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Currency Converter

Currency refers to any currency used in a region or country outside its place of origin. Currencies fluctuate against each other within the global money market. Thus, we can establish different exchange rates between currencies that constantly vary according to various economic variables such as economic growth, inflation or a nation's domestic consumption. Currency is money in the currency of other countries in bank deposits.

It is worth noting the difference with the term coin, the meaning of which would include exclusively metal or paper money used to obtain goods, products or services. The ratio or price of a country's currency relative to other currencies will depend on the trade and financial flows between residents of that currency's area relative to those of other currencies. Imports of goods and services and investment abroad will determine the demand for foreign currency, while exports of goods and services and foreign investment in our area determine the supply of the foreign currency where it is located. It is also the ensign, banner or, by extension, any prominent mark, which differentiates the group of origin or to which the bearer of the currency belongs. The most common currencies circulating in international markets are: US dollar, euro, pound sterling and Swiss franc.

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Euro pesetas converter

Do you still get confused converting pesetas to Euros? With this pesetas to euros converter you will have all the help you need to make the perfect calculation. Remember that 100 pesetas are approximately 60 cents, take a look at the table of pesetas to euros that we have made for a quick calculation of the conversion.

1 Peseta 0,006 €
5 Pesetas 0,03 €
10 Pesetas 0,06 €
25 Pesetas 0,15 €
50 Pesetas 0,30 €
100 Pesetas 0,60 €
200 Pesetas 1,20 €
500 Pesetas 3,00 €
1000 Pesetas 6,00 €
2000 Pesetas 12,00 €
5000 Pesetas 30,00 €
10.000 Pesetas 60,00 €