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Argentina - Strong Weight (1826-1881) Coins

The official coin of Argentina is the Peso ($) and is featured in this coin catalog among all of its other historical coins, covering both modern and ancient coins that have left their mark on the country's monetary history. The Argentina coin catalog is presented organized by type and value, a technique collectors refer to as sorting by #KM, based on the acronym of the publication that numbered them.

Country Argentina
Coin Peso (ARS)
1€ 965,22$
Continent America Sur
Capital city Buenos Aires
Catalogued coins 576

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Ancient coins of Argentina

To facilitate their classification, we have decided to organise the coins according to their historical period, you can consult the coins by historical numismatic categories of Argentina.

Strong Weight 1826-1881 Local Currency 1881-1969 Weight Law 18.188 1970-1983 Argentine Peso 1983-1985 Austral 1985-1991 Weight 1992-?

The most valuable coins

The most valuable Argentina - Strong Weight (1826-1881) coins and sought after by collectors according to Foronum statistics are the following:

The valuation of these coins has been achieved through a meticulous algorithm that considers the current market, taking into account aspects such as material, weight, diameter, edge, year of mintage, mint of manufacture and the number of coins produced. Coins with limited mintages and in good condition are usually among the most valuable.

Coin catalogs related to Argentina

You can consult other coins related to Argentina, these catalogs are usually country history: former countries, unifications, independence provinces, colonies, etc.

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1 real (Argentina provincias)

FO#15806 KM#7
Year: 1840
Period: Strong Weight
Weight: 4,00 g
Composition: Copper
Diameter: 27,00 mm
Edge: Smooth

2 reales (Provincia de Buenos Aires)

FO#19291 KM#9
Year: 1853-1856
Period: Strong Weight
Weight: 8,00 g
Composition: Copper
Diameter: 32,00 mm
Edge: Smooth

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