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All the numismatic tools and information to manage your collection, value your coins and banknotes, swap and contact between collectors.

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Manage your collection online

  • Create your public and private collections
  • Consult it anywhere in the world
  • Forever, you won't lose the data
  • Export it to XLS or PDF format and take it with you wherever you go.
  • Calculate the value of your coins and banknotes from your entire collection
  • Reserve coins/notes for other collectors
  • Include notes and other features to help you organise your collections
  • Use the collections for coin swaps

Manage your collection online
  • Foronum Prestige User ratings!
       Carlos Garcja
    Carlos Garcja
    "Muy buen coleccionista muy recomendable"
    Rogelio Garcia Parejo
    Rogelio Garcia Parejo
    "Todo perfecto, súper recomendable"
    Gonzalo Barrios Muñoz
    Gonzalo Barrios Muñoz
    "Muy buen intercambio, todo perfecto."
    José García
    José García
    "Cambio rapidísimo, máximo entendimiento y con una colección muy interesante. Lo recomiendo."
    Juan José Fajardo Navarro
    Juan José Fajardo Navarro
    "Un intercambio muy interesante. Fácil entendimiento. Monedas y billetes en perfecto estado. 100% recomendable"

    All collectors accumulate ratings from other users to build up their prestige. After the swap, purchase or sale, a rating is always issued to avoid scams and to transmit confidence to those who receive the best ratings.

  • Coin Collectors
    Looking for collectors?

    Find coin collectors in our list sorted by country, select your preferences and interests and find people from all over the world with whom you can swap coins and share fantastic experiences. Nobody has more collectors than our list.

    Coin Collectors

Discover our space for Euro collectors!

All about Euro Coins

Since 2002 the countries of the Euro Zone share a common currency, the Euro. This coin is attracting more and more collectors due to the large number of commemorative coins, sets and special editions that each country has. There are many ways to collect euros, small countries with small issues, commemorative 2-euro coins, etc.

Visual numismatics: the most sought-after coins

5 pesetas

FO#1838 KM#786
Price: 0,49€ - 137,50€

1 peseta

FO#1844 KM#796
Price: 0,24€ - 6,54€

25 pesetas

FO#1839 KM#787
Price: 0,47€ - 206,94€

2,50 pesetas

FO#986 KM#785
Price: 2,41€ - 1.038,52€

Discover our world banknotes catalog

  • Catalog Foronum online banknotes
    Catalog Foronum online banknotes

    We have created a huge online catalog of banknotes so that collectors of this part of numismatics have a place on our website, we are sure that if you try it you will not hesitate to start your collection.

    World Banknote Catalog
  • Spanish banknotes
    Spanish banknotes

    Within the catalog of world banknotes, we highlight the one that includes the old Spanish banknotes. Really complete with photos of banknotes and all their information.

    Spanish peseta banknotes

Buying and selling old coins

The buying and selling of coins and banknotes is one of the most common activities in numismatics. Many coin collectors want to sell their old coins and there are numismatists who may be interested in them. On Foronum selling coins is free because it only puts the buyer in contact with the seller.

So if you are thinking about where to sell your coins you have come to the right place, in three simple steps you can put your coins on sale

Buying and selling old coins