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📌 How to sell

How to Sell Coins

In order to include your coins or numismatic items in Foronum and sell them you must be registered and have your e-mail address validated.

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After registering you only have to enter your control panel and look for the SALES section, where you will have the possibility to include up to 50 articles completely free of charge. The articles must comply with the rules that you can find below and will be valid for one year as long as you do not update the date. We tell you everything step by step.

How to sell coins step by step

Steps to follow to list items for sale:

  • Log in to Foronum (make login)
  • You will see the control panel options, select "Sell"
  • Select the MY ITEMS tab and you will see an "Add item" button, underneath you will have the list of items.
  • How to Sell Coins

    Article expiry date

    The items included have an expiry date of 1 year. The user will be warned in advance before the system deletes the article permanently. To avoid deletion or to move the item up in the list (newer items have more visibility) modify the date as shown in the image below. The article can be modified or removed at any time.

    How to Sell Coins

    Sales register

    To view your sold items you will need to access the CONTROL PANEL and look for the access to SALES.

    How to Sell Coins

    Change the status of a sale

    Once you have reached a sales agreement, you will need to change the status of the product as it is processed. The buyer will receive email notifications of these changes to be informed at all times of the transaction.

    How to Sell Coins

    1 - NO prices with value 0 are allowed  
    2 - NO images of logos or brands are allowed if it is not of a specific product  
    3 - NO external advertising (SPAM) is allowed to Foronum 
    4 - The article must be correctly in the category  
    5 - Repeated articles are NOT allowed  
    6 - Any failure to comply with the above points is grounds for immediate removal of the article  
    7 - Foronum reserves the right to remove any article at any time