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16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) 1661-1664 of Spain

16 maravedíes (Felipe IV)
FO#8628 KM#172.7
Name: 16 maravedíes (Felipe IV)
Country: Spain
Period: Austrias
Shape: Round
Composition: Copper
Weight (g): 4,00 g
Diameter (mm): 30,00 mm
Edge: Smooth rough
Price: 25,00€
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Year Mintage Mintage Note
1661  Sevilla    Felipe IV - SR 
1662  Sevilla    Felipe IV - SR 
1663  Sevilla    Felipe IV - SR 
1664  Sevilla    Felipe IV - SR - 4 invertido 
1664  Sevilla    Felipe IV - SR 

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16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) coin value

What is the value of the coins of 16 maravedíes (Felipe IV)? You can see all prices of this coin in the description, the values are calculated with the market price that collectors assign in their collections. According to its state of conservation and other criteria. Find the collectors that have this coin with its different characteristics and make an exchange/purchase with them by contacting them or using the Foronum tools.

The following table shows all the valuable 16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) coins grouped by year. If you want to know the current value of the Spain coin of 16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) according to its state of preservation consult the following table calculated on the prices that collectors are marking in their collections.

16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) 1661 - - - - - - -
16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) 1662 - - - - - - -
16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) 1663 - - - - - - -
16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) 1664 - - - - - - -
16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) 1664 - 25,00€ - - - - -
The value of the coins is generated by a complex algorithm based on the users' collections and the degree of conservation. The price of the coins is indicative and in no case binding.

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Collectors who own the coin in their collections

The following list of collectors shows the availability of the 16 maravedíes (Felipe IV) coin of Spain in their collections. Visit the numismatic collector's page to see his coins and banknotes, then you can propose an exchange or purchase of the coin. The colors of the prices are indicative, when it is red it means that it is above the value calculated by Foronum, while green is when it is below.

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Collector / Collection Conservation Year Value Units Reserved
Luis Miguel Ciordia Martinez Mi colección España VF 1662 ? 1
Luis Miguel Ciordia Martinez Repetidas mundo VG 1662 ? 1
Rene Maltese colama VG 1664 ? 1
Luis Miguel Ciordia Martinez Repetidas mundo G 1662 ? 1
Luis Miguel Ciordia Martinez Repetidas mundo G 1663 ? 1
Francisco Javier Pérez Rodríguez Centimos-pesetas G 1664 ? 1
Rafael Puga Maldonado detector G 1664 ? 1

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