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Germany-States Banknotes Catalog

All Germany-States banknotes sorted by type, banknote collectors use the acronym #P, in reference to the prestigious publication in charge of assigning the numbering: Standard Catalog of World Paper Money. Although at Foronum we have decided to include our own #FO numbering. In this catalog you can find the legal tender and currently circulating banknotes of its official currency and other old banknotes of Germany-States distributed in their historical categories.

If you are a collector, you can create your own collection and add your Germany-States banknotes, generate your own free pdf catalog from your control panel thanks to our complete database and use all our banknote management tools. In addition, once entered you can start exchanges with collectors from all over the world easily and for free. There are no limits at Foronum!

📢 Germany-States is a country that does not exist.This country is currently part of the old banknotes of Germany-Federal Rep..

Valuable banknotes

The most valuable Germany-States banknotes sought after by collectors are the following:

20 Thaler
20 Thaler

20 Thaler

#FO4147 P#312
Year: 1865
Composition: Paper
Shape: Rectangular