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List of Sarawak coins

Country List Catalog with photos of Coins of Sarawak

Use the filters to easily find the coins in the catalog. Coin price list of Sarawak classified and ordered by #KM, year and numismatic category. Use the "add to collection" button to quickly add your coins to your collection. Remember that if you pass the cursor over the name, the photo of the coin will appear.

1290411/4 cent1863
1290521/2 cent1863
1290631 cent1863
1290741/4 cent1870-1896
1290851/2 cent1870-1896
1289861 cent1870-18916,96€ - 26,00€
1290971 cent1892-1897
1291085 cents1900-1915
12911910 cents1900-1915
129121020 cents1900-1915
147811150 cents1900-1906
14782121 cent1920
14783135 cents1920
13708181 cent1927-1941aprox. 9,85€