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How to buy Coins

In order to purchase coins and items for sale you must be registered with a valid e-mail address.

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You must be registered to buy coins so that each transaction is mutually valued between collectors, thus we have a "Foronum prestige". This prestige allows each user to evaluate another collector once, and only once. Therefore you can not evaluate all purchases or sales made if we do not value only the person.

Once registered and being in the product you want to buy, you only need to click on the "Buy" button. This process will take us to a form where we will accept to send and receive personal data to contact the seller and this at the same time with the buyer.

Foronum does not charge commissions for sale or purchase so it is only interested that you contact on your part to make the sale. It is important afterwards that everyone makes the valuation in the collector's control panel to value the collector.

How to buy coins step by step

Steps to follow to buy coins:

  • Log in to Foronum (do login)
  • Go to the tab of the item you want to buy
  • Just below the price is the option "Buy", click and follow the steps.

How to buy Coins

Contact us before you buy

It is possible to contact us before purchasing to get more details about the coins. It is strongly recommended to make the purchase process through Foronum, this way you will be able to leave a trace of the purchase.

How to buy Coins

Bookmark an article

If you like an item and you don't want to lose track of it, you can add it to your wishlist, for example after contacting the seller.

How to buy Coins

Registration of purchases on Foronum

It is recommended that the process of buying and selling is registered in Foronum. To do this remember to make the transaction through the web by clicking on the buy button. To track purchases you can access "Control Panel>Purchases" and look for the "PURCHASES" tab.

How to buy Coins

Very important! You will need to change the status of your purchase as it is being processed. The seller will receive notifications via email to keep you informed.

How to buy Coins