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1.000 pesos 1988-1992 of Mexico

1.000 pesos del 1988-1992 coin is part of Mexico coin catalog. In the following card you will find the main numismatic characteristics of this coin: mint, year of issue, diameter, mintage, weight, manufacturing material and type of edge. You can find this coin in our users' collections and know its numismatic value.

How much is the 1.000 pesos coin? The price ranges from 1,98€ to 1.313,61€ depending on the state of preservation. You can see all prices of this coin in the description, the values are calculated with the market price that collectors assign in their collections. According to their state of preservation and other criteria. Find the collectors who have this coin with its different characteristics and make an swap/purchase with them by contacting them or using the Foronum tools.

1.000 pesos
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#KM 536
Name: 1.000 pesos
Shape: Round
Composition: Aluminium-bronze
Weight (g): 15,00 g
Diameter (mm): 30,50 mm
Edge: Ribbed
Price: 1,98€ - 1.313,61€
Year Mintage Mintage Note
1988  Mº-Ciudad de México  229.300.000  Sor Juana de Asbaje 
1989  Mº-Ciudad de México  215.716.000  Sor Juana de Asbaje 
1990  Mº-Ciudad de México  41.291.000  Sor Juana de Asbaje 
1991  Mº-Ciudad de México  42.468.000  Sor Juana de Asbaje 
1992  Mº-Ciudad de México  84.725.000  Sor Juana de Asbaje 

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The most valuable 1.000 pesos coins and their current value

All 1.000 pesos coins and their value. In order to know the market value of a coin, different factors must be taken into account, such as the number of coins produced, the material, and its state of preservation. If you want to know the current value of the Mexico coin of 1.000 pesos according to its state of conservation of old coins consult the following table obtained from the average prices that collectors are marking in their collections.

1.000 pesos 1988 - 59,29€ 17,86€ 5,38€ 2,95€ 2,42€ 1,98€
1.000 pesos 1989 1.313,61€ 350,91€ 181,37€ 93,74€ 67,39€ 60,37€ 54,08€
1.000 pesos 1990 - - - - - - -
1.000 pesos 1991 - - - - - - -
1.000 pesos 1992 - 262,71€ 194,62€ 144,18€ 124,10€ 118,04€ 112,29€
The value of the coins is generated by an algorithm based on user collections. The price of the coins is indicative and in no case binding.

Collectors who own the coin

The following list of collectors shows the availability of the 1.000 pesos coin of Mexico in their collections. Visit the numismatic collector's page to see their coins and banknotes, then you can propose an exchange or purchase of the coin. The colors of the prices are indicative and mean that when it is in red it is above the value of Foronum and in green when it is below.

Swap available

Collector Conservation Year Value Units Reserved
Juan Diego Aguirre Gómez in his collection Reservada VF 1988 0,50€ 1
Juan Diego Aguirre Gómez in his collection Reservada VF 1989 0,50€ 1
Arturo Páez in his collection Intercambio VG 1988 0,50€ 2
Cristobal R in his collection Para intercambiar VG 1989 0,50€ 1
Marian Santamaria Molina in his collection Colección F 1988 0,54€ 1
Mosogi in his collection A Mi colec MUNDIAL F 1988 0,54€ 1
Mosogi in his collection A Mi colec MUNDIAL F 1989 0,57€ 1
Fernando Carreras in his collection Monedas intercambio VF 1989 0,85€ 1
Carlos Andres Perez in his collection Personal F 1988 1,50€ 1
Elkin Arley Munera Ortiz in his collection internacionales VF 1988 2,00€ 1
Gustavo Martin Ross Quaas in his collection Monedas Mexicanas VF 1988 2,00€ 1
Maximiliano I in his collection Monedas Mexicanas VG 1992 2,00€ 1
Carlos Andres Perez in his collection Personal VF 1988 2,30€ 1
Mario Pino Pèrez in his collection Norteamérica XF 1991 3,40€ 1
Narciso Alcaraz Pardo in his collection monedas del mundo VF 1989 4,00€ 1

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