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User's Manual Coin Catalog

What is the Foronum catalog and how is it managed?

The Coins of the World catalog is a collaborative tool of Foronum users. The way it works feeds back, since collectors create their collections from the catalog and when there is a need they themselves have the possibility to add new coins or modify the existing one. Therefore, each user will contribute in a disinterested way the information that he/she considers and in this way will be helping to make the catalog grow day by day.

Below is a video where we will review the operation of Catalog Management

What is the KM# of a coin?

The KM of a coin is the identification number given to each coin by the Krause Publishers World Coins catalog. The initials come from the names Chester Krause and Clifford Mishler.
This numbering is not global, but country-specific, i.e. each country starts with a KM number.

What is the KM# of a coin?

What is the difference between type and year?

We call type the grouping of physical characteristics of a basic coin that make it different from others, for example diameter, weight, image, etc. When we have a type we assign it a reference or what is the same a #FO. The most famous type reference is the #KM which is fundamental for collectors.

On the other hand, the types usually have different years, we refer to year when we talk about new issues of the same coin and that will be accompanied by a new mintage and even a change of mint.

What is the difference between type and year?

In the following video you will see the most important aspects when entering a new coin, or in other words, a new type in the catalog. In this case the type and year of the first record will be entered. You must take into account that once the changes have been introduced an administrator will validate your changes and you will receive an e-mail with the result, if it is accepted you will be able to see the changes in the catalog.

In the following video you will see the necessary aspects to add a year to a coin that already exists in the catalog.