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World Banknotes Catalogue

Welcome to Foronum's online catalogue of World Banknotes, see all the details of old and recent banknotes throughout the history of each country.

Find all the information about the world's banknotes in this world catalogue. Classified by countries with their different characteristics that will allow you to identify and classify them for your collection. The images you will find in our catalogue are in full colour and of the highest quality to identify each banknote at a glance. Access the country and use our search engines to filter and find the banknote you are looking for. Thousands of banknote collectors already do.

World banknotes by country

List of all the countries that make up the world's extensive banknote catalogue. Some of them are organised by historical categories. You can use the search engine below to filter and quickly access the country.

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World Banknotes Catalogue

Curiosities about banknotes

Why were banknotes created? The birth of the first banknote

The first banknote was created in China in the 7th century, with the aim of reducing the circulation of metals (basically what we know as coins), specifically due to the shortage of copper. What was initially intended as a temporary measure turned out to be an enormous solution for transporting large amounts of money across the length and breadth of the Great Empire, as a single mule could carry exactly the same value as its equivalent in coins, for which a convoy would be needed. Likewise, with this measure the Chinese state accumulated all the gold and silver of its subjects, leaving the handling of the noble metals reserved only for the ruling class. The official use of paper money was introduced in 812. The oldest known examples are the Chinese "kuan" made of mulberry bark in the 14th century.

What is the most valuable banknote in circulation in the world?

It is the $10,000 banknote of the Sultanate of Brunei, a small country in the north of the island of Borneo, which is worth 6,383 euros in exchange. The banknote was first printed in 2006 and can be exchanged at par with the Singapore dollar, thanks to an economic pact signed in the 1970s. Singapore actually had its own ten thousand dollar note, but it stopped printing in 2014 to avoid money laundering.

Which is the highest denomination banknote?

The fact that there are many zeros on a banknote does not mean it has more value, for example the 500,000 Vietnamese dong note is only equivalent to a few euros. In some countries you need a good wad of bills to buy bread. Some examples:

  • 500,000 Vietnamese dong
  • 100,000 São Tomé and Príncipe dobras
  • 50,000 Iranian rials
  • 10,000 Guinean Franc

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