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Foronum, the essential tool for the numismatic community

Since 2006, Foronum has established itself as an essential tool for the numismatic community, helping to manage collections and facilitating the swapping between users. It is not surprising that the website has generated an impressive traffic, with thousands of daily visits from all over Spain, South America and all over the world. Foronum has become a point of reference for collectors, sellers and buyers, who come to our website to search for information and connect with other numismatic enthusiasts.

Leverage Foronum's traffic to reach a highly targeted audience

With a strong and growing user base, Foronum offers an effective advertising platform for companies wishing to reach a highly targeted audience. In the last year alone (2023), 2.5 million unique users have visited our website, generating 8.5 million page views. These statistics demonstrate the large number of people interested in the world of numismatics who visit Foronum on a regular basis, and the opportunity this represents for advertisers.

Effective advertising tailored to your needs on Foronum

At Foronum, we pride ourselves on offering a variety of advertising options to suit every advertiser's needs. From banner ads and sponsored ads to email marketing campaigns, our platform offers a variety of ways to reach your target audience. If you would like to check our visitor numbers, feel free to request our statistics and discover how many people interested in numismatics visit Foronum on a regular basis. Advertise on Foronum today and take your brand to the next level!

Reasons why you should advertise now

  1. 💸 Attract potential customers: by advertising on Foronum, a company can reach a highly targeted audience that is interested in the world of numismatics. This can help to attract new potential customers who might be interested in the products or services offered by the company.
  2. 🚀 Increase brand visibility: by advertising on Foronum, a company can increase the visibility of its brand and reach a wider audience. This can help build brand awareness and establish a stronger presence in the market.
  3. 🤩 Encourage customer loyalty: by maintaining a constant presence on Foronum through advertising, a company can encourage loyalty from its existing customers. This can help increase repeat sales and maintain a strong relationship with customers.
  4. 💙 Being part of a community: Foronum is an active and engaged numismatic community. By advertising on the website, a company can be part of this community and establish connections with other members of the community.

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