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Swap Coins on Foronum

What does the Foronum My Swaps tool allow?

From My Swaps of Foronum you will have a tool with which to manage in an easy and simple way your coin swap operations with other collectors.

Select the coins from the user's collection, he will select others from your collection and if you reach an agreement... Congratulations!

What does the Foronum My Swaps tool allow?

Who can use the My Swaps tool?

To be able to make swaps you must have two conditions within Foronum:

  • Validated account, i.e. your e-mail address. This can be done from the Control Panel>My Details.
  • You must have at least one Visible Collection in Control Panel>My Collections. You can consult How to manage my collection.

From where can I propose swaps?

To propose swaps you must start the process from either of these two places:

  • Collectors: from the list of collectors, by going to the collector's page (as long as they meet the conditions).
  • My Swaps: from the Control Panel > My Swaps by searching for the collector on the list.

From where can I propose swaps?

Where can I access my Swaps history?

From your Foronum control panel, you will need to login. You can click on any of these links:

How does My Swaps work?

Using My Swaps is very easy, once you have selected a collector, select their coins and propose an swap. The other party will reply and so on and so forth. While in this process you will have to keep in mind the state you are in in an swap.

New Swap

This is when you initiate the swap proposal. To do this you must:

  1. Select the Collector and their list of coins that will appear in the list.
  2. Use and - to add coins or remove them from your selection. You will see that "Total coins" and "Total value" are the sum of these values.
  3. When you want to list the coins of all the collector's collections you have selected, you can "LIST".
  4. Finally, when you have a clear idea of the coins you are interested in, launch the proposal with "PROPOSE".

As you have sent the Swap, you will be in ACCEPTED status and the collector in PENDING status.

New Swap

To be answered

When you have replied to an swap or a proposal has been made, you will be listed as PENDING. And you will have to choose between the following options:

  1. ACCEPT: the swap will be carried out and the collectors will be informed of the swap. At this point the data will be swaped and the coins will be sent.
  2. REJECT: the Swap will not be carried out, you are not interested in the collector's coins.
  3. PROPOSE: make a new proposal, removing or adding new coins.

To be answered

Life Cycle of an Swap

The life cycle of an swap is very simple. As there are two interested parties, when one has accepted the swap, the other will have it pending. And so it will keep changing until one of the two parties has its status changed from pending to accepted and both are accepted.
In the event that one of the parties marks the swap as rejected, there is no going back.

Life Cycle of an Swap

Data privacy

Whenever you propose an swap Foronum gives you the option to include your personal details. These details are saved and will only be visible to the other collector in the event that you both reach an agreement. Then it will be sent via email and can be consulted.

Optional character: The inclusion of the data in these forms is completely optional, being another possibility to contact by private message once the swap is concluded.

Tips for swapping coins

One of the easiest ways to get your first coins or to find the coins you are missing without spending money is to swap the coins you have left over for other coins. Although it is not an easy task, we give you some tips to make the swap of coins a success.

Coin exchanging is the perfect method among numismatists who want to grow their collections. Normally a professional will not accept swaps as they will want to buy or sell the coins to you. Therefore, it will be difficult to go to a shop and make a trade, however, on Foronum you will get those contacts easily because it has a list of Numismatic Collectors.

Always take into account the valuations that other collectors emit, to do this go to the user's profile and look for the list of votes of prestige Foronum. These votes value the person and not the number of swaps. It is known as Foronum Prestige

Tips for swapping coins

How to arrive at a fair swap of coins?

The best option is always to evaluate the coins you have and the coins you are looking for in someone else's collection in order to reach a balance where nobody loses out. The tug of war is guaranteed, having references of what you are looking for is essential. Aspects to take into account:

Another thing is that if the coins you are looking for are worthless or of minimal value, then it would practically be like trading for stickers.

You should not trust anyone, neither the most experienced nor the most novice. Swaps should be as fair as possible and sometimes even financial compensation can be offered.

How to arrive at a fair swap of coins?

Packaging of coin shipment

Just as important as the agreement is that the coins you send reach their destination. To ensure that there are no problems, you should take into account, and above all demand, that the coins are properly packaged and that the type of shipment is secure.

Correct packaging and packing

You should take two things into account, firstly that the material arrives safe, sound and without scratches and secondly that it is discreet as it will pass through many hands during transport.

To do this the coins should be secure, without being able to move. The best thing would be to cover them with a soft paper and stick them to a cardboard with tape without the glue ever coming into contact with the coin, and the cardboard would also have to be covered. In the end, the package should be smooth to the touch without showing that it contains coins: neither to the touch nor to the light.

The only thing left to do is to put them in a padded envelope and send them off.

Packaging of coin shipment

Secure delivery

You should always send the coins in a safe way and demand it from the other party, the best options are the transport agency or the post office. Always send it certified and keep the receipt to justify the sending of the coins. You should avoid ordinary shipments without a record of the shipment because if it is lost or the other party simply does not send what was agreed, you will lose the coins that you lost.

If you receive the package damaged or opened, it is possible that it has been tampered with and its contents adulterated: refuse it. It will be returned to the sender.

Who sends first in the coin swap?

It is recommended that the collector with the least Foronum prestige is always the one to send first. If you are new, look for the collectors with the best votes. Always ask for the receipt of the shipment.

National shipments (Spain) usually take between 2-5 working days to arrive if they are sent by registered post. International shipments are more complicated (and expensive) and can take up to 20 days, although it is often more rewarding to find scarcer coins.