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Coin Collectors

The numismatist or coin collector is the hobbyist who has the pleasure of collecting, storing and even studying the characteristics of coins and money. Nowadays, coin collecting is booming and many collectors around the world are interested in getting new pieces for their collection.

The cheapest way to get collectible coins is the swap, our website puts you in contact with thousands of coin collectors from all over the world. The swap consists of reaching a mutually beneficial agreement and sending the coins to each other by courier or as agreed. You should pay attention to the votes, ratings and comments that users receive on their profiles. To do this you should know that has tools to create your coin collections, whether they are personal, repeated, euros, or any other subject. You decide how to organise them.

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Are you looking for coins?.In this list are classified collectors by country, select the country and filter by the appropriate criteria (silver or gold coin collectors, euro collectors, etc.) to find new swaps. All you have to do is contact the user or start a swap on our website, whether in your city or on the other side of the world, there is sure to be someone near you. Te damos las herramientas para facilitar el proceso de conseguir monedas antiguas de colección. Being a list of world coin collectors makes it easier to find old and rare coins from all corners of the world, a unique opportunity to add special specimens to your collection.

If you are looking for contact coin collectors you have come to the best possible place, we have been putting people in contact for many years and this is the biggest list you can find. Good luck with your swaps!

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Being part of the large community of coin collectors of Foronum only has advantages, you will have a multitude of tools to create, store and increase your coin collection. You will be visible in the world of coins collection and your contacts will increase in a short time.

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We don't just want to offer you the possibility of finding new colleagues in the hobby, in our website you will also find a large number of tutorials and guides on how to organise your coin collection, give them an approximate value and enjoy this wonderful hobby to the fullest.