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World Coin Catalogue

The catalogue of world coins of Foronum uses the classification by KM# which consists of grouping the coins by type differentiated from each other by numismatic characteristics, this nomenclature is assigned by a prestigious publisher. The catalogue is linked to the users' coin collections, providing users with a tool that allows them to manage their coin collection and its value. The catalogue is collaborative so that any user can add new coins for the benefit of the numismatic community. Therefore, this world catalogue is constantly evolving for coin enthusiasts and helps the general public to identify the coins of the world through their photos.

Start your coin search by selecting a country from the list and once there, filter by the different numismatic characteristics offered in the form to find all the information about the coins you are looking for. Once you have found the coin(s), you can add them to your collection. In addition, you can easily see when a coin is available for swap or purchase by another collector.

All currencies of the countries and their historical categories

Below you have a list of all the countries that contain coins in the world catalog. Some of them are organized by historical categories. You can use the following search engine to filter and quickly access the country you are looking for.

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international catalogue of coins

A participative and collaborative catalogue online

This online coin catalogue is live. All Foronum collectors can do their bit by contributing new coins, correcting errors and updating information to complete details. This means that the catalogue is constantly evolving and that having your coins on our website allows you to have all your data updated.

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