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List of Vietnam coins

The coin list from Vietnam shows all current coins (đồng) together with other old coins, all of them sorted from oldest to most current according to their KM#. See their numismatic value at a glance and quickly add them to your collection.

ISO2 ISO3 Flag Continent Capital city Coin
VN VNM Asia Hanoi ₫ - đồng (VND)
Country List Catalog with photos of Coins of Vietnam

Use the filters to easily find the coins in the catalog. Coin price list of Vietnam classified and ordered by KM#, year and numismatic category. Use the "add to collection" button to quickly add your coins to your collection. Remember that if you pass the cursor over the name, the photo of the coin will appear.

20463120 xu1945North Vietnam
204602.15 hao1946North Vietnam
204612.25 hao1946North Vietnam
2046231 đồng1946North Vietnamaprox. 8,00€
502242 đồng1946North Vietnam
2046451 xu1958North Vietnam
1322162 xu1958North Vietnam
2046575 xu1958North Vietnam
5059111 hao1976Socialist Republic2,13€ - 38,77€
5060122 hao1976Socialist Republicaprox. 0,78€
5062135 hao1976Socialist Republicaprox. 0,89€
5021141 đồng1976Socialist Republic0,56€ - 0,77€
2046822100 đồng (Centenario del Automovil)1986Socialist Republic
2046923100 đồng (XV Juegos Olímpicos de Invierno 1988 Calgary - Esquí)1986Socialist Republic
206152810 đồng (Preservación de la vida silvestre)1987Socialist Republic
204663910 đồng (Barco Antiguo Savannah)1991Socialist Republic
1636847100 đồng (JJ.OO. Atlanta 1996)1995Socialist Republicaprox. 20,00€
204674910 đồng (Cumbre Mundial sobre la Alimentación)1996Socialist Republic
461671200 đồng2003Socialist Republicaprox. 0,43€
4618721000 đồng2003Socialist Republicaprox. 0,38€
4620735000 đồng2003Socialist Republic0,67€ - 2,12€
461774500 đồng2003Socialist Republicaprox. 0,67€
4619752000 đồng2003Socialist Republic0,81€ - 1,94€