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Search for coins to swap. The coin finder allows you to search for coins among the visible collections of numismatic collectors. Select, save and store them to remember your preferences, contact them and arrange swaps.

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When you get the results of the coins you are looking for, check the box and click "Save" or "Save all" and you will see the list button increase the counter. When you have selected all the coins you want, click "List" and you will have access to a list of all the coins you have selected.

Coins found: 26

FO# KM# Coin Year Mintage Units Conservation Collector
70594 1 koruna1944X1VGÀngel Ruiz Jounou
70594 1 koruna1944X1VFVictor Contreras Lopez
70594 1 koruna1941X1VGIsidre Noguer Cornella
70594 1 koruna1943X1FU B C
70594 1 koruna1943X1VGEmilio Megía Vilalta
70594 1 koruna1943X1VGMarcelo Jácome
70594 1 koruna1943X1FLuciano Zappettini
70594 1 koruna1943X1UNCGerman A Ferreyra
70594 1 koruna1943X1VFLuis Miguel Ciordia Martinez
70594 1 koruna1942X1GIsidre Noguer Cornella
70594 1 koruna1942X1VFJesus Granado Invernon
70594 1 koruna1942X1GJavier Gelabert Durante
85731 10 haléřů1940Lysá nad LabemX1GMarcelo Jácome
85731 10 haléřů1941Lysá nad LabemX1VGEmilio Megía Vilalta
85731 10 haléřů1941Lysá nad LabemX1VFAndrea Arias Alvarez
85731 10 haléřů1941Lysá nad LabemX1VFJesus Granado Invernon
85742 20 haléřů1941X1FEmilio José Luque Tapia
85742 20 haléřů1941X1FU B C
85742 20 haléřů1941X1GEmilio Megía Vilalta
85742 20 haléřů1941X1VFGustavo Rodriguez
85742 20 haléřů1941X1VFJesus Granado Invernon
85742 20 haléřů1941X1FVictor Miguel Capita Limon
85742 20 haléřů1941X1VFLuis Miguel Ciordia Martinez
85742 20 haléřů1942X1FU B C
85753 50 haléřů1941X1VFJesus Granado Invernon
85753 50 haléřů1942X1FLuciano Zappettini