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List of Azerbaijan coins

The coin list from Azerbaijan shows all current coins (Manat) together with other old coins, all of them sorted from oldest to most current according to their #KM. See their numismatic value at a glance and quickly add them to your collection.

ISO2 ISO3 Flag Continent Capital city Coin
AZ AZE Asia Baku Manat (AZN)
Country List Catalog with photos of Coins of Azerbaijan

Use the filters to easily find the coins in the catalog. Coin price list of Azerbaijan classified and ordered by #KM, year and numismatic category. Use the "add to collection" button to quickly add your coins to your collection. Remember that if you pass the cursor over the name, the photo of the coin will appear.

199315 qəpik1992
19941a5 qəpik19930,68€ - 2,16€
2026210 qəpik19920,58€ - 2,46€
1996320 qəpik1992-1993aprox. 2,50€
19973a20 qəpik1992-19930,63€ - 5,38€
1998450 qəpik1992-1994
19994a50 qəpik1992-19930,78€ - 8,71€
2000550 manat (500 Aniversario de Mehemmed Fuzuli)1996
105563750 manat (Heydar Aliyev)2004
105573850 manat (1.300 Aniversario Epos Kitabi - Dede Gorgud)1999
2001391 qəpik20060,31€ - 1,00€
2002403 qəpik20060,65€ - 1,17€
2003415 qəpik20060,61€ - 1,45€
62824210 qəpik20060,71€ - 1,28€
20054320 qəpik2006aprox. 0,55€
20064450 qəpik2006aprox. 0,91€
105585150 manat (Copa del Mundo de Futbol 2006 - Alemania)2004
206769020 qəpik20210,47€ - 1,49€
206752021.01sk10 qəpik2021
206772021.03sk50 qəpik2021aprox. 1,10€