?1
Yugoslavia56146.1 1973Belgrado50 paraF?1
Yugoslavia56146.1 1975Belgrado50 paraF?1
Yugoslavia52947 1965Belgrado1 dinarF?1
Yugoslavia345457 1980Belgrado2 dinaraF?1
Yugoslavia606258 1972Belgrado5 dinaraF?1
Yugoslavia64762 1981Belgrado10 dinaraVF?2
Yugoslavia606385 1982Belgrado50 paraF?1
Yugoslavia560134 1989Belgrado100 dinaraF?1
Yugoslavia565139 1990Belgrado10 paraF?1
Remember: The price shown is the one considered by the collector. The color shown for the collector's valuation of the coins is only indicative, they are shown in red when the value exceeds the value of our database, and in green if it is below. If it has no color we have no data to contrast it. Remember that the value of Foronum is not binding and is generated by an algorithm based on user collections.