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List of Micronesia coins

The coin list from Micronesia shows all current coins (United States dollar) together with other old coins, all of them sorted from oldest to most current according to their #KM. See their numismatic value at a glance and quickly add them to your collection.

ISO2 ISO3 Flag Continent Capital city Coin
FM FSM Oceania Palikir $ - United States dollar
Country List Catalog with photos of Coins of Micronesia

Use the filters to easily find the coins in the catalog. Coin price list of Micronesia classified and ordered by #KM, year and numismatic category. Use the "add to collection" button to quickly add your coins to your collection. Remember that if you pass the cursor over the name, the photo of the coin will appear.

#KM2004.01 sk1 dollar (6º Presidente Joseph John Urusemal)2004
#KM2012.01 sk1 cent2012
#KM2012.02 sk5 cents2012
#KM2012.03 sk1 dime2012
#KM2012.04 sk25 cents2012
#KM2012.05 sk1/2 dollar2012
#KM2012.06 sk1 dollar2012
#KM2012.07 sk2 dollars2012
#KM2012.08 sk5 dollar2012