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Collecting coins and banknotes has never been easier.
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All the tools and numismatic information to value your coins and banknotes, swap coins, manage your collection and get in touch with other numismatic collectors.

Discover coin and banknote collecting's pure essence

Browse the World Coins catalog

We have one of the largest catalogs of world coins on the internet with photos and all the details of the coins. Complete files, organised by coin KM, with all the details so that you can see the best photos, consult information and organise your collection.

  • More than 200 current countries, their colonies, epochs and those already extinct.
  • Classified by historical epochs, colonies, regions, monetary changes, etc.
  • Consult all the numismatic details of each coin: mint, year, diameter, weight, metal, etc.
  • How much are my old coins worth? Here you can find out the approximate market value.
  • Visual Numismatics: the best high quality photos.
  • Create your collections from our database.
  • Participate in the update and insertion of new data.

These are the most consulted catalogs:

Consult all the coin catalogs of the world at your disposal. You are sure to find the coin you are looking for here and you will be able to obtain all the information about it. We also have a system for calculating the market price to value your coins by comparing the historical data of the collections in our database.

Manage your coin and banknote collection

  • Create your public and private collections
  • Consult it anywhere in the world
  • Forever, you won't lose the data
  • Export it to XLS or PDF format and take it with you wherever you go.
  • Calculate the value of your coins and banknotes from your entire collection
  • Reserve coins/notes for other collectors
  • Include notes and other features to help you organise your collections
  • Use the collections for coin swaps
Tool to organise your Foronum collection
Tool to organise your Foronum collection

Contact with thousands of Coin Collectors

Get ready to find the largest numismatic community on the internet, swap coins and increase your coin collection. Get to know the Foronum prestige system to value any transaction between users, a system that allows you to have references about a collector through the votes that are made at the end of a purchase, sale or swap of coins. In addition, you can consult any doubt about your coins in our numismatic forums dedicated to all the subjects related to the coins collection.

  • Foronum Prestige User ratings!
    Manuel  Maria Alonso Castan
    Manuel Maria Alonso Castan
    "Buena comunicacion , todo segun acordado, muy cuidadoso y detallista con los articulos, lo recominedo , todo perfecto"

    All collectors accumulate ratings from other users to build up their prestige. After the swap, purchase or sale, a rating is always issued to avoid scams and to transmit confidence to those who receive the best ratings.

  • Coin Collectors
    Looking for collectors?

    Find coin collectors in our list sorted by country, select your preferences and interests and find people from all over the world with whom you can swap coins and share fantastic experiences. Nobody has more collectors than our list.

    Coin Collectors

Buying and selling old coins

The buying and selling of coins and banknotes is one of the most common activities in numismatics. Many coin collectors want to sell their old coins and there are numismatists who may be interested in them. On Foronum selling coins is free because it only puts the buyer in contact with the seller.

So if you are thinking about where to sell your coins you have come to the right place, in three simple steps you can put your coins on sale

Buying and selling old coins

Spanish numismatics and the EURO

All about Euro Coins

Since 2002 the countries of the Euro Zone share a common currency, the Euro. This coin is attracting more and more collectors due to the large number of commemorative coins, sets and special editions that each country has. There are many ways to collect euros, small countries with small issues, commemorative 2-euro coins, etc.

Some coins can be worth a fortune, such as the valuable 2 euro coins from countries like Monaco or the Vatican. In any case, countries continue to issue up to two commemorative coins per year, and anyone who decides to look for them can find a large number of users with the same interests.

Spanish Coin Catalog

All the resources about the history of the Spanish coinage, its different numismatic periods from the peseta to the euro through older periods are in this Spanish numismatic forum. Enjoy the best Spanish coin catalogue updated day by day and get information about the value of the Spanish coins.

All the history of Spanish numismatics in our catalogs, detailed information available to everyone.

  • Hapsburgs
  • Bourbons
  • Civil War
  • Old Pesetas
  • Spanish Euro coins

Most wanted coins

Every collection has some very precious coins, others are more vulgar, but do you know what value they have?

Buy and sell old Spanish coins

Are you thinking of selling your coins? On Foronum you can do it for free and without commissions. Our system only puts the parties involved in contact with each other. We give you the best tips to appraise your coins and get a fair price. Consult our guides to buying and selling old coins.

Remember that the best way to obtain the price of an old coin, such as a peseta, is to go to a numismatic shop where a professional will advise you and carry out an appraisal. Normally old coins are deteriorated and hardly worthless for collectors but there are exceptions of valuable pesetas.

Coins of the United States and all valuable coins of South American countries

  • American coins
    US coins: a safe haven

    In the United States there is a great love of collecting and numismatics, which means that some of the most valuable and difficult to obtain American coins have reached very high prices at auction.
    The most sought after coins on our website and their approximate value:

    1. Kennedy Half Dollar - Value approx. 0,50€ and 800€.
    2. 1 dollar Sacagawea Dollar - between 1€ and 450€.
    3. quarter dollar Washington - between 0,10€ and 750,00€.
    Estados Unidos | 1/4 dollar (Washington)
    #KM 164a (1965-1998S)
    Price: 0,04€ - 928,59€

    👉 See also all the information about United States banknotes to build your collection.

  • coins of mexico
    Mexican gold and silver coins

    Mexican numismatics is one of the oldest and contains some of the most valuable coins. For example Mexican gold coins such as 50 pesos are works of art for a collector, but not to be left out are the more humble coins full of history.
    The most popular among Foronum collectors are:

    1. 50 pesos 1982 Coyolxauhqui
    2. 1.000 pesos (Sor Juana de Asbaje) 1988-1992
    3. 10 pesos (150 Aniversario de la Batalla de Puebla) 2012

    👉 Visit also the banknotes of this country such as the 2000 peso banknote.

    México | 50 pesos
    #KM 490 (1982-1984)
    Price: 41,01€ - 417,34€

Discover our world banknotes catalog

  • Catalog Foronum online banknotes
    Catalog Foronum online banknotes

    We have created a huge online catalog of banknotes so that collectors of this part of numismatics have a place on our website, we are sure that if you try it you will not hesitate to start your collection.

    World Banknote Catalog
  • Spanish banknotes
    Spanish banknotes

    Within the catalog of world banknotes, we highlight the one that includes the old Spanish banknotes. Really complete with photos of banknotes and all their information.

    Spanish peseta banknotes
  • Collectible banknotes and their value
    Collectible banknotes and their value

    We have a list of Spanish banknotes, in which some of them stand out, such as the 100 pesetas featuring Manuel de Falla or the 500 pesetas note of Rosalia de Castro.

    100 peseta banknote