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Coin & Banknotes Collectors

The numismatist or coin collector is the hobbyist who has the pleasure of collecting, storing and even studying the characteristics of coins and money. Nowadays, coin collecting is booming and many collectors around the world are interested in getting new pieces for their collection.

Juan Gabriel Sáez García
Juan Gabriel Sáez García
"Pequeño cambio con Juan Gabriel,pero espero no sea el ultimo si conseguimos mas monedas.Recomendable"
Agustín Ferrer Granero
Agustín Ferrer Granero
"Coleccionista serio y eficaz. Espero un próximo intercambio."
Raúl Serrano Franco
Raúl Serrano Franco
"Todo perfecto, gracias Raúl."
Jordi Garcia
Jordi Garcia
"Coleccionista muy recomendable, las monedas y billetes en magnifico estado de conservación, facilidad para hacer el cambio con buena comunicación, todo perfecto."
Felip Agenjo
Felip Agenjo
"todo perfecto bien"

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Interested in the exciting world of coin and banknote collecting? Discover our extensive list of collectors by country and filter according to your preferences (silver or gold coin collectors, euro collectors, etc.) to explore new opportunities to exchange, buy or sell. Do not hesitate to contact these passionate collectors to initiate exchanges, either in your city or anywhere in the world; we are sure you will find someone close to you. We provide you with the necessary tools to simplify the process of acquiring old collectible coins and encourage direct contact with other numismatic enthusiasts. This list of world coin collectors is your access to rare and ancient coins from all corners of the globe, a unique opportunity to enrich your collection with special specimens. Ready to connect with the global numismatic community? Explore now!

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Discover the most affordable way to enrich your coin collection: the exchange. On our platform, we connect numismatic collecting enthusiasts from all over the world. Exchanging involves reaching mutually beneficial agreements and sending coins by courier or as agreed. It is crucial to review the votes, ratings and comments that users receive on their profiles to ensure a positive experience. At Foronum, we offer you specialized tools to create and organize your coin collections, be it personal, repeats, euros or any other theme. You decide how to organize and expand your coin collection in an economical and satisfying way - join our community and start trading today!

If you are looking for contact coin collectors you have come to the best possible place, we have been putting people in contact for many years and this is the biggest list you can find. Good luck with your swaps!

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Being part of the large community of coin collectors of Foronum only has advantages, you will have a multitude of tools to create, store and increase your coin collection. You will be visible in the world of coins collection and your contacts will increase in a short time.

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Starting your way in the world of collecting? We are here to guide you. Not only do we provide you with the opportunity to connect with new fellow hobbyists, but on our platform you will also find a wide variety of tutorials and guides. Find out how to organize your coin collection, assign an approximate value and immerse yourself to the fullest in this wonderful hobby. On our site, the collecting experience is enriched with resources that will help you become an expert in the art of numismatics - explore, learn and make the most of your new passion for coin collecting!

Not only do we make it easy to connect with new fellow hobbyists, but we also offer essential resources. On our platform, you'll find a variety of tutorials and guides to organize your collection, assign approximate values, and learn how to sell coins to other passionate collectors! Discover the value of your collection and explore new possibilities while making the most of this fascinating hobby - explore our website and take your collecting experience to the next level!