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List of Namibia coins

The coin list from Namibia shows all current coins (Namibian dollar ) together with other old coins, all of them sorted from oldest to most current according to their KM#. See their numismatic value at a glance and quickly add them to your collection.

ISO2 ISO3 Flag Continent Capital city Coin
NA NAM Africa Windhoek $ - Namibian dollar (NAD)
Country List Catalog with photos of Coins of Namibia

Use the filters to easily find the coins in the catalog. Coin price list of Namibia classified and ordered by KM#, year and numismatic category. Use the "add to collection" button to quickly add your coins to your collection. Remember that if you pass the cursor over the name, the photo of the coin will appear.

376615 cents1993-20150,04€ - 0,90€
3767210 cents1993-20220,15€ - 1,00€
3768350 cents1993-20100,44€ - 1,26€
376941 dollar1993-20180,32€ - 3,63€
377055 dollars1993-20150,42€ - 3,00€
2305961 dollar (5º Año de la Independencia)1995
2306071 dollar (Miss Universo)1995
23063810 dollars (5º Año de la Independencia)1995
230798A100 dollars (5º Aniversario de la Independencia)1995
23064910 dollars (50 años de Naciones Unidas)1995
230659a10 dollars (50 años de Naciones Unidas)1995
230661010 dollars (Anfitrión de Miss Universo 1995)1995
230671110 dollars (Juegos Olímpicos de 1996)1996
23061121 dollar (Protección de la vida marina)1998
230681310 dollars (Protección de la vida marina)1998
230751420 dollars (Protección de la vida marina)1998
2308115100 dollars (Protección de la vida marina)1998
4990165 cents (FAO)1999-20000,99€ - 1,00€
2308017100 dollars (Olimpiadas de Namibia 1996)1996
23062185 dollars (10º Aniversario de la Independencia)2000
76462110 dollars (20 Aniversario del Banco de Namibia)2010aprox. 2,56€
230762220 dollars (20 aniversario del Banco de Namibia)2010
230742310 dollars (20 aniversario del Banco de Namibia)2010
230693310 dollars ( Wilhelm I)2009
230703410 dollars (Frederick III)2009
230713510 dollars (Wilhelm II)2009
230773650 dollars (10 años de la muerte de Diana, Princesa de Gales)2007
230723710 dollars (Campeonato Mundial de Fútbol- Durban)2009
230733810 dollars (Campeonato Mundial de Fútbol-Johannesburgo)2009
230783950 dollars (Campeonato del Mundo de Fútbol-Johannesburgo)2009