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Isla de Pascua Coin Catalogue

All the coins of Isla de Pascua classified by type, collectors call it: classification by #KM (acronym of the publication in charge of giving them number). In this catalogue you can find currently coins in circulation and old coins of Isla de Pascua distributed in their historical categories.

The value of the coins has been calculated using our precise algorithm by obtaining the market prices included by collectors, taking into account their characteristics: material, weight, diameter, edge, year of minting, mint of manufacture and mintage. The most valuable Isla de Pascua coins are those which have had the least production and the best preservation.

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Isla de Pascua is a country that does not exist today. It is now part of the Chile coins.

The most valuable coins

The most valuable Isla de Pascua coins and sought after by collectors according to Foronum statistics are the following:

  1. 50 pesos (Anguila Maray) 2007 #KM4
  2. 500 pesos 2007 #KM7
  3. 100 pesos (Canoa Vaka) 2007 #KM5
  4. 10 pesos (Hombre pájaro Tangata Manu) 2007 #KM3
  5. 5 pesos (Pez Forceps) 2007 #KM2
Swapping available
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1 peso (Pez Bonito)

#KM 1x (2007)
Weight: 1,80 g
Composition: Nickel plated steel
Diameter: 17,00 mm
Edge: Smooth

5 pesos (Pez Forceps)

#KM 2x (2007)
Price: Aprox. 5,00€
Weight: 4,50 g
Composition: Brass
Diameter: 20,30 mm

10 pesos (Hombre pájaro Tangata Manu)

#KM 3x (2007)
Weight: 5,50 g
Composition: Brass
Diameter: 28,50 mm
Edge: Smooth

50 pesos (Anguila Maray)

#KM 4X (2007)
Weight: 5,30 g
Composition: Copper plated steel
Diameter: 25,00 mm
Edge: Smooth

100 pesos (Canoa Vaka)

#KM 5x (2007)
Price: Aprox. 10,00€
Weight: 6,73 g
Composition: Copper plated steel
Diameter: 29,30 mm
Edge: Smooth

500 pesos

#KM 7x (2007)
Weight: 27,20 g
Composition: Bimetalica
Diameter: 5,83 mm

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